Update - Somali Pirates Demand $20-Mln Ransom For Ukrainian Ship

September 28th, 2008 Posted By Erik Wong.


Do you believe these idiot thugs? Row boats vs. war ships … LMFAO!

Have a well-placed , cheaper than $20 Mil missile up your asses … shitheads.

Earlier post here.

MOGADISHU - - The Somali pirates who captured an Ukrainian freighter carrying an arms shipment on Sunday demanded a ransom of 20 million dollars and confirmed that they have been surrounded by foreign warships, a spokesman for the pirates told AFP.

“We have only demanded 20 million US dollars,” the spokesman Sugule Ali said when contacted aboard the ship via a satellite telephone.

“The crew are safe and not harmed; what we are waiting eagerly is the 20 million dollars nothing less, nothing more.”

He also said that “it is true we are surrounded by three foreign military vessels and there are some others we can see from a distance.”


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