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Mar 18, 2009 21 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

  • DesignR

    This guy makes a great deal of sense, with a couple of caveats…

    *All Laws that pertain to ‘We the people’ to equally apply to Congress. YES!
    *Repeal Congress’s ability to vote for their own raises. YES!
    *Balance the Federal Budget. YES!
    *Make Congress pay into the SOcial Security System. YES!
    *Term Limits of 2 terms. YES!
    *Remove their Pension, have them get their own 401K plan. YES!
    *Stop paying for Law Makers Insurance Premiums. YES!
    *Throw them all out (whether they read the bill or not). YES!
    *Increase salary and benefits for armed service personnel. YES!
    *Start no War unless you intend to WIN IT! Y E S ! !
    *Make English the official Language. YES!
    *No Tax money for Illegal Aliens. YES!
    *Send a tea bag! YES! Let’s do it!

    *E-Verify System? Don’t know anything about it. Mark of the Beast?
    *Bring back Universal Service. Undecided. Our volunteer force seems to kick ass without civilian asswipes clogging things up. Maybe yes. But Charles Wrangle wants a Draft for a reason! Why? So he can bludgeon the right with ‘inequity’ and ‘racism’. Military Volunteerism eliminates the Lefts ability to legitimately claim those stupid lies as fact.

    *Eliminate the Electoral College? NO SIR! NO SIR! I DISAGREE SIR! That is what keeps the small Red States from being devoured by the Big nasty Blue States. It keeps States Rights as even as possible.

  • DesignR

    Oh yeah…

    Eliminate ‘franking privileges’ for all Law Makers. It will cut down on propaganda coming from those bastards into your mailbox/inbox/media on OUR dime.

  • http://www.rescueattempt.com Jim Bancroft

    I love this guy, I wish I knew who he was so I could protect him from Obama! He must be a marked man. There is no way he can speak like this without practice. Is he an actor or a former politician?? Either way, he is spot on and he speaks it well and forcefully and we need his courage and presence in all of us! :!:

  • http://patdollard.com Joe Average

    :arrow: DesignR

    I agree with you on the Electoral College.

    But think of this, lots of DEAD Liberals and DEAL Mexicans is a start to equaling power in Blue states. :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

  • Hawk

    I agree with most of what this guy said. Especially the march on DC part and firing the SOB’s that voted for (and signed) the “stimulus package”.

  • MinneSoCold

    Ye ole’ red meat! Love it except for a few things like DesignR said.

  • Jim from Texas

    He is a great American patriot! Here is one he posted about 6 or 7 months ago — modern version of Thomas Paine. Wake Up America!


    E-Verify was the system that could be used by employers to verify whether potential or current employees were LEGAL citizens. It has now EXPIRED, since the Democrats voted down an amendment by Sen. Jeff Sessions to extend it in the “Stimulus”!

    Democrats apparently like to encourage illegal aliens!

  • John

    Righ on Designer R! However, I ask every reader to contact their people (I won’t call them their representatives in Congress)and express your outrage with the stimilus package. We must put an end to the lunacy, otherwise our country is short-lived. Also, if you want protection you better buy it now with plenty of ammo, because Hussein’s administration has started the process to ban individuals from having protection and take ammo. off the market.

  • Capenewfs

    OK, so let’s set a date, when do we march on these idiots

  • Brittany

    I’m in agreement with almost everything he is saying! There is just no accountability anymore and when there is, it’s not referred to as accountability. It’s “pointing the finger” or “blame”. Give me a break.

    I understand the tea bag thing but I’m not so sure it would send Congress the message that “we’re mad as hell!”. There definitely needs to be a more active and aggressive resistance.

  • http://utube Peggy

    I most certainly agree with what this wise man says,and the most important is GOD. THANKS

  • Ruby

    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Some of this is right on. Term limits, no 401k for Congress, no right to retirement forever after one term.

    BUT I want the Electoral College to remain. Otherwise the crazies in CA and NY would be dictating to the rest of us. I live in a big metro area, but was raised in a Western, low populated state. State’s rights are important.

    I’m fine with sending T bags, but how many other letters have any of you mailed to your congressmen and women? Get off your lazy butts and participate in your Govt. How many of you have gone to a local meeting or volunteered for a dang thing in your hoods.

    First, Americans need to get over themselves and learn another language. English is the dominant language world wide because it is the language that was used when we were the super power. We need to learn another language because everyone else in the world does. Some speak three and four other languages. We are arrogant beyond belief to think that we can caccoon ourselves and pretend that the world has not changed since 1776.

    i love my Nation. She is the greatest, but let’s not close our eyes to the globe. Let’s demand that Mexico provide for it’s people so they don’t want to leave. they love their country and history too. They shouldn’t HAVE to leave to eat!

  • Boomer

    :evil: Why do the Elitist of the Washington Beltway get what the rest of us have to earn. No Pension for them….get their own retirement accounts, and YES….put them fully into Social Security…..how about taking all the back withholdings from them too. I am not worried about the Evil CEOs, but rather the Unchecked and Unfettered Washingtonians….the Liberal Elitists…..who are the biggest bunch of inside traders ever seen. The SEC watches Wall Street…..who watches Congress???

  • http://www.fijm-prison-ministries.org Rev. Don C.

    God said, Bless, and do not curse! How do we do that
    when we disagree so heavily with Washington’s elite?
    They are not elite..they are deceived human beings,
    made in the image of God.
    Pray like this: “God bless them, may God’s perfect
    intention for their lives be fulfilled and manifest
    before it is too late for America.” Amen

  • Linda

    Beg to differ. English may be dominant language of the world – or not. But it is the language of the United States and should be made our OFFICIAL language. Nobody is stopping anyone else from learning another languiage, and that is all well and good. There’s nothing stopping immigrants from speaking their own language; but we, the taxpayers of the United States should not be burdened with the millions of dollars spent every year on accomodating foreigners who want the benefits of the country but do not want to assimilate. That is not to say that every immigrant does not assimilate; there are those who entered the country legally, and with reason: Freedom and Opportunity. Some who come want it all without earning it.

    I definitely agree that the Electoral College should remain. It has worked for over 200 years. Those who would change it simply want an advantage & control over the outcomes of elections. Based on the vitrol and shenanigans of recent elections, the Electoral College is the only safeguard we have. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

  • joann olah

    how can we email this to our “elected officials” and will they really read it. This guy is right on…i agree with him but feel helpless…

  • Marie R

    I say when we have old meat we throw it out as it becomes to STINK. Well we have old meat in Congress and Senate I say throw out the old meat……

  • http://yahoo.com Johnny Ennis

    Trust in God not The Gov. ect-

  • http://yahoo.com Johnny Ennis

    Trust in God not The Gov. ect- :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :sad:

  • http://www.willworkforawife.org Harold L Raymond III

    The only way this nation will be restored is the same way it was founded: With a Bible in one hand and a GUN in the other. It was “Felons” who gave you this nation, not the soldier. It was the “Felon” who gave you freedom of speech, not the reporter. It was the “Felon” who gave you the Second Ammendment so you could protect yourself FROM the government, FROM the Police, FROM the Federal Agents, not so you could have a “hunting clause”. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU my brothers, to take a stand for freedon, liberty, and justice for all by commiting great acts of valor against those who would oppress you. It is ONLY by such acts of valor, that we may again reclaim our God-given, unalienable rights as mearly written so as to be recognised in the sacred Bill Of Rights and US Constitution. Even Hitler understood the power of the human ego. Once unleashed, it could only be subdued by brute force. This my brothers, is the ONLY WAY that freedom will ever again come to Amedika!!!

  • http://www.willworkforawife.org Harold L Raymond III

    Let FREEDOM ring, HOO-RAH!!!