Erica Jong: Blood Will Run In The Streets, Believe Me

October 30th, 2008 Posted By drillanwr.


When I was early on in high school we had two female gym teachers for the girls. (The football/basketball coaches were the boys’ gym teachers). While the younger, more “sexy” gym teacher allowed us to play more sports during gym class (and the REALLY haggy older gym teacher had us doing fucking jumping-jacks to no end) the younger gym teacher had this paperback book on her desk … “Fear Of Flying”. The only thing she would say to us when we inquired about the book was that it had changed her life (and that she was on like the fourth read of it …)

Two things I would later find out in my senior year of high school.

1. The book was a basically scandalous book of sex (from a ‘feminist’ point of view) for its time

2. The younger female gym teacher was fucking the younger football/basketball coach/gym teacher in the locker room between classes.

Having said that, I want to remind you that I also believe Naomi Wolfe to be one of the most fucking wigged-out women who, for some ungodly reason, keeps getting dragged out into the public media for her ratty-haired scatter-brained views and opinions …

And, if you are not a B-Movie sci-fi freak, as I was, you have no idea what the above picture is about.

She is the “Queen Of Blood” from the movie of the same name. John Saxon and company take aboard their space ship this green alien woman who goes about the sleeping ship sucking the crew’s blood and laying eggs …

Yeah, twisted, huh? … I turned out okay. Heh …

Anyhow, the lefty fems sure are sounding a bit scared about their guy who is assumed to be the next president, eh?

Heavy meds, girls. Get some …


Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss ‘Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets’

by Jason Horowitz - The New York Observer

It seems that the final days of the presidential campaign have made Erica Jong and her friends more than a little anxious.

A few days ago, Jong, the author and self-described feminist, gave an interview to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the choicest bits of which were brought to my attention by the reliably sharp-eyed Christian Rocca, the U.S. correspondent of Il Foglio, who published excerpts on his Camillo blog. Basically, Jong says her fear that Obama might lose the election has developed into an “obsession. A paralyzing terror. An anxious fever that keeps you awake at night.” She also says that her friends Jane Fonda and Naomi Wolf are extremely worried that Obama will be sabotaged by Republican dirty tricks, and that if an Obama loss indeed comes to pass, the result will be a second American Civil War.

Here’s a translation of Jong’s more spirited quotes to the Milan-based Corriere, as selected by Rocca.

“The record shows that voting machines in America are rigged.”

“My friends Ken Follett and Susan Cheever are extremely worried. Naomi Wolf calls me every day. Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduces her to a bundle of nerves.”

“My back is also suffering from spasms, so much so that I had to see an acupuncturist and get prescriptions for Valium.”

“After having stolen the last two elections, the Republican Mafia…”

“If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.”

“Bush has transformed America into a police state, from torture to the imprisonment of reporters, to the Patriot Act.”

She also laments that not all of America’s men of letters share her devotion to Obama.

“Tom Wolfe and John Updike are men of the right and Philip Roth is at this point a hermit who leads a monastic life in Connecticut, far from everything and everybody.”

Luckily, she said there is her and Michael Chabon, who, she says, have “taken the place of Susan Sontag and Norman Mailer respectively.”

They have the same political sensibilities, she said, but a better “sense of humor.”

28 Responses

  1. s3cav

    And I was afraid that an Obama win might cause another civil war

  2. Zeke Eagle

    “Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back”

    That bit makes me feel so much better. She cried all night. She cried all night. We’ll tell the survivors of Pol Pot’s cultural revolution that poor Jane is poorly. They’ll be comforted to know another useless idiot of the left is suffering.

    HooAh, 1 Cav Vets didja hear, Jane cried all night? :lol:

  3. RVN68MIKE

    Poor Jane. Hey, suddenly I feel better!

  4. Kevin M

    Erica Jong and Naomi Wolfe combined don’t make a blip on the radar of American politics.

    Although, for the record, Wolfe is kind of hot if you plug her mouth with something to keep her from speaking…but I digress.

  5. drillanwr (Truth Racist For McPalin)

    :arrow: Guys

    Everyday you all remind me why I love you so damn much

    xoxo :gun: :beer: :gun: :beer: :gun: :beer:

  6. senorlechero

    When I was in Nairobi Kenya last year I saw some busses with Islamic signs on them. After passing by the monument to the victims of the embassy bombing I asked our guide, a retired pharmacist who happened to be a Christian Pastor, “Do people here in Kenya get angry at radical Muslims”. He said “No, we let them be. They know that we are MANY and if they give us trouble we will CRUSH them”

    Message to Erica Jong, Jane Fonda, and any other lefties who dream of violence to force their pathetic ways on the rest of us……….WE ARE MANY AND WE WILL CRUSH THEM.

    BRING IT ON baybee

  7. Ty

    A second revolution? From the Left?

    What are they going to fight with pies, fingernails, witty barbs? I say bring it. It won’t be our blood running in the streets…

  8. CPLViper

    Civil war if Obama LOSES? Wow … to borrow a phrase I once heard … “Bring It On!”

    The left might have some thugs with “gats” but we have a shitload of men and women who can actually hit what they are aiming at from far greater distances. :twisted:

    Civil war … right vs left? My bet … right wins in 4 days.

  9. Rob (CDTFLINT)

    :arrow: CPL Viper

    I give it 30 minuits….I mean they’re so “peaceful” they will never fight…..which will make for one disappointing Civil War :cry:

  10. Andy (Hokie for McCain, Gilmore, and Cantor)

    If they start a civil war, WE’LL end it, on OUR terms.

    They know this, and will have to be pretty stoned to act up.

    “Where do bad folks go when they die
    They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly
    Go to a lake of fire and fry
    see them again ’till the Fourth of July”

  11. devil doc

    1000 rounds of 6.8 CA compliant AR..bring it!!!!!

  12. TerribleTroy

    Well, I beleive that violence from the election is inevitable no matter who wins. I think the set up is in (from both parties to contest the election. From least to worst scenarios

    Bama wins uncontested -celebratory riots

    Bama wins contested - riots against the man

    McCain wins uncontested - riots

    McCain wins contested - ongoing riots and a true potential for large scale civil unrest.

    The problem in my mind is the duration of the strife…. once the baddies have destroyed and looted thier own neighborhoods.. they will need food, fuel, consumer goods. Trucks wont run to resupply (no place to resupply) If the government steps in to ‘assist” they will riot against being warehoused. As food becomes more scarce in the urban areas… desperation will cause scavengers to attempt to operate outside of thier native areas. If the occurence is widespread there will not be enough forces within the infrastructure… then the necessity of containment comes into play… by force… keeping the strife ongoing. … where does it end?

  13. TerribleTroy

    Spam Catcher has got me…..

    Never understimate your potential enemy… it is a fools errand

  14. Happyone

    These idiots all better go see their psychiatrists and get their meds adjusted. They are beyond wacked.

  15. Big Sarge

    Beware the second American Revolution! The left is in our government, they have our mailing addresses and will bombard our mailboxs with strongly worded letters…..bwahahaha

  16. Hardball1911(Self Proclaimed Oligarch)

    I hope and pray that these so called riots harm more of the assholes rioting than good and upstanding citizens.

    I can, however, guarantee that in my neck of the woods, if you step out of line and burn someone else’s stuff, or break their windows, you will be dealt with harshly and the law won’t have to do a thing other than pick your broken pieces up and bag ‘em. They won’t shoot you around here. They will beat you down like you insulted their sister.

  17. billie (say it to my face)

    Erica Jong has to have a riot to call attention away from the fact that her favored candidate has little political experience and his closest friends, Ayers and Khalidi, are anti-Israeli subversives.

  18. mike3481

    The “CMP”, a.k.a. Civilian Marksmanship Program exists for a reason.

    The U.S.A. is a nation of Rifleman. YES…IT STILL IS, no matter what the MSM & Co. says!

    That reality may be lost on the political left.

    However if the Left’s “useful idiots” gets “frisky” after the election, they will quickly learn what is and is not reality!

    For every scenario imaginable vote McCain/Palin.

  19. Silver Fox

    Oh puh-lease. Naomi Wolfe? What a blathering idiot. During sex she probably recites the Communisto manifesto or something, anything to keep talking.

    VALIUM? These women are all products of the me-first drugged-out-of-my-mind generation. Try any combination of illegal drugs in conjunction with valium and you might be getting somewhere.

  20. Rob (CDTFLINT)

    :arrow: Billie

    yea….”Vote Obama or we’ll riot” :roll:

  21. billie (say it to my face)

    Naomi and another well-known feminist recently said somethig about being embarrassed to make eye contact with Muslim women wearing burkas. ‘Cos the Muslim women are so righteous compared to Western women.

    Talk about being conflicted. Erica, Naomi and others like them helped promote the liberal free-for-all that hasn’t elevated women in any significant way, and now they want to worship at the throne of seventh century despotism? When they embrace a crusade, every one else is supposed to follow them like lemmings leaping off of a cliff.

  22. Texas Mom

    We are ready at our house . . .

  23. drillanwr (Truth Racist For McPalin)

    Fuck it …

    I say it’s time the House and Senate members start carrying guns in chambers again.

  24. Goodbye Natalie

    Since Erica thinks there will be a civil war if Barry loses, and I think there will be a delayed civil war if Barry wins, I say let’s have a civil war.

    I am shopping for my first home defense weapon as we speak and I am just dying to try it out. And since I haven’t picked one yet, I suppose I better hurry.

    But as I’ve noted throughout my life, when the Obama type riot, they always target their own neighborhood. Perhaps the best weapon I could buy would be a bull horn to yell encouragement to keep on fighting. :beer:

  25. Ivan the Kafir

    I find it interesting that EVERYTHING the left accuses us of is something they are already doing and doing to excess. Rigged voting machines? Check. Stolen elections? Check (think 2006). Mafia politics? Check (think Chicago machine). Keep me awake at night? Check (this election would make anyone sane). Police state? Check (the heathen idol of Political Correctness). I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: “when you point a finger at someone else, be careful you don’t point two fingers at yourself.”

  26. azbastard

    question..the military takes an oath to protect the constitution..what about the police?

  27. AmericanJarhead

    I believe that an Obama loss will cause some civil unrest. The level of this I am not sure. I know the right will be better armed. As for the rest of this lady’s BS, it is simply a crazy headcase ranting on and on… The internet has allowed these tin foil hat types to get there extreme views out into the public.

  28. John (353T Retired)

    Purchased an addition to my home defense last night plus 100 rounds. Still need to restock shotgun shells. Sorry for my delay.

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