A Bin Laden October Surprise?

October 16th, 2008 Posted By Pat Dollard.


The Swamp:

by Frank James ( Not the dead one )

The idea of an October surprise is now ingrained in presidential politics, ever since the 1980 election when Ronald Reagan operatives were alleged to have worked with Iranian revolutionaries to delay the release of U.S. hostages in Iran.

Some Democrats have actually wondered if part of President George W. Bush’s push in recent weeks to capture Osama bin Laden has been in part to deliver an October surprise that would redound to the benefit of McCain and Republicans generally.

Capturing bin Laden would certainly be a boon for McCain as it would for the nation and the world. Running down bin Laden would also go a long way to helping save Bush’s legacy.

Bin Laden figures into the October-surprise concerns of Joseph Nye, a foreign policy expert at Harvard University and former assistant Defense Secretary. But he’s more concerned about a jack-in-the-box appearance by bin Laden of the sort that happened four years ago.

On Oct. 29, 2004, four days before the last election, Al Jazeera aired an 18-minute video tape in which Osama bin Laden addressed the American people and threatened further retaliation and a desire to bankrupt the U.S. In the first poll after that tape was released, Bush opened up a six-point lead over Sen. John Kerry. The deputy director of the CIA commented that, “Bin Laden certainly did a nice favor today for the president.”

Since the election turned on 120,000 votes in Ohio, it is plausible bin Laden was able to affect the election. From the Al Qaeda leader’s point of view, Bush’s policies were more useful for his efforts to recruit supporters than Kerry’s might have been. Bin Laden is involved in a civil war within Islam. He wants the U.S. to pursue policies that create the appearance of a clash of civilizations. Anything that polarizes the mainstream of Muslim opinion helps his recruiting. As the deputy director for analysis at the CIA commented at the time: “Certainly, he would want Bush to keep doing what he’s doing for a few more years.”

From that point of view, Barack Obama must be unsettling for bin Laden. An African-American with a father born in Kenya and a childhood spent partly in Indonesia presents a very different face to the world. A recent BBC poll of 22 countries found that if the world could vote, Obama would win in a landslide. The pro-Obama margin varied from 82 percentage points in Kenya to 9 points in India.

The sudden appearance of a new bin Laden video is obviously something outside the control of both campaigns.

There’s an argument to be made that it could actually help Obama since it would allow him to hit hard on his argument that the reason bin Laden is able to send out videos is because the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq drew resources away from the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan where many intelligence officials believe bin Laden remains hidden.

Nye is correct to be on the alert for a new bin Laden message. Al Qaeda has been seriously degraded since 9/11 because of the efforts of the U.S. and its allies in the West, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Still, all indications are that Al Qaeda wants to show it’s still relevant. What better way to do that than to issue a new video right before the first Tuesday in November in an attempt to shake up the American presidential election?

11 Responses

  1. sierrahome

    Hell, I think he should capture Nancy Pelosi or Barny Frank.

  2. Gaige Mosher

    I can’t even begin to predict how a bin Laden episode, whether a new video to prove he’s alive or his death/capture, would affect the election.

    Speculations, people?

  3. ji

    It wouldnt affect the demos.

  4. Kurt(the infidel)

    I dont think the American in large part even give a shit anymore about the war against global jihad. the only reason everyone was against the Iraq was because it was the “cool” thing to do. its been too long since we been hit so people just see the war as over there somewhere, they have no idea how close to the front line we are at any given time.

    i definitely think it would have some affect on election if he was killed or captured though. a video from him would do nothing, a threat would do nothing.

  5. bill-tb

    No doubt he is trying.

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    […] None of the above include outside influences. If recordings of Michelle Obama’s rant to the African Press come out it could do some real damage too. And of course we can’t rule out the possibility of a Bin Laden, or Al Qaeda surprise. […]

  7. Lock and Load

    What concerns me most is that some of Osama’s crew will try an actual attack in the US, like in Spain a few years back, to completely turn the election on its head. :evil: That may backfire, as Americans seem to be more likely to get mad and turn on Obambi’s weakness against terrorism and turn to the war vet for some real ass-kickin’ :twisted: :twisted:
    Any way you slice it, that picture at the top, Osama’s view out the rear view mirror, should take place as soon as possible :gun: :gun: (Great picture Pat - I’d love to be flying that Apache :beer: )

  8. Dbo

    how the hell does this article say bin laden likes bush and his policies but then goes to mention al qaeda has been seriously downgraded because of the war on terror. Yeah bush is great he kills all my guys! I cant imagine any commander saying that. This article is dumb.

  9. NV Sailor

    What does it say about the canidates in this election when the capture of UBL is only benificial to one of them?

  10. dave m

    FWIW: Debka-Net-Weekly, the intelligence mag wot you have to pay for,
    also said Obama wants McCain to win. All the contributions coming into
    Al-Qaeda are based on the conflict getting bigger and Biny doesn’t want
    to see an appeasing muslim get elected to be the US President.
    October surprise? Think that Iranian cargo ship was one, but
    some awfully convenient pirates hijacked it. That was Iran though.
    I don’t know for sure how a major terrorist attack would influence
    the election. We’re not Spain. Maybe Bin Laden doesn’t know either.


    :arrow: Kurt
    I doubt it will do much for anyone other than the 7000 families who lost members because of that.

    Plain and simple, people already forgot 9-11, and don’t give a shit about radical Islam.

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