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“The Financial Crisis Was Deliberate, Planned, Staged”: Feds Shut Down Mysterious, Lethal Bank Run Before Election - “World Economy Would Have Collapsed”

Feb 11, 2009 62 Comments ›› Angelia

No one knows who did it, but mysterious individuals or groups began emptying out America’s banks right before Obama was elected.

Now here’s where it really gets creepy. Three days after the bank run, Fed Chariman Bernanke, and Treasury Secretary Paulson, run over to Capital Hill to give Congressional leaders a top-secret, emergency briefing on the situation. On cue, when the meeting’s over, Senators Schumer and Dodd rush out and declare to the New York Times and Good Morning America that the sky is falling, and start blubbering about history hanging over our heads and the need for bipartanship. All of this was recounted in the NY Times, where Schumer and Dodd, like Keystone Cops, or just plain inept co-conspirators, don’t really sound very shocked, but more like in-on-it schemers carrying out stage two of the mission: scare the public. In fact, Dodd at one point abruptly cuts off Schumer for not sounding scary enough:

“When you listened to him describe it you gulped,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York.

As Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, put it Friday morning on the ABC program “Good Morning America,” the congressional leaders were told “that we’re literally maybe days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system, with all the implications here at home and globally.”

Mr. Schumer added, “History was sort of hanging over it, like this was a moment.”

When Mr. Schumer described the meeting as “somber,” Mr. Dodd cut in. “Somber doesn’t begin to justify the words,” he said. “We have never heard language like this.”
“What you heard last evening,” he added, “is one of those rare moments, certainly rare in my experience here, is Democrats and Republicans deciding we need to work together quickly.”

Okay, y’all, it’s real simple. Regardless of who is or isn’t conspiring what, Americans must demand to know, right now, who suddenly started withdrawing enough money from America’s banks to sink the world’s economy, that fateful Monday morning. The only thing open to question is “why”? No one disputes that it happened. At almost exactly 100 hours after the 7th anniversary after the September 11 attacks. Think about that. The bank run started almost exactly 100 hours after the 7th anniversary of the moment the first plane slammed into the World Trade Center on Septermber 11, 2001.

Atlas Shrugs:

This is un-frickin-believable. The financial crisis was deliberate, planned, staged. Who made the run?

“Someone threw us in the middle of the Atlantic ocean without a life raft. We are trying to determine which is the closest shore and whether there is any chance in the world to swim that far. We don’t know.” - Dem. Rep. Paul Kanjorski

Electronic Run On Banks - $550 Billion Withdrawn In 1 Hour, Federal Reserve Halts Withdrawals - US Economy Would Have Collapsed Capitalism Gone Wild hat tip Cathy

Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania explains what former Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke told congress during the September 2008 closed door session. During the first third of the video an enraged caller is ranting to Rep. Kanjorski about how wasteful the first $700 billion bailout was. The best part is 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the tape where Rep. Kanjorski reveals what Paulson and Bernanke told congress that shocked them into supporting the first $700 billion bailout.

On Monday Sept 15, 2008 at roughly 11 AM The Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous draw down of money market accounts in the USA to the tune of $550 Billion dollars in a matter of an hour or two. Money was being removed electronically.

The Treasury tried to help, opened their window and pumped in $150 Billion but quickly realized they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks. So they decided to closed down the accounts.

Had they not closed down the accounts they estimated that by 2 PM that afternoon. Within 3 hours. $5.5 Trillion would have been withdrawn and the entire economy of the United States would have collapsed, and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed.

Kanjorski also explains why Paulson spent the bailout money differently than he originally proposed.

Some other gems from the recording:

It would have been the end of our economic and political system.

We would have had to spend 3 to 4 Trillion dollars to buy up all the toxic assets. But we didn’t have that much we only had 700 Billion.

Without a banking system you don’t have an economy.

We are no better off now than we were three months ago.

Someone threw us in the middle of the Atlantic ocean without a life raft. We are trying to determine which is the closest shore and whether there is any chance in the world to swim that far. We don’t know.

More to think about. Somebody took a lot of money out of the banks. A lot.

So where did it go?
Who to?
And who got it? When? And where?

Somebody knows. Those transactions have been investigated, and somebody knows. But they ain’t talking, are they?


  • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

    George Soros :twisted: and Saudia Arabia :gun:

    Obama & His Islamic Supremacist Benefactor.


  • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

    Khalid Al Mansour is the advisor to the worlds richest man, Mansour lives in Texas, remember all those campaign donations from ‘good will’ in Texas?

    This is huge, I always thought this was done on purpose as the “october surprise” and there was something bigger behind this.

  • Andy- PRV

    I smell Sorol & his gang of thugs.

  • RC

    Wreaking havoc with a nation’s economy and or devaluing their currency is something Soros has first hand experience at, and I don’t mean in theory but application. I’d start from him and work outwards, I doubt one individual or group could orchestrate all this, my guess is there were a few collaborators including Democratic party members.

    Idiots like Soros and his kind are itching for a revolution and they might just get it at this rate, only they’ll be on the losing side once real citizens are finished with them.

  • http://www.dirtydozensbunker.com Sanders

    Soros et. al.

  • fb

    Let’s see! McCain voted for the first 700B “stimulus”. Anyone remember someone saying something to the effect that if he was needed in Washington he would be called; anyone remember who voted against the “stimulus”? If I recall it seems it may have been “the one”! Who besides Soros is the puppetmaster?

  • Joy

    Pressure on the Rep. Senators has had some success baring the three that are only Rep in name only. Flood the Senate and House with emails nonstop until we are given the NAMES of who did the bank run, Arrest and Prosecute.

  • http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=t8Nf1MK7lts IP727


  • radgy

    Well biden did say,that there will be a generated crisis when obama is elected,here it is

  • tlk

    Seems that it was done purposely to influence the election though…which would mean Soros most likely…and if so..would also mean the involvement of certain other left wing radicals in DC and possibly even the Messiah himself.

  • Wowster

    We want names and countries and if any individuals with U.S. citizenship come up they should be tried as traitors and shot! End of story. Remeber Yuri video. :gun:

  • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

    Khalid Al Mansour lives in texas, remember all the campaign donations to Hussain from texas in the name “good will”

    Hussain is in deep with Islamic Muslims.

  • PatriotofPast(Thomas)

    :???: 550 Billion? You could probably put the 10 Richest people in the worlds wealth together and it would NOT BE 550 Billion Dollars.
    An Electronic Run??? Cyber Terror?
    Is that why Obama will not give up HIS Blackberry? Names,Addresses,Dates,Times…Hell, the Karan on Audio Book? :gun:

  • Jon

    I’ve been convinced for months that the economic turmoil was a setup. Thomas Sowell lays ot the liberal playbook in “The Vision of the Annointed” published several years ago, all about libs creating a crisis as a mechanism to achieve power. Heads on pikes. :twisted: :twisted:

  • Steve in NC

    “Of course you realize, this means war!”
    - Bugs Bunny

    I heard parts of this last fall, and that is why I was one of the few on this site that accepted the 700 billion ass fuck as necessary.

    This is traceable and I am sure we know, but are the parties responsible considered an enemy or friend of the new administration?

    The Bush administration did what it had to and when the dust clears and sanity is restored this will be another unappreciated tough decision and action he had to take.

    Interesting times we are living in.


    check this shit out…we are all socialists now.

  • solomonpal

    The balance has tipped to the fuckin stupid idiots in this country. If you need any proof look no further than Elkhart (Khartoum )Indiana and Ft Meyers Fl. Dumb ass swing voters and 8 years of Bush did not help either…for that matter neither did a lame candidate for the Republicans.

  • Duke04

    The World Trade Center Towers were symbolic of our Nation’s economic might and symbolic of our society. The Islamist terrorists took them out and now are intent on destroying us, our capitalist system and our system of democracy.

    Look to the Saudi fundamentalists, look to the sheiks of Dubai and look to Soros for the answer as to who withdrew the funds.

  • Jon

    “check this shit out…we are all socialists now”.

    Newsweek just validated Joe the Plumber.

  • David Ross

    WTF! They can’t even determine where 500 BILLION went but want me to agree with giving them 838 Billion. Freakin morons!

  • unkaglen

    All of the sudden all who believe in the NWO and the “men” behind the curtain, aren’t looking quite so crazy… :evil:

  • http://cjloop56yahoo.com CHUCK-O

    :twisted: I’m so fucking pissed off at our so called Leaders and Representatives. Dude earlier had it right:Heads on Pikes!! :gun: :gun: :gun:

  • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

    Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist who supported Hussains spending bill Tuesday


    Citizen Services Hotline: * (850) 488-4441*
    Executive Office of the Governor Switchboard: * (850) 488-7146* [Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time]

  • 31Mike

    :arrow: Pat…..No doubt in my mind that all of this is being orchestrated.
    Just like $150 barrel of oil last year. It was manipulated by Wall Street and we were being told the same 1973 lie that world demand was far exceding supply.

    When you start piecing this “crisis” all together it makes perfect sense.

    Remember what Barney Frank said a few months back concerning who’s to blame when it all came crashing down? He said matter of factly that he was not looking to have anyone investigated. He was just concerned with fixing the problem.

    We’ve still got the same players in Washington that caused this now trying to supposidly fix it. We are all being taken for fools.

    Check out this column by Cal Thomas from yesterday.

  • AZ Patriot (Μολὼν λαβέ)

    :arrow: Hardball1911

    At least the scum floating at the top of the brine.

  • Oil Robber

    I’ve been sending this to every news outlet I can find or think of. Can’t believe we haven’t heard this before. or any excuse of who was withdrawing at record paces.

    Everyone should send this out to whatever news outlet you can find. local, national, international. EVERYONE!

  • XD-40

    :twisted: Coup D’etat. This time, by financial means. Obama is the front man for the Coup. The US Goverment has been overthrown; dictatorship is next.

  • JayMS

    I generally am not into conspiracy theories but one does have to wonder…

    If you recall this came within a very short time of McCain announcing Palin as VP. For the first time in the entire election McCain was leading in the polls and had like a 20% swing which is unprecedented. This despite the gobs of money the Hussein campaign was receiving.

    The timing always seemed far to coincidental to me. Had this not happened Obama would never have been president.

  • tlk

    I agree with you. It was definitely planned and all makes sense..which means that Hussein was part of the plan too. Can this be considered terrorism? Just curious.

  • Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist)

    True AZ. Very true…

  • Steve in NC

    :arrow: 31Mike
    “Remember what Barney Frank said a few months back concerning who’s to blame when it all came crashing down? He said matter of factly that he was not looking to have anyone investigated. He was just concerned with fixing the problem.”

    They do not apply that to the Bush Admin do they?

    Have no problem with the potomac flowing red

  • MinneSoCold

    9/11 wasn’t about bringing buildings down or killing people, that wasn’t the terrorist’s main objective, it has always been to cripple and destroy our economy… the world’s economy. They know that is the only way to bring about mass chaos so governments can be infiltrated and toppled, ultimately spreading radical beliefs and control.

    So was this more than an October Surprise, a set-up to swing the election, or was it deeper… a terror attack at the heart of our society? We need answers, facts and names… to follow the money. I’m not one much on conspiracies, but this one passes the smell test.

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  • Infidel

    :arrow: Steve
    No they don’t.

    Last weekend on “Meet The Press”, Barney Frank said that he’d warned the Bush Administration about the Fanny/Freddie crisis “rep-weadedly” and the, “Bwush adwministwation wefrwused” to do anything about it!

    Mike Pence looked surprised at that statement too. I should email the youtube to old Barney Frank.

  • A_Golden_BB

    History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance.-James Madison

    “Banking is conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and control credit, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from the bankers and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear for this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue the slave of bankers and pay the cost of our own slavery, let them continue to create money and to control credit.” -Sir Josiah Stamp, director of the Bank of England, 1920s

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  • American Woman (bitter clinger to my guns and religion)

    Of course this was planned, it is straight out of Saul Alinskys book rules for radicals.

    create chaos and dismantle the establishment and scare people into accepting socialism.

    Just like what is happening now, overwhelm the people with so much dire information that they disconnect or cant keep up and they slip in radical bills in the name of “emergencys”
    Daschel wrote this in his book last year, the only way to get universial healthcare is to slip it in a stimulas bill in the name of “emergency”

    All the libs are into this way of thinking but what makes Hussain even more dangerous is his ties to the middle east.
    Valerie Jarrett, his close advisor is from Iran, during the campaign one of his staffers got into trouble for communicating with Iran, but of course barely a mention.
    Rahm Emanuel said not to let an emergency go to waste because you can do stuff thing you normally cant.
    Listen to Geithner, he says they are going to try new things?

    George Soros is a terrorist and should be brought up on criminal charges. I know put all the libs in gitmo and see how much they love the terrorist then.

  • John Doe


    And a BIBLE.

    Psst. Hey. Heard the rumors of war?

  • POD1

    All of this is based on the word of the fed.
    What if it were the fed itself?

    History is repeating itself because the same people are playing the same old game.

    Wowser mentioned Yuri Brezmenov.

    Yuri Bezmenov’s 1983 lecture (in 7 parts) in L.A.
    Part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj0Id3BLFco&feature=related

    Part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnCEhrpRNbk&feature=related

    Part 3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgYv6jmacLo&feature=related

    Part 4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6b8BdrNaZ4&feature=related

    Part 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xef8EEyhPVU&feature=related

    Part 6) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYtLViqxL-c&feature=related

    Part 7) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7r0QgdDLO0&feature=related

    Particularly chilling is part 5, from 3:30 to 4:30 where he talks about a “Messiah”.
    Also in part 5, I will take great joy in seeing this at 5:45 to 6:30.

  • Mike Mose

    Gentlemen, this nation is under attack from within this great country. The attack is aimed at the wealth of people. The economic freedom is what separates us from other countries. Make no mistake, the attack continues and will only be stopped when Washington ………………….. Keep your powder dry. I believe that a visit to DC in the spring would be nice. The laws passed now are of no concern because they are sign by an illegal alien usurper. The government is lawless at this time!

  • http://patdollard MG


  • Kermit

    Look gang, we have only set ourselves up for the hit in the first place. Our entire system would have fallen apart in the mid 1990′s if it had not been for investment in T-Bills and the like from outside the U.S.

    If you have ever received money from any Fed sponsored program you ARE part of the problem. Our entitlement programs over several decades basically made us bend over and pull our shorts down. It was only a matter of time before someone came along and took advantage of our SELF IMPOSED situation.

    Right now there is another bubble about to burst worldwide and it is not the energy bubble of the 80′s, the dot com bubble of the late 90′s or the housing bubble of the last few years about to burst, it is much larger than that. It is the government bubble.

    If and when this bubble bursts, you cash is worthless, your banks accounts will be wiped out, insurance will be null and void for everything, even your bank account.

    Food and fresh water will be much more valuable than ammo, guns and gold. While it sounds great to have a good stockpile of food, it may be more important to have a good stockpile of seed with enough food to tide you over for at least 6 months until the first crop comes in. A means of catching rain water, or manually pumped well will be very important.

    Just like the frozen Chosin, shear numbers will very likely overwhelm weaponry.

    Okay this is a worst case scenario, but we have been teetering on the financial edge for over a decade now.

    It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when and how severe it will be.

  • http://mhartzler.blogspot.com/ Mary Ann

    {begin quote}Steve in NC
    :arrow: 31Mike
    “Remember what Barney Frank said a few months back concerning who’s to blame when it all came crashing down? He said matter of factly that he was not looking to have anyone investigated. He was just concerned with fixing the problem.”

    They do not apply that to the Bush Admin do they?

    Have no problem with the potomac flowing red. {end quote}
    Gentlemen, the reason Barney Frank isn’t concerned about who is to blame is because it was he and Bill Clinton who urged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of control. Jimmy Carter(D) got legislation passed the name of which escapes me at the moment. It essentially laid there untouched during the Reagan and Bush the 1st administrations. Then Bill Clinton had a heyday rewriting all the regulations that governed how Fannie and Freddie evaluated risk. Organizations like ACORN (for whom Barack Obama worked at the time), pushed banks to make home loans to risky applicants. Good grief, this isn’t rocket science…what in the hell did they think would happen to those risky loans? Hmmm?

    What really frosts me more than anything else about the Fannie/Freddie mess is that the top scum paid themselves bonuses for all those risky loans, after all it was new business and business was thriving (not).

    Folks, I want to hear about how American ingenuity will come to our rescue and provide a way out of this pit we’ve dug for ourselves. I don’t want to hear that maybe some of the programs Hussein gets passed won’t fix the problem. “We’re going to make mistakes. But we’re doing the best we can do.” I nearly vomited at that point.

    Let the losers fail, dammit, let them fail. If their shoddy management got them into this mess then they deserve to fail. Other businesses will rise to take their place and we will recover faster than we will if the porkulus bill is passed and signed. In MY world, people don’t get awarded bonuses for poor performance, but this is exactly what some of those greedy companies have done with the first bailout money. It all makes me sick. I’m sick to death with corrupt politicians, and politicians who don’t have the balls to stand up and say a vehement “no!”

  • sierrahome

    Programs — git yer programs right here…you can’t tell the players without a program.

  • bd

    Have any of you ever imagined a highschool student cracking open a history book about the United States?

    In the year 4009? What would they read about the US in 2009?

    Is 2009 the year they elected a president who experimented with the economy, and failed?

    Is 2009 that historians define as the year that the US went socialist?

    Is 2009 the year that the Second American Revolution began?

    I pray to God that that history book contains the answer to the ‘electronic bank run’ mystery. And that they arrested and tried for treason Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. And Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro.

    PS Does anyone know if he ever legally changed his name back from Soetoro to Obama?

  • marco americano

    The government will never suppress us, we have guns and we have determination. The killing will start soon?

  • mike3481

    :arrow: POD1 - “Yuri Bezmenov’s 1983 lecture (in 7 parts) in L.A.”

    Thanks for posting those links, that lecture is eye-popping.

    :gun: :beer:

  • John Doe

    Is 2009 the year they elected a president who experimented with the economy, and failed?

    “Is 2009 that historians define as the year that the US went socialist?” Probably.

    “Is 2009 the year that the Second American Revolution began?” It’s possible, but not likely. Not the “hard war,” anyway. The soft war has been raging for years.

    “I pray to God that that history book contains the answer to the ‘electronic bank run’ mystery. And that they arrested and tried for treason Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. And Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro.” Fat chance, compadre. Just who the hell is this “they”? Face it, it would have to be US.

  • billy_bonney

    I have said this before that the whole thing was concocted and well timed by the Dems, I know, I sound like a whacko conspiracy theory…..but it makes you wonder.


  • Robert

    I call soros on this! Lock and load! Its going to get a little bumpy! :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

  • http://MsUnderestimated.com MsUnderestimated

    Anybody up for a revolution?

  • John Doe

    You make it sound like a party.

  • 31Mike

    :arrow: Steve in NC,

    Barney Frank was referring to anyone at Fannie, Freddie, Wall Street etc. etc. that may have had a hand in the events leading up to the crash.

    He never mentioned any political figures.

  • 31Mike

    :arrow: MsUnderestimated

    Anybody up for a revolution?


    Yes Ma’am….There’s more of us than the powers that be realize.

    We’re heading down a slippery slope into a vat of Marxist/Socialist quicksand with no end in sight.

    Every day brings more bad news. Layoffs by the thousands every day. People losing their homes. I’m not talking about the sorry asses that have been on the welfare gravy train for years, but the honest hardworking folks that are losing everything and nowhere to turn.

    It won’t be long till these thousands and thousands become desperate and you can’t blame them. Anybody would become desperate if they had their lives turned upside down. That’s when the shit will hit the fan.

    I don’t see any way around it.

  • Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist)

    John, it will be a party. A gallows building party. I say we put a gallows in front of every monument in DC. Start publicly hanging all of ‘em starting with Soros, Fwank, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and gang. Then we start weeding out the rest of them one by one until we have gotten to the bottom of the bullshit pile, so we can start on the treason pile.

    Yeah, I’ll bring a hammer and some rope, who’s bringing the beer?

  • John Doe

    It’s easy to type something like that on a computer. This is a serious situation. Very serious.

    The treason is real. Threats to this nation, threats to the people, threats to freedom itself - all very real.

    This is not a game.

    Either you’re joking or very naive.

  • Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist)

    John, surely you jest. I find it insulting that you think you know better than we how deadly serious this is.

    We do not, however, need to A. preach to the choir and B. insult others here.

    Tell me, John, how much have you done so far in this revolution? Stockpile ammo, complain, what else? How are you involved in the coordination of such a monumental task?

    Wanna talk real treason? I have watched it happen in front of my face, while friends of mine were carted off of a battlefield dead after having been dragged through streets like dogs, and their sacrifices wasted over a blowjob in the White House. You think you know treason any better than I?

    As for the typing on a computer, it does go both ways John, as you were “typing on a computer” as well fairly easily. Only mine was less personally insulting than yours to those who happen to agree with us fundamentally. Calling for a revolution, as the Declaration of Independence states, is not to be done for light and transient causes, John. All of us here are morbidly aware of that fact. The difference, John, in my typing and yours is the fact that I fear no man, and will gladly put in my fair share of the fight to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. My oath didn’t expire like the liberal punks who went in the military to get college money. Mine was made for the sole purpose of its intent. And I will carry that to my grave. The danger, John, is not in revolt. It is in overestimating one’s abilities and overstating the same. I can write a ten page manifesto on what it would take us John, but everyone here who has been a Dollardite more than ten minutes can tell you exactly what it will take.

    As I stated before, it will be a party John. A gallows building party in front of every monument in DC. It may take us ten months to get there, it may take us ten years, but there will be a gallows building party in DC. Question is, could you pull the handle?

  • John Doe

    My intention was not to insult you. I apologize. There is far too much bluster on the internet. Lots of people playing games. Lots of big talk. I believe you to be sincere. Thank you for your reply.

  • Hardball1911(Revolutionary Constitutionalist)

    John, man to man, apology accepted. ;)

    Now let’s get this shit on the road and quit fuckin around with it.

    I am confident that we, as a nation, can overcome anything that steps in our way, including subversion from within.

    McCarthyism may have been scary, but maybe it was right?

  • M@

    You all know what we have going for us?

    We’re Americans

  • moriah

    I never thought this “crisis” was accidental or incidental. This was set up to pave the way for Obama - the slavier.

  • John Doe

    There is really no such thing as “McCarthyism.” It is a label used primarily to demonize committed anti-communists; to raise the dread specter of “extreme right-wing” (even “fascist”) “witch hunts.”

    Senator McCarthy was absolutely right, and although he became the lightning rod, he was by no means alone. The national security apparatus was up in arms in the 1950s attempting to root out subversives and security threats. It was no witch hunt. The federal government and the Defense Department were heavily infiltrated by Soviet agents, communists and their “fellow travelers.”

    This was largely the result of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations and the second World War, during which the United States was allied with the Soviet Union.

    McCarthy posed a significant threat to a very real conspiracy to subvert this nation from within and had to be destroyed. For the full story read “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy” by M. Stanton Evans.

    The situation we are currently facing in this country can be traced directly back to those days.