Morning Joe Rips Into Glenn Beck

March 31st, 2009 Posted By Erik Wong.

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41 Responses to “Morning Joe Rips Into Glenn Beck”

  1. GRIZZ

    Joe who? Blow.

  2. JayMS

    Notice how those morons cannot rebut a single argument he has ever made.

  3. Pacopig

    Not ripping Beck, ripping middle-America and traditional values and beliefs.

    Don’t you know, if you are not an effete member of the hypocritical liberal elite, you are a laughing matter. They find us, all of us, irrelevant to their wine and cheese party, National Socialist agenda.

    A day of reckoning will come in this country, and we will remember these maggots actions.

  4. GB will repond. They won’t be able to handle him face to face. Just like he ripped that AG a couple clips before. He can hold his own face to face.

  5. dogbert41

    I usually don’t really care to defend people that have their own microphone and can talk to millions of people a day. They can do that themselves.

    But I sure don’t watch those fucking asshole liberal retarded Commie leeches in that clip.

  6. bill-tb

    Ratings envy, happens all the time.

    Glen Beck is making more difference in a week, than Morning Joe has since it’s inception.

    Set the TIVO, must see TV.

  7. DC

    these asshats don’t have a soul…..if they did, they’d know why GB is crying.

  8. The url for ms. underestimated is fail, there is just ‘http://’

  9. Mr. Standfast

    Typical liberals. They can’t make an argument, so they attack the person.

    Hey Joe, how does it feel to be at the bottom of the ratings chart? Beck connects to the people and they are not laughing. They are crying too.

  10. Chuck O

    What the hell were they laughing at? MSNBC calling Beck a blubbering buffoon. Look who’s talking you low rated ass hats. I’m surprised you’re still on the air with your pathetic low grade ratings. Make like Err America and toss off you $2 punk with a 50 cent haircut.

  11. trustme1013

    These people have no idea what they’re even talking about. The fact that they miss the point so completely is telling.

  12. Kurt(the infidel)

    you know the funny part about this. only 5 people watched this show live this morning. ok maybe a few more. screw MSNBC. liberal assholes all.

    and hey men on the panel. i would much rather see a straight guy cry then i would see a homo pretend to be a man.

  13. Nanny

    I flip around news shows in the morning before work and caught the end of this. What I just watched is disgraceful. These ass wipes are laughing their asses off at you, me and all the others in this country that love and respect our nation, our constitution and our flag. They did air a segment after they went to break where people were emailing in their complaints about the piece and Joe laughed thru that also. What a poor excuse for a supposed republican voice on this show.

    As I have said before I cry every time I hear our National Anthem. So I am a buffoon for respecting and honoring my flag and country and those who have perished defending it. I never saw my father cry until the day my 3 yr. old son died and after that he continued to shed tears over the things that meant the most to him - his faith, his family and his country. There is nothing wrong with sharing emotions over those things you love and care about.

    Glenn Beck is the male version of Sarah Palin. The left and the media will try to destroy him because so many people can identify with him. Both of them represent the everyday person out their working, paying their bills, taking care of their families. These elites at our government and the media fear people like Beck and Palin JUST because they look like you and me. Pretty damn disgusting that they have such disdain us.

    I think our new mantra should be from the movie Tombstone: “You tell ‘em the Dollard Nation is coming and Hell is coming with them!” Let’s Roll!!!

    • AMEN, you tell ‘em the Dollard Nation is coming…

    • American Woman

      Nanny, you and me both and most of dollard nation as well :beer:
      When you believe in something with all your heart and soul tears are a natural reaction and only a person who is secure with themselves can express their overwhelming feelings of repect. I tear up at church every week, I tear up during the National Anthem and when I hear Ronald Reagans speeches. I teared up when Palin gave her coming out speach, I teared up yesterday while talking to my Dad about what is going on because I see my country being raped,abused and hyjacked by radicals and I am overwhelmed with outrage. I tear up watching my kids run around in the yard with no care in the world, beautiful little innocent souls and to think they could grow up in a communist country kills me.
      God,Family and Country are where my loyalties lay and I am proud of it!

      “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
      Ronald Reagan

      These words of the greatest and last proud American POTUS resinate in my head and heart and never in my life would I have ever thought this could be me. I will fight this with all I have[which might not be as much as some, but is all I got] It is now up to us today for a better future of tommorrow. Our kids deserve better!

      “You tell ‘em the Dollard Nation is coming and Hell is coming with them!” Let’s Roll!!!

      I love it!

    • TBinSTL


  14. Medaton

    I quit watching MSNBC the night Lawrence O’Donnell appeared on Scarborough Country, when Pat Buchanan was sitting in for Joe and called the Swift Boat Vets “lying, liars.” He repeatedly called guest John O’Neill a liar. In fact he said “lies”, “liar”, or “lying” 46 total times in 10 minutes. It was the most unprofessional and disgraceful appearance I had ever observed from anyone on TV.
    I wrote MSNBC and told them that if O’Donnell was ever on that station again I would never again watch any show on MSNBC. He was and I haven’t!
    Joe Scarborough has proven to be nothing more than a “Kiss the Hiney Man!” He is very, very sick!

  15. Sandy

    They need to just rename this show to Morning Jerk.

    Clueless assholes.

  16. Steve_Montnana

    Notice Joe Scarbourough would not touch Glenn Beck… Joe went from prime time to a dumb morning show… he knows Beck kicks his butt.

    Then you have the 2 dimwit women who are nothing more than parasites on Joe’s show because they have no show and no ratings berating the man who is a ratings hit.

  17. Tom Wales , WI

    I love the pic on the post. I wish all these asses would just have a nice cup of shut the fuck up!!!

  18. Richard

    One of these days they will be crying and we will be laughing.

  19. CPLViper

    They are just pissed that the Home Shopping Network (at any time of the day or night) has higher ratings than MSLSD.

  20. Really!!?? Its bad enough that so many people have become desensitized, but to make fun of someone because they’re not desensitized, sad. Is this the best they could come up with? No wonder no one watches mnmbc.

  21. I sent this message to Morning Joe:

    I’m writing regarding your little bash-fest of Glenn Beck this morning. I knew that NBC/MSNBC is the network(s) going “green” for the environment, but I had NO idea it was also the network going green with “envy” of those who are doing better than you.

    And by the way, that pretty much includes everybody.

    I’ll be taping tomorrow’s segment because I KNOW they’ll howl about the backlash. I posted the vid at,, and other places. :-)

  22. P.S. You can send your comments to MJ here:

  23. Ironthrower

    “He loves America, what are you gonna do?” They make me absolutely sick. The new wave of America hating has left the universities, and is in a neighborhood near you. Attempts to suffocate our society at the behest of the “annoited one” are being cast as iconic and socially cool. Effin disgusting. What has happened to this country?!!??!?!?!

  24. wisconsin Mom

    This is nothing more than jealousy. They simply know that he has tapped into what Americans really want. You can chase the President with your tongue hanging out all you want but we want honesty. You will never get that from the main stream media.

    • yankeemom

      That was my first thought too, Wisconsin Mom. They will never get it. They are in for a big surprise and it will probably just roll over them as they wail.

      This is one of the top reasons I despise the left. No sense of country except to bash it. How shallow and souless one must be to spit on that which has allowed you to live the wonderful life you have and so many want.

  25. Mike

    These fucktards wouldn’t be talking about Beck unless they recognized that he’s just another nail in the MSNBC coffin. And speaking of fucktards, has Priss Matthews finished his orgasm over Obama in Europe? What a fucking TOOL!

  26. jasjfarrell

    They are the worst people in the world!!!!

    Where did I hear that before?

  27. Jay

    Bottom Feeders

  28. RojoNixon (God Fearing American Patriot)

    I just attended a memorial service for a USAF test pilot who died last week. I did not know him personally, yet I cried. I love my country and the men and women who are willing to die for it and my family and me.

  29. David

    Beck Rules!

  30. sic7six

    MSNBC? Is that a network?

  31. That was despicable. I had just started listening to Joe and Mika on the radio - I was ambivalent about the show, not that great but not bad, now I’m gone, no loss for me.

    They laugh on TV because they cry at home about their ratings.

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