How Did America Get Turned Into An African Nation, With An African Economy, And An African Dictator?

February 10th, 2009 (64) Posted By .


Anybody got any answers?

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    • Top Ward

      :lol: that’s some funny shit :lol: :beer:

    • grumpy mechanic

      Uh… we elected an African President? :roll:

    • AflakDuc

      …Because “everybody’s the same on the inside”
      Lmao Jenny!

    • Larry In NC

      ACORNS FOR OBAMA and their “Many Votes/One Voter” program…

      Chris Tingle and Keith MannBlo(w)er on MSNBC-Me-Love Obama…

    • Knottie

      Ignorance, lack of knowledge of history, idealistic morons.

    • Big Al

      Because the biggest majority of this country are a bunch of dumb shits!!

    • ticticboom (Will Kill For The Constitution)

      Collectivist professors. Collectivist journalists. Collectivist lawyers. Collectivist judges. Collectivist legislators. Collectivist voter fraud organizations. Collectivist racial paramilitaries. Collectivist trade unions. Collectivist corporations. Collectivist financial institutions. Collectivist regulators. Collectivist lenders. Collectivist voters.

      Basically, half the country expects the other half to do all the work and bear all the burdens while letting them reap all the benefits.

      They exist because we allow them to exist. The fact that they are in control is an indictment of us, not them. If a three year old playing with matches burns down the house, it’s the parents’ fault, not his (or hers; my youngest sister was/is a total pyro).

    • ticticboom (Will Kill For The Constitution)

      Who is John Galt?

    • Post Modern Thor

      Answer: A mixture of white liberal guilt; the production of liberal educational policies over the past 50+ years; a voter rejection of the Bush regime; the patience of the Fabian socialists being mixed with Gramsci neo-Marxist philosophy and Saul Alinsky tactics creating an American political demographic that has no direction. B.O. would never have gotten as far in his political career if he were only a whitey, but being that he is clever enough and has surrounded himself with the most specious of people, he leverages his multi-racialness to identify with minorities, especially those of the black victimhood mentality. He is not our first black prez, but rather our first half-white prez, a half-white prez who uses the issue of race to achieve his “citizen of the world” visions and goals.

      Recall that B.O. was the most leftist member of the U.S. Congress. He walks like a marxist, talks like a marxist, and therefoe he is a marxist!

      B.O. is nothing more than an empty suit puppet for the socialists and neo-marxists of the world, and one can only remain strong to weather his term, a term that in all reality should end on 1.20.13 and perhaps sooner if he can be impeached. -Thor out

    • Sanders

      Laziness. Dayz all be wantin’ free shit and shit.

    • vivi libero o muori

      oooooh snap! I’z so sorry fo’ beinz white!!! I’ll make that shizzle up all ovah yo shizzle when I’z the prezzle of the hizzouse..

    • dogwhisperer

      Brilliant Jenny, Brilliant. :lol:

      Where is Bill Cosby when you need him?

      When you point the finger there is always three pointing back at you. Isn’t the leader of the GOP black and black does not represent the majority of the republican party? Just saying.

      My best guess is whitey has reached out too far.

    • Kermit

      :arrow: TTB
      Galt’s Gulch is not far away from me

    • Kurt(the infidel)

      ill make it short and honest. fuck if i know

    • aboutTObegin


      he WAS born in Kenya, and the last time I checked, thats in AFRICA…

      the next thing to deal with is;

      Ammunition Accountability Legislation

      Remember how Obama said that he wasn’t going to take your guns?
      Well, it seems that his allies in the anti-gun world have no
      problem with taking your ammo!

      The bill that is being pushed in 18 states (including Illinois and
      Indiana ) requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacture
      a data base of all ammunition sales. So they will know how much you
      buy and what calibers.

      Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the
      ammunition is coded.

      Any privately held uncoded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1,
      2011. (Including hand loaded ammo.) They will also charge a .05
      cent tax on every round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at
      least $2.50 or more!

      If they can deprive you of ammo they do not need to take your gun!
      :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • dwall

      SDS, Ayers, Soros, Moveon, Progressive insurance Lewis , Lib Sandlers, progressive media, teachers, unions and other groups plus he ran an excellent targeted campaign saying NOTHING! and Mac layed down when he was asked if Obama was socialist and he said NO.

      2010 election will be important

    • aboutTObegin

      2010 election….fuck, why wait….working on just trying to survive to the 2010 election…after 3 weeks we almost swallowed a trillion dollars in more fucken debt…and not only our children, but many more generations down the line would have been even more fucked…and now the monkeys in office are attacking our 2nd amendment with an L shaped ambush….via ammunition. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • Sully

      Larry King nailed it… whiteys, even his 7 year old kid, wanna be black.

    • Double Tap

      bad parenting most likely. Either that or too much drug use.

    • JI

      Post has it right.
      We are going to have to suffer a lot, before we deem it necessary to over throw him.
      And suffer we will.

    • Roland

      A lot like the colonist did in Africa we made life safe and easy enough that many people who are too stupid to live and would not have in past times did live. They would either have walked too close to the bush with the tail sticking out and been converted to lion shit, or the Obama like shaman of their day would have led them in their dumb near trance to some special rock and gutted them to forecast the future by reading the signs in their entrails.

      Then we like they, admittedly only because we meddled, gave them all a voice and a vote in steering our nation. Liberation Socialism is as appealing to those who know that they have not the capacity to truly care for themselves and their nation as Laissez Faire Capitalism and a Republic is to those who trust that they can. Once effective checks of both natural selection and the franchise were eliminated we like they were soon voted into near exile.

    • exiled

      Illegal Immigration.

    • 31Mike

      And what Big Al sez.

      Big Al

      Because the biggest majority of this country are a bunch of dumb shits!!

    • ken

      Because voting in the US is not compulsory. I know it’s a pain in the arse to vote , but if (like us aussies) you had to vote, you may find the outcome a bit more even. Just a thought, feel free to tell me to get stuffed.

    • aboutTObegin

      ken, you are a fellow colonial and in many ways are more aligned with the United States than many realize, so your opinion is valid…if only more of the people HAD voted, we probably would not be in this predicament…but unfortunately the mentality of wait and see what happens or the people are not that stupid really fucked us on this one!!!! one of the great philosophers said for he who stares long enough into the eyes of the dragon, he himself becomes the dragon…and I am afraid that is what has happened here….hopefully those that are true Americans realise this and take our Country back from this fruit cakes in Government!!! to include the monkeys in the administration! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • XD-40


    • CHUCK

      :oops: This is what we get for being lazy and keeping vigilant…. :gun:

    • mindy abraham

      We got this because the other side had lousy campaign managers who did not play up Mccain’s strenghts and obama’s weaknesses

    • James Hooker – The Anti-Diddy

      We´ve elected the Chicago political Machine that guarantees a democrat majority for the next zillion years. How many republicans are active in Chicago politics? ¨Make work¨ jobs for all who toe the line. You get the picture – The democrats have taken over the US the same way they took over Chicago. The Daileys are now the shadow government, and, if they hand out the zillions I expect them to try to/and do, they are in like flynn until the fucking rapture.

    • RC

      Ken get stuffed mate! :lol:

      If you ask me Rudd and Bambi are cut from the same socialist “only billion dollar porkulus bills will save all life” cloth, granted Kevin actually has foreign policy experience and can speak Mandarin.

      Most Aussies still voted the socialists in resoundingly. Seems our voting rolls share like minded impressionable morons, compulsory or not.

      Thinking of you Aussies, hope you catch the bastards who lit those hellish fires. Truly sad images coming out of Victoria – our prayers are with you all.

    • Dr. Jerry

      “Chance favors the prepared mind” and we, conservative Americans, thus far, have been unprepared.

    • sierrahome

      The woman in Elkhart that pretty much asked when was the money going to get to Elkhart… :shock:

      Wise the fuck up America–wise the fuck up.

    • EDinTampa

      :arrow: mindy abraham (YOU NAILED IT!)

      We got this because the other side had lousy campaign managers who did not play up Mccain’s strenghts and obama’s weaknesses


    • John Doe

      Ken – Get stuffed. America is a Republic, not a democracy. We The People possess unalienable, Creator-endowed rights, guaranteed by the supreme Law of the Land. They cannot be voted away, we don’t need to vote to keep them, and no fucking government aparatchik can make us vote. WE are free sovereign citizens. Apparently, you are not.

      Roland has come closest to the mark. That is at the root. Many other factors which have been mentioned have also played a significant role: rap music (and the values it perpetuates), ACORN and “grassroots” manipulation, ignorance, lack of knowledge of history, idealism, nearly a century of collectivist indoctrination, white/liberal guilt, laziness, poor parenting, illegal immigration, and perhaps most of all, patriots being lazy and not keeping vigilant.

      Sic semper tyrannis.

    • tarpon

      It started one chocolate city at a time.

    • Mike Mose

      Anyone but McCain would have won.

    • Top Ward

      And that is why the concerted effort to dis credit Sarah Palin continues to this day.

    • Top Ward

      By Chicago politic rules you don’t just defeat your opponent. You remove them. Just to be safe you know.

      This sucks.

    • trustme1013

      We’re in this mess because McCain said “You don’t have to be afraid if Obama’s president.”

      Like FUCK, Johnny Mack!

      If I don’t have to be afraid, then why should I vote for you?! We coulda had the BARRACUDA!

    • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      Keep an eye on the “GLOBAL POVERTY ACT” which hussain will use to transfer the US wealth to Africa

      The SCHIP program is for “children” up tp 30! this includes illegals so the first intitlement has been thrown there way, next is Amnesty! buying 15 million new votes for dims

      My neighbor and I were talking in the yard and we mentioned the doublestandard of why black churchs can be so political but white churchs are being watered down!?
      Did I mention he is an elderly man married to an English woman, he is terrified about a one party rule and socialized medicine. Everyone is freaking out!

    • Moultrie

      We have reaped this result because:
      The Left has no principles but do have a longterm plan.
      The Right has situational principles with no longterm plan.

    • POD1

      Because satan is exerting his will.

    • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      This is Michelle Tyson amazon bitchs plan. She said in her thesis that she will do everything in her power to further the black people.

      Im concerned when I hear constant attacks against “white people” and attacks on traditional America.
      consider these radicals worship in a church that teaches BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY! which says that white people need to die.
      No government money should go to “skilled white construction workers”
      and his benidiction saying that blacks wont step back and white needs to do whats right :shock:
      Constant apologies for America and sympathising for terrorist and Islam.
      dismanteling our nuke programs and defense systems White House taking over the census, socializing the economy!!
      black panthers standing outside a voting location to intimidate voters.

      connecting the dots. I know we all have but Americans need to wake up fast :evil:

    • Sanders

      What would Henry Bowman do? :?:

    • Rob

      People in Uganda laugh at us.

    • SOC

      ACORN was the main ingredient. Hussein’s ability to lie to everyone and anyone , with a straight face, I do not believe one word he says because he lies on a regular basis.

      We are in trouble and most folks do not know it or realize it.
      If the stmilus passes, we are sunk in this country and will never be the same. Say goodbye to most all freedoms.

      If you don not agree with his policies, you will be targeted and arrested.

    • Fleur de lis
    • MinneSoCold

      We were ACORNholed :evil:

    • John Doe

      “What would Henry Bowman do?”

      Ha! “WWHBD?”

      It would probably involve a Solothurn, suppressors, and quite a bit of the three S’s.

      Hey, that’s five S’s!

    • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      Im begining to think that when the REPUBLICANS freed the slaves they should have just sent them back home. If we were truely the “bad guys” we should have, but since we are NOT we didnt.

      I am sick of the “we are a melting pot” crap.
      NO, we are a Christian European country.
      I would not expect to go to another country and demand they stop there traditions because I am offended. BUT the Christian European countrys have and look at them/us. Minority groups are taking over and destroying the fabric of tradition and heritage.
      I could get KILLED in Africa or Saudia Arabia just for being Christian, tolorance? These people kill their own family for converting to Christianity?

      Take this seriously!

      :arrow: Jenny
      A rapper made a song for whiteys saying that we better get used to it because he is here to stay! I am begining to belive this. dictator Hussain

      You wait, Hussain will pass the restitution checks to blacks to the tune of at least $850 billion.
      He is passing the “GLOBAL POVERTY ACT” which is a transfer of US wealth.

    • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

      looks like Hussain is following through on one campaign promise. :evil: :gun:

    • Buck Hoff

      I blame white guilt combined with ignorance, that’s the only explanation I have as to how this African’t became president.

    • Tom in CO

      Blame Bush.

      Wait sorry, liberal knee-jerk reaction. :roll:

    • XD-40

      :twisted: At the speed we are going, your free speech rights, freedom of religious faith (except islam and humanism), and your guns will be gone in 3 months. It’s all over now…

    • Marc Stockwell-Moniz (Infidel since birth thanks in part to my crusader ancestors, especially Egas Moniz, Knight Templer who defeated the Moors.)

      So where do we rank in science and math now? Making a run at Liberia and The Congo?
      WTF is this? :roll:

    • 31Mike

      :arrow: American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion) S.B.2433

      I got a call from Jim Akin, spokesman in Congressman Randy Forbes office here in Va. about the email i sent to him a few weeks back concerning this bill.

      He told me that the bill was introduced in the 110th Congress but not acted on. Hence, it’s been taken off the table. It has not been re-introduced in the new 111th Congress, and Mr. Akin assured me that if it is, Congressman Forbes will not support it.

      The way i see it, a few months after the dust settles over this Pig Fat Stimulus Bill, the libs will start pushing the Global Poverty Act again, and more than likely start screaming the sky is falling and we need to spend even more $Billions of dollars on Global Warming.

    • Demogorgon

      It is/has been much like a slowly progressing infection or cancer. We’ve somewhat been aware of it for quite some time; laced as it is throughout our entertainment industry and education system. But too many of us assumed the body’s (this Nation’s) built-in defenses against such things would eventually cleanse us of this illness and leave us fully cured.

      But instead ‘it’ continued to spread deep into places not readily obvious to most of us. Now we find ourselves figuratively coughing up blood and defecating blood as well – and must contemplate the possibility that our ailment is fatal and our time left is short.

      However two, last-ditch, possible options are available. Either: a “miracle drug” – highly desirable but highly unlikely (our Congress waking up and stopping this insanity). Or “radical surgery” – in which much of our ‘brain’ (elected/appointed government) and/or much of our body (the minions of voting parasites) must be removed.

      Normal healthy ‘cells’ (patriots) will doubtless also be lost in resorting to this second option.

    • DesignR

      I agree with TicTic.

      WE Conservatives are responsible for ALL of this… now.

      We have become big fat lazy bastards.

      Our Conservative Parents fought hard and got morally beat down with the World, Cold, Korean, Vietnam, Cuban, and Gulf Wars (including Afghanistan (part one), Nicaragua, Panama, etc…), simply lazy, or fell for the politically correct language used to control their speech thereby blunting their effectiveness.

      Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were popular because they got all the bad kids back in line for a while.

      But, over time, our Conservative Parents failed to educate us on the Constitution, Capitalism, and our political responsibilities besides the need to vote. Therefore we have been slow in learning the essential lessons, perhaps too slow to fix things.

      If not for Rush Limbaugh, would we be awake today?

      Our continued silence guarantees the same outcome. It will all end badly.

      We are the parents now.

      What are WE going to do?

    • 31Mike

      :arrow: Fleur de lis

      James Buchanan nails it, as to why! please read.

      Not a word i disagree with.

    • Bob USMC

      Blame the enemy within:

      White, spineless, dorky liberals. The 3.5 million lib teachers in the NEA, the lib media propaganda pushers.

      Get ready for a shooting war pretty soon, I can feel it. To save this great country, we may need to destroy it. :evil:

    • amy

      Acorn. I live in Cincinnati. A woman called Brian Thomas’ show. She was mad as hell. Her daughter goes to Cincinnati State. The daughter said buses pulled up (didn’t say how many) and people got off, went onto the school (classrooms) and said to the students “If you want change, get on the bus and vote early.” The woman said a lot of the kids went. How many of those kids were eligible to vote? Who knows. I never heard a follow up.

    • fan

      The video of the former KGB agent stationed in India, that was posted in mid january on this site explains it all. The USSR was not going to bomb us, they knew it would take a generation or so of infiltrating the education system, the media including news and hollywood. Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope may have helped the USSR crumble, but Soviet KGB plan worked. Putin is one happy commie.

    • Bob USMC

      :evil: The useful idiot libs have no clue at all how badly they’ve been played like a drum.

      Infiltration and Demoralization of America by KGB:

      And this VERY, VERY interesting read:

      Propaganda Redux
      Take it from this old KGB hand: The left is abetting America’s enemies with its intemperate attacks on President Bush.

      by ION MIHAI PACEPA (former KGB General)
      Tuesday, August 7, 2007 12:01 A.M. EDT

      …… During the Vietnam War we spread vitriolic stories around the world, pretending that America’s presidents sent Genghis Khan-style barbarian soldiers to Vietnam who raped at random, taped electrical wires to human genitals, cut off limbs, blew up bodies and razed entire villages. Those weren’t facts. They were our tales, but some seven million Americans ended up being convinced their own president, not communism, was the enemy. As Yuri Andropov, who conceived this dezinformatsiya war against the U.S., used to tell me, people are more willing to believe smut than holiness…….

      Hmmmm, almost word for word, or note for note as we say in music, it sounds EXACTLY like useful idiot Jon Carry to our congress in 1971, doesn’t it? :evil:

    • Dan (The Infidel)

      Naw. Erik Rush nailed it:

      “Like so many of the walking mediocrities who have promoted Marxism since Lenin, for our affirmative-action president, it’s all about power. For those who could not achieve via industry and diligence, capriciousness works just fine. “