McCain In A “Landslide” With The Military - With Video

October 21st, 2008 Posted By drillanwr.


Poll Suggests U.S. Troops Support McCain 3-1

A Military Times poll indicates landslide support for John McCain, who captures 68 percent of the military vote to Barack Obama’s 23 percent.


A poll by the Military Times newspaper group suggests that there is overwhelming support for John McCain among U.S. troops in every branch of the armed forces by a nearly 3-1 margin.

According to the poll, 68 percent of active-duty and retired servicemen and women support McCain, while 23 percent support Barack Obama. The numbers are nearly identical among officers and enlisted troops.

Raw Data Here

The Military Times, which publishes the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times and Air Force Times, polled 80,000 subscribers from Sept 22 to Sept. 29. The non-scientific survey gathered 4,300 respondents — all of them registered and eligible to vote.

A racial divide was immediately evident among the respondents. Nearly eight in 10 black servicemembers chose Obama, while McCain captured 76 percent of white voters and 63 percent of Hispanic voters.

Numbers among men and women respondents were also visibly different. Men overwhelmingly said they would vote for McCain, 70 percent to 22 percent. But among women the margin was much closer: 53 percent support McCain, while 36 percent support Obama.

U.S. troops also said in the poll that they prefer McCain to handle the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — 74 percent said McCain would perform better, while just 19 percent said Obama would.

Four years ago the Iraq War was the single most important issue on which the military voted. But the war now ranks third in importance to these voters. The most important issue among the respondents was character (42 percent), followed by the economy (25 percent) and the Iraq War (16 percent).

There was a racial divide on these issues, as well. Black servicemembers said the economy was the No. 1 issue that affected their vote, and white troops said character was paramount.

The Military Times offered certain caveats for its poll, which was open only to its 80,000 subscribers. Responses were entirely voluntary and were not focused on a representative sample of the public, as scientific polls are. The troops polled were also somewhat older than average enlisted servicemembers and included more officers than is representative of the military as a whole.

Yet judging by the numbers, it appears that the Democratic party has not made many inroads into the traditionally Republican military.


Military Times poll: Troops backing McCain

By Brendan McGarry - Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Oct 9, 2008 5:44:48 EDT

Sen. John McCain enjoys overwhelming support from the military’s professional core, a Military Times survey of nearly 4,300 readers, indicates, though career-oriented black service members strongly favored the Democratic Party candidate.

McCain, R-Ariz., handily defeated Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., 68 percent to 23 percent in a voluntary survey of 4,293 active-duty, National Guard and reserve subscribers and former subscribers to Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times and Air Force Times.

The results of the Military Times 2008 Election Poll are not representative of the opinions of the military as a whole. The group surveyed is older, more senior in rank and less ethnically diverse than the overall armed services.

But as a snapshot of careerists, the results suggest Democrats have gained little ground in their attempts to significantly chip away at a traditionally Republican voting bloc in campaign messages and legislative initiatives, such as the recent expansion of GI Bill benefits, experts said.


The Methodology

10 Responses

  1. CPLViper

    I am glad the men and women of the armed forces will be on the American side of the next revolution.

  2. JayMS

    If our boys (and gals) in the military endorse him that means so much more to me than any lame-ass pundit, has-been celeb, or libtard.

  3. Happyone

    We all know this. That’s why the Dem lawyers fought so hard to get military absentee ballots in Florida thrown out in 2000. And they fight today to get military absentee ballots “lost” in the mail. And the although Bush had AT LEAST six uninterrupted years to reform military voting, he did NOTHING. Sold out to the Dems in exchange for earmarks. Look, someone tell me why Bush governed like a Dem for most of his time. Many of his advisors on the White House staff were in fact employees of Dems in previous admins. This is a fact. Look up their credentials. I am so angry at Bush for the wasted opportunity. Look where we are headed, now.

  4. TBinSTL (She IS all that)

    Oh yeah? Well, this site tells a very different story!!!

    Seriously… worth a look. :gring:

  5. drillanwr (Truth Racist For McPalin)

    Here’s my ‘take’ on this poll.

    McCain has said we need to stay and finish the job, not leaving until our troops/military can come home confident that they not only did their job with pure American military excellence, but COMPLETED the mission and are coming home with heads held high.

    Obama has said we need to just start, basically, sneaking our troops out of Iraq … I’m sorry … that’s what it would be … Instead of a sneak attack, a sneak cut and run … yep.

    So, here you have a poll of those DIRECTLY involved in this, our biggest issue in this election, saying they AGREE with Sen. John McCain’s assessment and plan for that war and those troops involved. McCain wants them to continue doing their job for more and more success, and Obama wants to ‘lay them off” (well, yeah, I know maybe a bad analogy, but I’m thinking like a dem here …)

    Perhaps the American people, especially those who cheer wildly at Obama/Biden rallies, when “Bring our troops home” is sounded by those candidates should STFU and actually LISTEN to the people who KNOW more about the job than a couple of political dolts who only want to oppose success for the sake of material for slamming the current administration, its party, and the GOP candidate … and THAT my friends, is something horribly, horribly sick, wrong … and pure evil.

    God bless and keep our troops safe every minute of every day … because they are the sanity in this mess. :gun: :gun: :beer: :beer:

  6. Lock and Load

    Military voters beware - your absentee ballots are going to be prime targets for the Obamabots in the vote counting machinery to “misplace”, “miscount”, “unintentionally void” and otherwise destroy. It has been tried before…. :evil: :evil:

  7. deathstar

    Military Times is a left wing cesspool. Their website makes me puke. This result must kill them. Haha.

  8. ticticboom (Will Kill For Oil)

    Just saw a black guy from the Pentagon’s diversity department saying that his office is mostly pulling for the d-rats, and he was voting for Hussein.

    Gee, what a shock, people who make a living off racial grievance-mongering supporting supporting someone whose entire career is based on the color of his skin, not the content of his character.

  9. Jenny-O-Girl

    I think their votes should count extra… they sure deserve it :wink:

  10. ji

    If the military decides to throw a coup against the government, I would be all for it.
    Line up all the Democrats and all the RINO’s against a wall. Then try out some new type of weapon on them.
    Then confiscate all the wealth they stole from the people.
    Oh they had a police supervisor in Chicago on the news, who all the black policeman were voting for Obama.
    He then said most the white policeman were voting for McCain and most of them were X-military.

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