It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie

October 6th, 2008 (42) Posted By ticticboom.

It gets put up, it gets yanked, put up, yanked.

Yank this, bitches…

42 Responses to “It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie

  1. Mike

    I wasn’t born when Marx & Hitler were around, but I think we’re almost there again…….live(die)and learn. Sure is refreshing to hear the truth for once in the last eight years. How did this happen in the USA? Bill Clinton was a governor – Obamalama was a community organizer, but Sarah Palin isn’t qualified? Don’t even get me started on Biden, Kennedy, Frank,Dodd,Couric, Gibson & Stephi. Time for drug testing…

    Conservatives – Just say NO to this bunch of socially-maladroit, power hungry, pretentious hypocrites.

    • Ignatius

      No, none of these people are qualified, because they are liars. Sarah Palin is an idiot, Obama is a better engineered Bush, and the MSM was bought and paid for years ago.

      Also, Marx died in 1883 and Hitler was born in 1889, so they weren’t born when they were around either. :wink:

    • How did this happen? Google Chip Tatum and look for his long interviews with Ted Gunderson, where you will learn that one of the three main bases being used under Secret Polizia Chief Bush Sr. to bring in blow during Iran-Contra was in Arkansas while Clinton was Governor there.

      Chip Tatum fingers Clinton directly, having even met him once with a plane full of cocaine. If this is true, then we are talking about an unbroken chain of CIA drug smuggling corruption of the worst sort since Bush Sr. became VP under Reagan in 1980 – we are talking about 30 solid years of hardcore drug smuggling by our own Government, can you imagine what this has done to the bureaucracy from the top down?

      It’s like dropping Agent Orange on a mountain, and watching the trees fall off until the mountain is half bare. You might as well have Pablo Escobar himself at the helm.

      No question that some hurt is coming down the line if the American People don’t throw out their Government and elect nothing but Independents NOW.

  2. Thierrion

    It cuts off after 1:53.

    So is this your hosting company playing with your content?

    Or did you CAVE?


  3. BE Bernard

    The Nation is leaderless (The Hollow Man) , no one is in command and we are adrift heading for the rocks. Who can turn the ship before we implode? Truly unbelieveable.

  4. Peggy Schneider

    America….I didn’t take Economics or History in college but I sure would like a job in govt running the economy. (I love to spend money, especially someone elses) Vote for me so I can have all the perks congressmen & women get whether they do their jobs or not. What a great country. :twisted:

  5. Obloodyhell

    Thx for keeping this up, man. It’s good to keep in peoples’ eyes, as more and more of them start figuring out who was actually at fault for this mess.
    :gun: :shock:

  6. Robert

    I got all 7 minutes 26 seconds – no caving there! It’s beautiful, Man…thanks for putting it up!! :twisted:

  7. Nemesis

    Great humor. Isn’t that what all politician are; slick humorless bumbling entertainers. It takes SNL to allow us to see the light. It takes Colbert and Stewart to give ABC lessons in politics and it takes shallow/hollow individuals who think another 8 years of the same tortuous leadership would deleiver this nation out of its murky hole. Drastic change for drastic times. Chicken Little, the sky is falling will not get this sluggy US going. Besides this little SNL skit proves both parties hold hands in this problem.

  8. Jeff

    Funny but sad and true! I live in CA. and my barber owned two townhomes and here in the SF Bay Area, that was about $1.1 million. My freakin barber!

  9. theo

    I always surmised that this is exactly how they act in private and always wanted to bug the ‘cloakroom’. This is definitely one of my favorite political pieces. And these whores in CONgress think the masses should be tested for mental illness??!!! Their true bahvior is symptomatic of what would get us locked up. We need much more work like this. KEEP IT UP!

  10. lori

    So this was banned after it was shown?I saw it when it originally aired on SNL.It was funny then and its funny now~too bad nobody cares.

  11. Jim

    This skit pretty much sucked, except for the idiotic yuppie jews. Well, and the idiotic Bush supporters commenting about what a hero he really was. You people should attempt to grow a brain before commenting on the web.

  12. Doug

    There are only two things wrong with the economy and, indeed, with American itself:

    1. Republicans, and
    2. Democrats.

    Eliminate those two problems and both America and the economy will be just fine! :gun:

  13. JP

    The right and left are aptly named because they are two hands that feed the same mouth.

  14. Gary

    Like the reader above said, I only was able to watch 1:56 minutes before it cut-off. Could you please correct this?

  15. E, I, Smirth

    Why was this banned?

    Its the most accurate description of how the collapse came about I’ve seen on TV.

    Is that why?

    Save us Obama Wan Kenobi…you’re our only home… oh, that’s right, you put the bankers who caused the mess in charge of everything.

  16. A. Moses

    Is is me, or is SNL just NOT funny anymore. :???:

  17. Shane

    “People who should be shot” is almost certainly what made this skit over-the-top — and why they are so aggressive in trying to remove it from the interwebs.

  18. [...] the video of the skit posted at the network’s website (Pat Dollard still has the full video here). [...]

  19. george is curious

    It’s not the RIGHT vs the LEFT folks,
    It’s the State vs You!

  20. [...] the video of the skit posted at the network’s website (Pat Dollard still has the full video here). [...]

  21. BD

    What really sad,is in this so called election we could had a real president RON PAUL!But no we allowed the media to once again give us another IDIOT !

  22. Marvin

    There is one thing the banned videos have in common (try finding the SNL Auto Bailout skit), and that is a certain very powerful Senator who is adept at scrubbing all media of any negative references to himself or anything he has done.

  23. Neil

    Very funny and sad at the same time. If u have trouble playing the video, here is how u can fix it. 1) start video, when it starts playing, press the “pause” button. 2) let the video load completely before pressing the play button.(6%,7%,8%,etc…) 3) Plan “B” By loading the video this way, you can stop and start the video at any point, by simply clicking on any part of the video status indicator line. 4) Hope this helped people see something they really should see.

  24. [...] to Pat Dollard for posting it where the liberal butt-kissers can't get to it: HERE. Posted: 10-07-2008 20:46 by llbailey | with no comments Filed under: Politics, Economy, NBC, SNL [...]

  25. toonces

    it was taken down because of the reference to herb & marion sandler and george soros, the financial puppetmasters behing the whole ACORN/ mess.

  26. hey …. i wanna fuck kelley clarkson!

  27. Naz

    I think this is a great video so please don’t banned it. Kudos to the creator of the video and thanks to you for posting it here.

  28. Five Nabatov

    :roll: :razz: :oops:

    They (SNL Saturday Night Live & Saturday Night Live cast & writer) should do a skit:


    Problem Solved

  29. Don’t ban it because it’s spot on…Some people are just humorless :lol:

  30. jd

    “we have met the enemy and it is us” – Charles Sultz

    We borrowed the money and we couldn’t pay it back.

    At least I did

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  32. [...] ***UPDATED UPDATE: Apparently, there’s a conservative frenzy going on around this skit. I thought it was pretty even-handed, but apparently it’s become a Republican Talking Point rallying cry. Ugh. Still, it’s funny and there’s folks out there who are finding ways to put it up anyway. If you missed it… and want to see it, you can it here and, if you can handle an introductory line of PG-13 defiance, here. [...]