Rage Begins Among The Working Class … Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud - With Video

March 30th, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.


Brawls Break Out Among Laid-Off Workers as Michigan Car Dealership Closes

Three alcohol-fueled fights erupted at a Michigan auto dealership last week on the day employees were told the business was closing, another sign of a community on edge as it tries to deal with the flailing economy.

The first brawl took place outside Wayland Chevrolet at about 1 p.m. on Friday after several employees visited a bar. Police were alerted to the dispute, but it was broken up before they got there, Wayland Police Chief Dan Miller told FOXNews.com.

“Had they been sober, this probably wouldn’t have happened,” Miller said.

Local news station WWMT-TV captured the second altercation at about 2 p.m. The video shows a scuffle, with employee Jason Stanton knocking another worker to the ground outside the dealership.

Later, Stanton explained what set him off.

“Does it matter how hard you work, because there is somebody a little bit above you that has the right to control every decision and every effort you put forward, don’t you have a right to be a little bit mad when somebody says hey we’re all done?” Stanton asked WWMT-TV. “It’s terrible, horrible.”

The third fight followed an incident between two salesmen at a pizza restaurant next door.

Wayland Chevrolet blames the shutdown on the downturn in the auto industry and the scheduled closing of General Motors Corp.’s metal stamping factory this year in the Grand Rapids suburb of Wyoming.

“I think people are just on edge,” Miller said. It’s unfortunate, but it just adds insult to injury when they go out and get intoxicated.”

Miller said disorderly conduct and assault charges are possible while they try to identify the employees involved.

The dealership employed about 30 people.

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12 Responses to “Rage Begins Among The Working Class … Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud - With Video

  1. David Ross

    Hell, he should’ve been fired for wearing a pink hat.

  2. GRIZZ

    You have the right to be mad as hell.And thats all.As a contractor I have seen the bldg biz totally ruined by illegals.I have a right to be mad as hell,thats what my senator said to me,and thats all.

  3. IP727

    Screw em, they voted for it.

  4. Chuck

    Is that a Pirate coming out of the door behind the two fighting?

  5. GRIZZ

    Studying economics in high school{even in Ga} I realized at the age of 12 that the car companies were unsubstainable at the rate of pay of the workers and the price of cars compared to the price of jap cars.How did they last this long?Politicans in the unions pocket.GOODBYE GM.


    the only problem here is that he threw the punch at the wrong guy.

  7. Mike Mose

    It’s hard to believe the absolute ignorance of America.

    Obama and the Democrats have assured that millions of American will be without.

    Dam Lucky every American own 2 guns and ammo.

    DC……………. 10 million angry men march

  8. Ji

    Sooner or later that anger will be directed at obummer.
    obummer is beating a dead horse (Bush), you cant beat it forever. Sooner or later people look at the beater.
    Just a little inside info, unions are really starting to get ticked off at obummer.
    obummer promised the unions a lot and none have come true.
    Look at all the union people losing jobs.
    Our union lost 36% of their people, AFTER bummer became president and there is NO hope in sight.
    I am waiting for this illegal alien thing to blow up. They are taking jobs from legal citizens.
    Thats why the demmys need to hurry up and make them legal.

  9. Paslode

    Sooner than later, The ‘O’ state that we as a nation cannot sustain your Union Labor Rate and we are going to re-negoiate your contract……$10 Bucks and hour, take it or take a hike.

    I thank you for your vote and your continued support!

  10. billy_bonney

    Fuck them is what I say, these people voted for the Kenyan lock stock and barrel, the unions (marxist influenced) supported him and some of the other’s in Congress.

    I don’t like to see any American lose a job, but when you do stupid things that fuck the rest of us as well as yourself, then you deserve the pain you cause.


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