Website Exposes Obama For True Self: A Virus

January 19th, 2009 Posted By .


The Swamp: With all the public interest in President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration, it was only a matter of time before someone exploited the attention for harm.

According to the computer protection firm Panda Security, someone has made copies of the president-elect’s Web-site and outfitted them with a computer virus.

The hook? The sites are topped with a story entitled, “Barack Obama has refused to be a president.”

Here’s an excerpt from the sites, courtesy of Panda:

“Barack Obama’s inauguration that was planned on 20th January 2009 is under the threat of failure. On the Eve of Inauguration Day President-elect Barack Obama made statement. He declared that he is definitely NOT ready for this position. Analysts say that Barack Obama has refused to be next president because he recognized inconsistency of his plan of stimulating USA economy…”

When browsers click the story’s link, the site attempts to install malware on the user’s computer that can allow the machine to be controlled remotely.

Panda says the suspect sites appear to originate in China. However, as of this posting, most of the sites appear to have been taken down.

Meanwhile, Obama still appears to be on track to take office tomorrow.

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