“This Is Where All The Niggers, And Coons, And Jungle Bunnies Live”

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Yesterday, Attorney General Holder chastised us all for being too cowardly to engage in an honest debate about race and racial issues. Okay, well, here goes.

And what of Political Correctness and race?

With regard to the first video below, from which the headline is taken, should the father have been arrested and re-educated?

Should people be denied the right to speak as they please in private? Do we need the police to swoop down on somebody who calls a black man a nigger in public, or is the black man likely to deck the offender, often with the assistance of a rainbow of bystanders? Will the natural order do the job the State wishes to usurp? Do you think the black community reflects the same rules of racial non-insult when speaking to their children or amongst themselves?

Honest speech is nothing more than the manifestation of honest thought, and what business of yours is it to control another’s thoughts? Honest education, perhaps, but thought control?

Is not every minority a collection of people who seek the power of majority for themselves, by whatever means available or necessary? Or is the majority the only despot, and all minorities enlightened groups who seek nothing more than an equitable distribution of power? Or do we all bear the same core traits of human nature?

You don’t need institutionalized political correctness in order for people to be polite in public. You don’t need it in order to discipline workers who are disruptive to the work force by harassing or insulting other employees. As for those who are not directly insulted, but made uncomfortable by such talk, is it okay for these collaterally offended folk to speak disparagingly about other groups, such as political, religious or gender ones? “Conservative policy is wrong, Catholic priests are a bunch of child molesters, Christians are oppressive terrorists, etc.” Should all such statements be banned in the workplace? If you can’t call black people niggers at work, then you can’t describe any other group with an equally disparaging adjective or term.

Perhaps the natural order, the power of the employer, and the employee’s freedom to choose his workplace, would all resolve the situation without an orchestrated campaign to wipe out negative speech toward one group, while encouraging it to be directed toward others.


It’s critical to watch the second video as well, in order to at least begin to contextualize all of the issues I’ve raised.

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    54 Responses to ““This Is Where All The Niggers, And Coons, And Jungle Bunnies Live””

    1. uffy

      It is obvious that Holder has missed a few crime statistics. Maybe he has never been to da hood……….it ain’t Norwegians doing drive bys in da hood. DEM controlled cities have always been war zones=Oakland, LA, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Philly not to mention a few in Florida.
      When blacks shed the mantle of victim and blacks quit making money off of race, and when blacks quit bringing up race maybe just maybe this country will get past race.
      Holder is an embarrassment. What a cowardly thing for him to say. If Holder wants an honest discussion on race issues……let him contact me.

    2. Buck Hoff

      I bet he’s pissed because black history month falls on the month with the fewest days. He needs to look on the bright side and realize what could be covered in a couple hours is now given a whole month. :lol:

    3. XCrypto

      AG Holder seems concerned that white people don’t hang with Black people on the week-ends. Perhaps the White people are not as enamored with Rap music as much as we should be. Or maybe we just don’t want to hang with a crowd that has such a high dropout rate in school, or with folks with the highest illegitimacy rates in the country. Or maybe it’s that we just want to spend time with people who share the same moral values as ourselves, regardless of what the skin color happens to be.

    4. Dan (The Infidel)

      “Yesterday, Attorney General Holder chastised us all for being too cowardly to engage in an honest debate about race and racial issues.”

      Me: The only cowards on that issue is the racist minorities who cling to their racist views as if it were 1959 instead of 2009. People like the socialist weasel Holder. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool asshole.

      I tried googling Paul Fromm. It seems that every hit on his name is some leftist shitbird site. I don’t know anything about Mr Fromm, but if the leftist scumbags hate him, he must be on the right track.

      This for all you Black folks out there. It seems to me you have two kinds of blacks, just like you got two kinds of every other race. Good people and bad people.

      Good blacks are like Walter Williams, Michael Steele, Star Parker, and Zo to name a few. They seem quite normal and are able to think clearly and understand the diff between right and wrong.

      Then you got the assholes. Holder, Sharpton, JJ…etc. These are the shuckers and jivers…the taqiyya sellers…
      They lie because that’s all they know. They cling to their racism, because without it, in the case of Al and JJ, they’d have to get a job. In the case of Holder and many other blacks its about revenge.

      White people would like to get along, but most blacks keep making it difficult or downright impossible to do so. That’s why I still hear whites use the word “nigger” to describe the vast majority of blacks in this country. I’m beginning to think that they(whites) have a point.

      You want to get along with whitey, then act like it Holder; instead of constantly playing the race card and blaming generations of white people born 150 years after slavery for your fucking problems.

      How about this: Work hard, play by the rules, bust your ass, and stop acting like you just got out of jail, and then whitey will be able to accept you. Otherwise, you’re just another useless genetic defect. So fuck you Holder.

    5. Steve in NC

      I was at a superbowl party, and there were mud people there. They spoke in clear english, ate with forks and did not try to rape my white wife. Maybe we can all get along after all?

    6. Jack J

      Holder is an a-hole. Apparently most people knew it except Barry. Or Barry knew it and didn’t care.

    7. Looking from the perspective of quality of life and concrete achievements the advance of civilization is in its broadest sense inextricably linked to a change in focus from the group to the individual. Racists of every race and bigots whether by creed or ethnicity are determined to drag the advances of the individual back in to the group.

      The hard thing can be to keep their hatred an fear from distracting us from the all important focus on what is best for the individual. Our current first lady may well hate me as a member of the blue eyed devil group, and I fear some of the sources for this series of topics differ from her only in the groups that they belong to and those which they hate. Their hate is a much smaller risk to America than that her/their entire being is stuck in a focus on groups.

    8. Lone Wolf

      :arrow: Jack J

      Barry knew it and embraced it.

    9. bill-tb

      The chocolate city, where black on black crime is out of control.

      How these people can stand there, being a member of the party of the KKK, and call others cowards and racists. It just defies imagination.

      Anybody with a history book can look up who was doing the lynchings, lynching political opponents and blacks alike.

    10. Now that I think of it, perhaps our tolerance has been misconstrued as cowardice. Our willingness to live and let live has been misunderstood as fear.

      Yes, that must be the problem. We allow such as the Black Panthers to wander our streets freely and intimidate white women and children. We allow gang-bangers to wander our streets and rob, rape, and pillage our communities while we do nothing. We ignore muslime paramilitary training camps and their inner city mosques that preach that America is the “great satan”. We do nothing as millions of mexicans pour across our unsecured border and bring crime, disease, and poverty into our communities as they bankrupt our social services. We complain and raise cries of protest as homosexuals indoctrinate our children in our public school system, yet we do nothing to stop them. We cry out that our rights are being violated as God is removed from public offices, but we do nothing to put Him back in.

      It is beyond time to do something about these problems. The enemy already sees us as cowards and are emboldened by that perception. It is time to show them just what an American truly is.

    11. mart (just another infidel)

      Dan (The Infidel) and Sanders, thank you putting my thoughts and feelings so eloquently. Saved me a lot of typing and thinking. :lol:

    12. Marge

      I agree that people should be allowed to speak about blacks, yellows, whites etc as they think. I don’t believe they should call each other names. But if people were allowed to say such things as “obama only got where he is because he is black” as Geraldine did and if allowed to say determental things about black conduct as they do white conduct, racism would then fade into the background. People would not dwell on racism but on the facts and the way a person either black or white has done. The reason racism is called racism is because it is constantly being called into the front of any conversation that looks at blacks in a negative light.

    13. GRIZZ


    14. tlk

      I’m all for the names…it’s about time.

    15. Holder buys into the Sharpton and Jesse Jackson strategy - keep this so-called “race issue” in the limelight, year in and year out so it can be used to win elections and make tons of $$$.

      Remember when Sharpton and Obama claimed that Obama “wasn’t black enough” ?? They did NOT want him elected because it would diminish the $$$ they bring in from shaking down white business and unsuspecting individuals.

      We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a way of remembering the victory of civil rights in America. It was a victory. And it also means it’s over. There is no race issue in America - 90% of Americans could give a shit - they’re too busy trying to make a living, keep their kids safe and maybe even enjoy life along the way. The only asswipes out there claiming racial injustice are these peons like Holder and Jackson and Sharpton in there $3,000 Armani suits.

    16. German Dragon

      Where I live we have a significant black population. You cannot have a “conversation on race” because the first time you merely DISAGREE with ANYTHING the race hustlers say, you are immediately dismissed as a “racist.”

      Chris Rock said it best in the following comedy piece.


    17. Gary in Midwest

      Assholes know no color. Holder is an asshole!

    18. XD-40

      :wink: If you have not figured out by now, this animal, Holder, is going to show you. The Plan is GET WHITEY!

    19. RTLM

      All you cracka’s, honkies, whities, peckerwoods better not say, “President” niether.


      h/t Havoc at GCP

    20. Bob P

      I grew up in a large city and had friends from all over the world. I don’t pay attention to skin tone but I do notice when their pants are more than half way down their ass.

    21. sierrahome

      Antique Farm Machinery — how’d I do?

    22. I hold the Stormfront defectives in almost as much contempt as Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, etc.

      But the ‘elites’ running this country are determined to shoehorn me and everyone else who refuses to drink the kool-aid into their camp. They seem to think that will either drive most of us to beg their forgiveness and engage in self-flagellation (if not hari-kiri) or make sending us to re-education camps in the desert acceptable to the masses.

      They seem to forget there is a third option. One that would end very badly for them, and, sadly, many innocents.

      As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Keep calling your enemies Nazis and using that as a pretext to eradicate them and maybe they’ll start acting the part. Aside from Stormfront, nobody wants that.

    23. Mike Mose

      Obama and Holder are racist bastards. My family fought throughout the south in every major battle, so all slaves could be free. They are attempting to enslave all white, Asian, and Hispanic people to there Muslim friends.

    24. JI

      I dont see black people trying to get along with white people.
      I dont see black people reaching out to white people.
      I dont see black people giving a helping hand to white people.

      etc. etc.

      This is a bad omen for black people.
      They forget they are only 15% of the population and so are allowed to exist, at the behest of the majority.

    25. Sully0811

      Does this mean people can call out Jackson and Sharpton for being the race baiting assholes that they are?

    26. Holder sure has very light skin. I bet he has more white DNA in his body than African. I’m sure that would surprise him and he would be shocked.
      He is a first-class hypocrite.
      None-the-less, he is a rascist to the highest degree. Do you think he wants to go home and have a beer with a white neighbor?
      Start worrying about the degenerate state of the black community yourself Mr. Holder. Blacks do nothing but bring down the worth and test scores of the U.S. And seven or eight blacks babies born out of wedlock live with no father around.

      Dollard leader, Dan the Infidel, as always, say it best and to the point.

      It sucks having a pseudeo leader like Holder as A.G.

    27. And another thing Mr. Holder, my family has a member who died at the Battle of Antietam to keep the United States together and ultimately he gave his life to free blacks.
      I don’t have trouble with blacks.
      I have trouble with black rasicts. They are no good for the nation.
      You do not deserve to be A.G. with those type of comments. :mad:

    28. Sandy

      I have friends of all different races.
      I am not 100% white.
      I judge people by the content of their character.

      Assholes truly do come in all colors. :wink:

      :arrow: Mike Mose

      Obama and Holder are racist bastards. My family fought throughout the south in every major battle, so all slaves could be free. They are attempting to enslave all white, Asian, and Hispanic people to there Muslim friends.

      Amen Mike!

      They want to cow us for the kill.

    29. Tim Roesch

      First, Dan (the infidel) I am very happy to see a mature and thoughtful post from you.

      Second, cowardice and bravery are not merely the providence of firefighters and the military. We each must be brave and assertive in our daily lives. Do not succumb to panic. Think.

      I think the time for rhetoric and blogging is past.

      The enemy has stood up. The battlelines have been drawn.

      Don’t just hear the words Eric said. Eric threw down a challenge.

      Biden noted that Obama was going to be tested. I am thinking that either an attack will be made on Obama OR one will be fabricated to justify the President laying down the emergency Presidential powers act.

      I can not imagine that comment coming from the Attorney General of the US as an accident.

      I think we are being taunted into action. And, if we will not act, an ‘action’ will be made. Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

      What will you do when they come for you?

      Good luck.

    30. :idea: Somebody answer me this:In the last 20 years, can you name one really good black role model who has gotten one iota of respect from his own people? Bill Cosby? Forget it! They laugh at his ass. There’s a race war coming and by God whitey didn’t start it!! :mad: :beer:

    31. 31Mike

      So ahh…Holder…what are you trying to say?

      I’m a Racist, a Coward and a Dumbass?

      Fuck You!!!

      Whites have bent over backwards trying to right the wrongs of our history with slavery, even though much of the blame falls right in the lap of your own people that sold you on the shores of Africa and bought you after you arrived here.

      Whites have given up many things including money that you waste on drugs, wine, and hoes, housing that you destroy, and jobs through affirmative action that you didn’t qualify for but got anyway.

      And now you want to tell me who i have to hang with on the weekends? I don’t hang with Libturds motherfucker!!

      I’ve got black friends, not out of guilt, but because they’re good people, and trust me they see right thru your bullshit as well.

      Wow!!! black conservatives Eric…who would have figured?

      Fuck You Eric!! You fucking racist cocksucker!!! :gun:

    32. XD-40

      :eek:One sure thing about totalitarian regimes is the use of false flag operations. You can be absolutely certain, unless a genuine threat presents itself, obot’s masters will conduct such an op against the US. They are moving legislation quickly, but as with the Third Reich, not quickly enough. Kristallnacht was the NAZI false flag allowing Hitler to assume absolute power. Obot’s handlers CANNOT wait 2 years– too much of a chance they will be voted out. Look for an event within 6-12 months. Remember also that Obot is nothing more to these Shadow Men than a tool– easily disposed of if he becomes more valuable to them as a dead martyr. Hopefully the Secret Service has not been penetrated; maybe they will be lucky. The hit would be blamed on Whitey along with manufactured evidence. Also realize there are dumb supremacists who could be manipulated by the Shadow Men. As bad as he is, the Rule of Law, the vote, need to be the tools to get him out of office. A dead obot would beget Americans shooting each other. Obviously, the Shadow Men need to be found, but that’s the rub. Right now, all you can do is pray; the die has been cast. Raymond, Time for a game of solitaire…

    33. aboutTObegin

      CHUCK-O, seems there is a race war coming, but its going to be different than you think….more like an ideological war. The africans in America need to realize that it was not the white man that they should blame, but their own kind that sold them for profit…. and as for the kenyan occupying our highest office, he knew exactly what type of person holder was and is, holder is a direct reflection of the kenyan!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    34. dilly

      some of you forget there is a difference between a nigger and a black guy. Eddie Murphy is a black guy. Most rappers are niggers. As for Puff Daddy, he’s a house nigger, the worst kind of nigger.

    35. CR

      Like my father has always said, “You can take the booboo out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the booboo.”

    36. RacerRick

      I too have relatives that were some of the first to settle in this great land. They fought in every war this country has been involved in. There is no apppreciation for the people who founded this country, what this country once stood for, how much blood has been spilled in the name of racial equality…. By the white man.
      I am disgusted with these racist motherfuckers like Obama, Holder, JJ Et al who only now think that they can chastize “Whitey”, for every bad thing that has come down the pipe for the black man, and they are going to try to make us pay a price for that.

      Not in my house MoFo’s

      And why in the hell are the Liberal whites harboring all of this misplaced guilt for the enslavement of the black man? It’s the “In” thing to be a Liberal these days.
      What a crock of shit!!

      RR :gun:

    37. 31Mike

      Hey Holder…What say you chill with this homey at the cut?


    38. I feel like there is a lot of pressure being a white person today. Do they want us to avoid bringing up race, or talk about it more? Seriously, what the hell is attny general talking about? There is a black president, black first lady, black attny general, black people all over Hollywood, its freaking black history month, and all the democrats ever talk about is race! How can the people of this this nation be called coward for not talking enough about race??? I just don’t understand. Im fucking tired of talking about race! I dont give a shit what race people are. I only care when these idiots bring it up so damn much, and play the victim - that is what makes them niggers! Not their skin color! FUCK YOU Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton. Where is white history month? Oh Im sorry that would exclude people of color. Cant have that. Only whites are allowed to be excluded.

    39. Dan (The Infidel)

      :arrow: Tim Roesch”

      That’s real special dude. You don’t stop here much do you?

    40. sully

      Holder is an asshole plain and simple… just like his mentor Janet Reno.
      This is just the beginning of his attacks on whites. Especially those of us that own guns and Bibles. Watch and see.

      Still… this Holder fuck, like Bambi, is Ivy League and the lack of sophistication in their ‘administration’ so far is a serious indictment of the left wing bent of those schools.

      My eldest was accepted at Columbia and when we went to talk with them…well, they are seriously fucked in the head there. The Frankfurt School has nothing on Columbia and Harvard of the 21st century in my opinion.

    41. David H.

      Wow. Just wow. Blame the victims of racism for the continuing racism in our society. This must be the most dimwitted collection of commenters in the history of the internet. Have fun being an ever-shrinking minority of ignorant, inbred retards, y’all. Evolution will take care of you. It’s only a matter of time.

    42. Steve in NC

      david h…. are you a mudperson?

      because according to you mudpeople are not able to be racists, only white folks


    43. Steve in NC

      Interesting that only light skinned ‘blacks’ are chosen by the this light skin president. It is well known in ‘black’ culture there is racism against blacks of a darker skin tone.

    44. Larry G.

      Nah, Steve, David H reeks of liberal pussy through and through. These responses are typical of limp-wristed lefties - “evolution will weed you out”, “your viewpoint is archaic”, etc. They seriously believe that everyone thinks just like them and their ineffectual degenerate pals, and if you don’t, you’ve been targeted for extermination. :roll:

      Plus anyone who opens a post with “wow, just wow” is a child molester.

    45. Dan (The Infidel)

      :arrow: David H:

      Stuck on stupid are you? Poor baby. You’re as much a part of what’s wrong with the west as the jiahdis are. They want to kill you and you want to lick their hands.

      Get the fuck out of here shitbird.

    46. Tim Roesch

      Let me have a go at David H.

      Have you ever heard of the Chinese? The Chinese were brought here as contract labor in the late 1800s and when the railroads were finished with them they were dumped like garbage on the side of the road. The place they were dumped was called ‘Chinatown’.
      There were more laws in San Francisco about where and when you could shoot a dog than a China man.

      Where are the Chinese now? Last I heard they are the wealthiest minority on America.

      What happened to the Blacks? With all the money spent on them why are we still having this conversation?

      Welfare is a good start. Welfare destroyed the Tuskegee Airmen, aborted any Fredrick Douglas’es, disarmed and raped into submission any Harriet Tubmans and turned Rosa Parks into a historical oddity.
      Crypto-socialists (Dan used to call them Dhmmicrats) are using the African American like a pack of drunks use a hooker they trapped in an alley.

      The Hmong (I am sure I am spelling that wrong) people came to this country from the hell of Vietnam. I remember seeing some of them at the airport in loincloths.
      They now sell rice to the Japanese. And when the public school system in San Fran wanted to enroll their kids in Hmong ESL, the Hmong laughed in the Bored of Ed’s faces and said HELL NO! My child learn ENGLISH!

      So, yes, David, there is something correct about blaming ‘blacks’ (not all but a majority) for this problem. When you lay down with hookers you get AIDS. The African Americans lay down with the democratic party and got ‘used’. African Americans were invited to the Democratic Party, just not as guests and, worse, Blacks let themselves be used and smiled and asked for more.

      I taught in South Central, I have worked in the inner city. I have some experience with his collective, ‘thank you, Democratic Party, may I have another?’ mentality.

      And David is right about one thing at least. Evolution is at work here, never forget it.

    47. a j amato

      Just a reminder that all remember when he was running that he was receiving millions of dollars from unknown sources.
      Could some of these resources been from radical left countries?
      They will be calling his hand.
      If this country is to be saved, it will have to be by

    48. Bob P

      David needs to get out of his parents basement and get a job.

      Anyone hear from Hardball(1911) lately? I hope he’s OK.

    49. Jenny-O

      :arrow: Bob P

      I think hardball just got busy with school..

    50. 31Mike

      :arrow: sully…My eldest was accepted at Columbia and when we went to talk with them…well, they are seriously fucked in the head there. The Frankfurt School has nothing on Columbia and Harvard of the 21st century in my opinion.
      Too bad you couldn’t have secretly recorded that conversation. We all would enjoy hearing that one.

    51. cuchieddie

      I keep hearing blacks referred to as African Americans. Sorry douche nozzle, but these zitwads are not African and America needs to stop referring to them as such. They’re black for crissake. Dig it? :mad: :gun:

    52. [...] comment from a different Dollard post also is interesting to ponder. [...]

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