“He Seems To Be Moving Fast”

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“In his inauguration speech last Tuesday, he vowed to “roll back the specter of a warming planet” and championed renewable energy.

“Each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet,” Obama said.

– More bullshit from the bullshit artist. If you’re concerned about strengthening our adversaries, then why did you just cut-off our last hope to increased domestic oil drilling?

International environmental groups have praised evidence of swift change by US President Barack Obama in his inaugural week, saying it could transform Washington from a green “pariah” into a world leader.

Senior officials at WWF and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, told AFP they expected the shift to be felt within a month in domestic legislation and by the year end in global climate change negotiations

“He seems to be moving fast,” said Julia Marton-Lefevre, Director General of the Swiss-based IUCN, a network of conservation groups, governments and companies. “It’s super urgent and he knows it.”

“The US reducing its (carbon) impact will already have an impact on the rest of the world,” she added.

Carter Roberts, president of the US branch of WWF, said the United States was set to move “from being a laggard and even pariah on some issues to being a leader.”

“This election is a turning point, not only in the United States and its actions on the environment, but also because it will have a ripple effect around the world,” he said by phone during a meeting of WWF International in Switzerland.

Colleagues were deeply impressed by Obama’s inaugural speech, citing especially a “multicultural outlook” that promised bridge-building with emerging and developing countries on the environment, they added.

Roberts expected the ripple effect to have an impact on China first.

Although it has set domestic targets, Beijing has been wary about Obama’s campaign promises and is reluctant to commit to new international cuts in carbon emissions unless industrialised economies do more.

“I believe China is ready to take the right steps to a lower carbon economy, they want and need to take the steps with the United States,” Roberts said.

Marton-Lefevre said: “China could have an impact on the US – let them sit down and talk.”

Key targets for Washington mentioned by the two included a green economic stimulus package, with proposals to renovate US power generation and incentives for home energy saving, federal legislation on carbon emissions, a move to end US isolation from a global climate change treaty, and federal policy on nature conservation and biodiversity.

Despite her optimism, Marton-Lefevre doubted that Obama he would be able to deliver everything he promises and gave a month to assess his administration’s environmental team’s actions.

At WWF, Roberts questioned the order of action.

“The haven’t committed to a timetable yet, the question is where climate (change) sits amongst other priorities,” he explained.

On top of outlining policies that break out of the previous administration’s mould, Obama has nominated officials and scientists with strong green credentials to key posts dealing with energy, the interior and environment.

In his inauguration speech last Tuesday, he vowed to “roll back the specter of a warming planet” and championed renewable energy.

“Each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet,” Obama said.

He also addressed other nations “that enjoy relative plenty”, saying that they and the United States could no longer consume the world’s resources “without regard to effect.”


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    8 Responses to ““He Seems To Be Moving Fast””

    1. American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      Capital #202-224-3121 demand for drilling

    2. American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      Of course he is moving fast, got to push his radical agenda while in the honeymoon phase, when people are too busy celebrating instead of paying attention. His followers can only focus on one thing at a time.

    3. Buck Hoff

      LOL, love the pic, looks like they’re about to do some fisting. :shock:

    4. Steve Rogers

      “He seems to be moving fast,”
      Like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner and I hope it works out the same way far Barry as it did for the coyote.


    5. JI

      Not one good thing for America.
      All I hear is give him a chance.

    6. Roland

      I gave him his chance and his honeymoon:

      When he graduated college, I gave him the chance to to do something real in the private sector. He chose to become a Community Organizer.

      When he became a lawyer, I gave him the chance to honorably represent clients seeking justice. He chose to practice in a leftist firm, and to teach courses on Alinskyite Socialist activism rather than the Constitutional Law that he claimed as his specialty.

      When he entered politics, I gave him the chance to start clean from the Chicago Sewer of corruption, racism, and radical Socialism. He chose to launch his campaign from a terrorist home and has never opposed the corruption, racism, or the socialism.

      When he was elected, I gave him the chance to honor his offices by fulfilling his duties as a first priority and making the hard decisions. He chose to only campaign for ever higher office and to vote present.

      When he sought and gained our highest office, I gave him the chance to renounce his past mistakes and associations and advance an ideology that even if not mine was at least American. He chose to mislead my countrymen and continue with an un-American ideology and anti-American associates.

      I have given him his damned chances and he has used them to harm all that I hold dear. Defeat on every issue and utter humiliation are all that I now care to give Obama.

    7. Trialdog

      Socialist one party state. Our long national nightmare has begun. Yes, it is going to happen fast. So broad, so encompassing, and so fast you will not know what hit you. This man-made disaster may permanently cripple America. It is what he promised in the campaign. All of it. I still hope that some of the responsible press stop their gracious neutrality concerning what is being done and begin to speak up. I’m afraid however, that they still don’t quite believe he meant what he said in the campaign. Whether that’s wishful thinking or the failure to comprehend, grasp, and understand socialist rhetoric, I don’t know. Everything normal, every free hope, dream, and liberty you were born into and grew to accept and take for granted in your life is going to “change.”

    8. Hawkerdriver(The INFIDEL)

      All coups move swiftly.This one has had the extra advantage of the Electorate and the GOP being unconcious and unwilling to fight.Playing away on those fiddles…

      I think the Republicans are finnished for good.Hussien’s plans for this bailout nonesense will make this true by 2010. There sits the GOP presidential candidate leading the next round of HUZZAH! for the new Emperor.WTF?They will NEVER get it. :twisted:

      There will have to be a new party rise out of the ashes that can street-fight as effectivly as the dems did this election.Think French Resistance during WWII.(when France wasn’t queer..)But, it will have to be MILLIONS huge.DN gives me hope not EVERYONE has drunk the kool-aid shit…yet. :evil:

      Some days are damn hard to keep the faith. :sad:

      ..but I will. :wink:

      Show us the birth certificate, jihadi :!: :gun: :gun: