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Married Caroline Kennedy Derailed By The Publisher Of The New York Times, Unpaid Taxes For Illegal Alien Nanny

Jan 22, 2009 23 Comments ›› Angelia

NY Post:

Kennedy was “mired in some potentially embarrassing personal issues,” the source said, citing tax liabilities and worker compensation liabilities connected to the employment of a nanny.

The source also said the state of her marriage may have presented a problem as well.

“She has a tax problem that came up in the vetting and a potential nanny issue,” the soruce said. “And reporters are starting to look at her marriage more closely,” the soruce continued, refusing to provide any specifics.

Gossip columns have reported for more than a year that Kennedy’s marriage to Ed Schlossberg is essentially over, and the gossip site Gawker.com has reported rumors that she’s been linked to New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.

Kennedy denied any issue over her marriage in an interview with The Post last month. Aides to Kennedy and a Times spokesperson couldn’t immediately be reached.

But hours earlier, a source close to Kennedy told The Post she’d bowed out because she’d become aware of a personal issue early Wednesday afternoon, but that it had nothing to do with her uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and his ailing health, contrary to some reports citing “a family source.”

Kennedy withdrew from consideration to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, just two months after rocking the New York political landscape by throwing her hat in the ring.

She confirmed the news publicly in a statement released shortly after midnight today - hours after The Post exclusively revealed her decision last night.

“I informed Gov. Paterson today that, for personal reasons, I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate,” the 51-year-old Camelot daughter said.

Kennedy’s move reshuffled the deck of contenders for Paterson, who will choose Clinton’s replacement. The seat officially became vacant after Clinton was confirmed nearly unanimously by the Senate as secretary of state yesterday.

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has polled higher than Kennedy in public-opinion surveys, was seen as rising on the list of possible replacements.

Kennedy had been the apparent front-runner, with a slew of high-profile backers - including Mayor Bloomberg and, by many accounts, President Obama - and had been pushed strongly by her uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, sources said.

About 90 minutes before she issued her statement, The Associated Press reported that she had renewed “determination” to get the seat, after experiencing “misgivings” about taking on a new job when her uncle, who’s battling brain cancer, suffered a seizure shortly after Obama’s inauguration Tuesday.

The NY Times:

ALBANY — Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate, a person close to Gov. David A. Paterson said on Thursday, in an account at odds with Ms. Kennedy’s own description of her reasons for withdrawing.

The account emerged 14 hours after Ms. Kennedy announced that she was taking her name out of contention for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and as Mr. Paterson appeared to be leaning toward selecting Representative Kirsten E. Gillibrand, an upstate lawmaker in her second term in Congress.

Hard feelings toward Ms. Kennedy were clearly building among the governor’s staff on Thursday, after a dramatic evening in which she was reported to be dropping out, then wavering, then ultimately, shortly after midnight on Thursday, issuing a statement ending her candidacy.

The person close to the governor said Mr. Paterson “never had any intention of picking Kennedy” because he had come to consider her unready for the job.

But other Democratic operatives and people who talked to the governor said that he had all but decided to select her as senator, and that his staff was arranging a press conference for late this week.

An aide to Ms. Kennedy said Thursday that while Ms. Kennedy had not been told for certain that she was the choice, there were strong indications that she would be.

During the early afternoon Wednesday, the aide said, Ms. Kennedy became aware of what the aide referred to as a “personal situation” that could prevent her from fulfilling her duties as senator. The personal situation was not related to the seizure that her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, suffered during an inauguration luncheon on Tuesday, the aide said, declining to be more specific.

Another aide to Ms. Kennedy, while not denying there were issues that emerged during her vetting, said that there was nothing that surfaced that would disqualify her from the appointment, and that the Kennedy camp and the governor’s operation had been discussing how to publicly disclose the issues.

Virtually no one in state politics on Thursday was willing to make a bet on the appointment the unpredictable governor might make in the end. And the governor and his aides remained shocked at the recent turn of events and stung by criticism of their handling of the process. They have maintained almost complete silence since Wednesday afternoon.

Several people who have spoken to the governor said he had decided on Ms. Kennedy some time ago. A Democrat operative with ties to Mr. Paterson said the governor told Ms. Kennedy last week that she was the choice, but that he would use the next few days to do “a little misdirection to keep the suspense up.”

A person close to the governor adamantly denied that assertion.

“The fiasco of the last 24 hours reinforced why the governor never intended to choose her,” the person said.

The aide to Ms. Kennedy said she called the governor around 3 or 4 p.m. on Wednesday to tell him that she would be withdrawing from consideration for the appointment. According to the aide, Mr. Paterson told Ms. Kennedy to take a day to think about it. At no point, the aide said, did the governor tell Ms. Kennedy she was out of consideration.

“He was saying she was a contender, she was involved, and things were going the way they were going,” the aide said. “He did not tell her either way that it was yes or no, but that she was still being considered.”

At that point, the aide said, Ms. Kennedy began consulting with friends and family. Around the same time, news outlets, including The New York Post and The New York Times, began reporting that Ms. Kennedy had withdrawn.

The Paterson administration initially refused to respond to reporters. When they did, Errol Cockfield, a spokesman for Mr. Paterson, said in a very brief interview around 7 p.m. that the governor had called reports that Ms. Kennedy was withdrawing “just the rumor of the day.”

But at the time, according to Ms. Kennedy’s aide, the governor and Ms. Kennedy had already spoken about the possibility of her withdrawing. And a little over an hour later, Mr. Cockfield asked that the statement not be published.

Ms. Kennedy’s own political advisers appeared at times to be unable to reach her on Wednesday night. At one point, Ms. Kennedy was drafting a statement reaffirming her interest in the seat. But the aide said that Ms. Kennedy ultimately concluded that she would go ahead with her plan to withdraw.

Between 10 and 11 p.m., the aide said, Ms. Kennedy called the governor to thank him for giving her time to think it over and definitively withdrew from the race.

In a statement sent by e-mail at 12:03 a.m. Thursday, Ms. Kennedy announced she was be withdrawing from the race for personal reasons.

“I informed Governor Paterson today that for personal reasons I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate,” the statement said.

The Senate selection, and Ms. Kennedy’s withdrawal, eclipsed all other issues in the capital on Thursday. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg traveled to Albany to address lawmakers about the state budget, but reporters asked him only for his reaction to Ms. Kennedy’s actions. Mr. Bloomberg had supported her candidacy.

“I’ll probably give her a call today and say, my thoughts are with you,” the mayor said. “I wish her all the best and I think she should continue to stay involved in public service. She’s a great New Yorker and her husband is a really nice guy that I like.”

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie, the chairman of the Democratic Party in the Bronx, met with Ms. Kennedy last Friday and heard her pitch.

“She told me why she thought she’d be the best senator and we talked about politics in general, her family, it was a good meeting,” he said, adding of the latest development, “nothing surprises me in politics.”

  • Steve in NC

    The kennedy’s never fail to amuse us. A family of adulterers, rapists, murderers and cheats!
    What else would you expect from America’s leading democrat family?

    PS. I bet the lights where off when old sulzberger mounted that lantern jawed bag of bones. Seriously, she looks like teddy in drag, except for the tremors.

  • bman

    what is it with liberals and illegal housekeepers and nannys? Why don’t they pay their taxes like the rest of us 52%.

  • Ty

    Kind of ironic that the Kennedy that has the least amount of baggage gets derailed for it.

  • tlk

    Looks like Camelot has left the building.

  • mike3481

    OMG…she fucked “Pinch” Sulzberger?

    :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • bill-tb

    Does the fact that she is a total, ya Know, air headed liberal help?

  • sierrahome

    Welcome to the Kennedy Compound
    Trespassers will be Violated

  • Exiled

    Well, you know, but, you know, um, you know…..

  • deathstar

    Cool, the Kennedy women are disgusting cunts just like the men.

    Funny how the NYT failed to mention that their guy was going down on skeletor.

  • Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist)

    I find that it is rather egregious that when a Democrat makes a “tax error” they are simple, or easily made, or some other fucked up excuse as to why they hid the money from the government, while it is felonious, criminal, and abject deceit on a Republican’s behalf if they make the same “simple error”.

    Liberal double standards being what they are, the Republicans are evil, egomaniacal, lying, cheating scum, yet the Liberal demoncrat is simply “easily mistaken” with so much accounting to keep track of that the “common everyday citizen” could have made the same mistake.

    Sorry, don’t buy it, it was deliberate tax evasion of the sort I would have been put in jail for for a very long time.

    Time to start pressing charges and making them stick on everyone involved, demoncrat, Republican, Independent, it doesn’t matter. If you evade taxes, you go to jail just like “the common citizen” no matter how much money you have. It’s called equal justice under the law. Lady Justice, although blind, sure can see her way to letting these liberal fucks skate…must be the smell of money makes her deaf too.

  • Jerry

    Gee she is dirty like the rest of that family. That, and she does look pretty rough for someone who is 51. Could it be that she hits the sauce like her uncle?

  • deathstar

    Is there now any doubt that the weird, rich family in Wedding Crashers was based on the Kennedys?

  • http://www.freewebs.com/servercompany/KnightsTemplar.jpg Kurt(the infidel) Fatwa accepted

    who wants to be on what those wrinkles on her cheeks is from?

  • http://www.deadkennedys.com Dead Kennedys

    Thats a shock, the most crooked political family in american history.Not surprised since the family “legacy” was built on bootlegging moonshine.

  • http://www.gwuh.com Marc Stockwell-Moniz (Infidel since birth thanks in part to my crusader ancestors, especially Egas Moniz, Knight Templer who defeated the Moors.)

    And I hate it when PC talking heads refer to this degenerate family as American royalty. Ya right! :roll:
    American royalty my ass. We have none since 1776 :!:
    This woman is keeping up with the classless low life Kennedy non-morals and broke the law just like Unkie Teddy does.
    Just STFU Caroline and go back into your hole.
    Look on the bright-side, the brain-dead Red Sox fans will sing a song for you in the next 7th inning stretch. :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :beer:

  • Moses Tieltlebaum

    Who in their right mind would fuck Caroline Kennedy?

    Im certain that David Patterson would WISH he were blind if he ever laid eyes on that wretch.

    Few are surprised that a Kennedy is banging someone besides their spouse.

    Lets just hope that she doesnt take Ole Pinch for a ride off a bridge.

  • http://www.Dissent-From-Day-One.com exDemocrat

    Gawd, “she” is a ten-bagger.

  • Phil Byler

    Caroline showed she was not up to the job in her public performances since announcing her interest in the job. The problems that tanked any rational consideration of her are pathetic. Pinch Sulzberger and Caroline Kennedy together? OMG.

  • 0311inOHio (I didn’t drink the kool-Aid)

    :arrow: Moses Tieltlebaum

    After a 6 pack and couple of shooters, I would probably take a shot at that. :mrgreen:

  • Kermit

    My wife once knew Caroline back in the late 70′s and early 80′s. Let’s just say she is giddy over Caroline’s fall.

  • vincenzo4

    The Demos are falling onto their arrogant swords like flies. Every week its another scandal. Karma is really on overtime with these people. They stabbed Bush in the back repeatedly during wartime; what they did to Joe Lieberman, what they failed to do out of principle during Chinagate, all point to evidence if a penetrated, and devious party, who refuses to clean house.

  • vincenzo4

    Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist): The Democrats are rarely if ever held to the same standard as Repubs.

  • cuchieddie

    The world will be a much better place when every one of those asshole Kennedy’s are dead and gone.