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Jun 7, 2009 84 Comments ›› Pat Dollard


Sarah Palin is popular because she speaks unvarnished Conservatism. Notice how after her convention speech, the Left went after her with a ferocity unprecdented in modern times, even violating the sacred boundary of not attacking a candidates minor children?

Now why would they be so angry and ferocious? Fear. Fear that they might actually lose the election. Why be so afraid of her? For the answer to that, look only to the reason why she is so popular: she speaks unvarnished Conservatism

It’s what Americans actually want, and they know it.


SENECA FALLS, N.Y. — Governor Sarah Palin paused Friday afternoon in front of a monument bearing the Declaration of Sentiments, an early feminist touchstone.

“We anticipate no small amount of ridicule,” she read, and remarked: “Some things never change.”

America’s most famous Republican elected official quietly took a commercial flight into sleepy Central New York Thursday and spent Friday on a private tour of landmarks of early feminism — Harriet Tubman’s house, the Women’s Rights National Historic Park, and the National Women’s Hall of Fame — for the low-key beginning of a week-long return to the lower 48 states and another step in the attempt to recalibrate her public image.

Palin, consumed by the media freak-show during last fall’s presidential campaign and its aftermath, is taking a deliberately low-key path, and making sure to link the visit to her responsibilities as governor.

She’s traveling with her husband, Todd, and her 14-year old daughter, Willow, as well as her sister and nephew, and the public events are deliberately focused and on a human scale. She has a single political aide, spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton, and two volunteer advance men. Her staff have scheduled no mass rallies or major addresses and made no attempt to court the media, or even inform it of her plans, which have been announced piecemeal by the groups hosting her.

She is to participate in a march to raise money for autism research Sunday in Westchester and accept an award on Long Island for her work on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.

Link: Palin on WH Fiscal Policies

But as the first woman on a national Republican ticket, the party’s top grass-roots star and an obvious contender for the 2012 nomination, she’s a sought-after guest whose every move will be studied for political intent. And for some, the buzz is too good to pass up. She’s expected to join former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at a Yankee game. And though she riled Washington allies earlier this year by turning down an invitation to headline this week’s joint fundraiser of the House and Senate Republican campaign committees in Washington, she may now stop by the event, a source said, though Stapleton declined to comment on her schedule.

But Palin, whose popularity at home declined after the presidential campaign, is trying to keep the core of the trip focused on her native Alaska: She’ll be the headliner tomorrow at an event in Auburn marking the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s statehood at the historic home of former Secretary of State William Seward. Seward’s 1867 purchase of Alaska from Russia – Seward’s folly, as it was known at the time, though the label is discouraged around here – may have been the most controversial Arctic acquisition until McCain chose to add Palin to his ticket. Local authorities say they expect more than 20,000 people for the Founder’s Day event linking Auburn and Alaska. And Palin will be holding meetings in Washington, D.C., and Texas on a natural resources issue, Stapleton said likely negotiations over a key pipeline project.

Friday, though, Palin started her day at Tubman’s five-room house in Auburn.

“This is so good for our country,” she told the president of the foundation that manages the house, Karen Hill. She admired a 1960s-vintage painting of an angel hovering behind a young African-American boy.

“She knew something had to be taken care of and she stepped up and she did it,” Palin said of Tubman after leaving the house.



  1. Rob Taylor says:

    She’s got my full support for President in 2012. She’s the one Republican that gets it.

  2. prestonbrooks says:

    :smile: Palin/DeMint! DeMint/Palin :!: :!: :!:

  3. Bob says:

    I will vote for her. Her problem last time was McCain

  4. sassysuz says:

    My votes for her as well, she is uncomprimising

  5. Cotton B says:

    The left hate her (and yes they HATE her) because her very existence contradicts their entire belief system. I love that woman, and I would personally land on a grenade for her…I wouldn’t even consider it for another politician.
    She is one of us, and they know it.

  6. Jon says:

    If things ever go feudal in this country, I’m on her side of the field.

  7. She influenced got my Mother in Law to vote and my Wife pumped.

  8. ji says:

    She is a leader I will follow. I wish she would visit ob land (Illinois) and bitch slap him.
    During the campaign more people went to see her when she was on her own, than mccain.

  9. Gary in Midwest says:

    A conservative lioness that eats liberals for lunch. None of her critics could ever stand the firestorm that they have put her through. She is remarkable.

  10. Sully says:

    She is the real deal.
    The left and country club Repubs treated Reagan almost as bad around 1975/76.
    Came back and nailed them in 80.
    Get ‘em Sarah.

  11. American Woman says:

    Of the people
    By the people and
    For the people

    History in the making

  12. Beverly says:

    Sarah Palin is the Conservative Candidate, and that is precisely why the left hates her. She reminds us all about the “goodness” of America. She could launch another “Greatest Generation” and by the next presidential election, America is going to be ready for her.

    She made us all feel good again, just like Reagen, because she is genuine, just like him. People will tell you anything you want to hear, but watch what they do. This woman loves her country and her family and she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Sarah Palin loves my country and I love Sarah Palin!!!

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  13. Mark Gibbons says:

    Palin-Liz Cheney
    Are there any consevative men left in d.c.?

  14. Blade Runner says:

    Hoo Yah! You betcha, Sarah.

    She has a helluva support site:


  15. Blade Runner says:

    Are there any MEN left in D.C.?

  16. Mr. Big says:


    What’s Sarah Palin got to do with you getting lucky? I’m not seeing the connection. :???:

  17. BoomBoom says:


  18. She’s got more balls than anyone in DC,that’s sad but true.If she had ran for POTUSOA she would have won,Mcain cost us all by running.A snake is a snake is a DAMN snake boys.Wake up people!!

  19. Bill says:

    I didn’t think I could like her more until I learned In this story that she wouldn’t raise money for the d-bag RINOs :smile: :smile: :smile:

  20. amy says:

    The left has been digging for dirt on her since last August. The only thing they could find to attack her for was her pregnant teenage daughter. She’s a clean politician. That scares the f*ck out of them.
    I’ve been watching the Alaska shows on History Channel. Living in up there isn’t for sissies. They are a different breed and she’s top dog up there. We will need someone like her after 4 years of the hippie chick’s kid. If it’s not too late for us by then.

  21. unkaglen says:

    A woman who truely understands the constitution and the powers and limitations of the federal government.
    She would make a fantastic POTUS and would rule in a fashion simular to the greatist president in my lifetime,Ronald Wilson Reagan

  22. Mike Mose says:

    Palin’s first run taught her some valuable lessons.


    I would like to see her pick as VP someone from a successful state government.

    DC is broken they have NO leaders we can trust at this time.

  23. Fae says:

    She has my vote! I respect her and trust her.

  24. SgtJenz says:

    Sarah Palin – Michele Bachmann…two kick ass beautiful conservative women.
    The leftists hate both of them. More importantly they fear both of them.

  25. aboutTObegin says:

    people, we have the leader we have been looking for…she is the one!!!!! now to find her a STRONG right hand woman/man! LETS DESTROY THE LEFT BEFORE THEY DECTROY AMERICA!


  26. aboutTObegin says:

    oops….gettin to excited here….meant to say DESTROY, lol. :wink:

  27. Gaige Mosher says:

    And I’m courting Willow.

    Everyone else back off!

  28. amy says:


  29. Jay says:

    In my view there are two kinds of politicians. The first kind is a leader (Sarah Palin, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Regan, Winston Churchill etc.)

    The other is a parasite (Barry Soetero, Adolf Hitler, Jimmy Carter, Pierre Elliot Trudeau etc…)

    The first has the ability to lift the spirit of the nation to accomplishes great things.

    The latter does as much damage to as many as possible and when the train wreck comes takes everyone down with them.

  30. Islamisacult says:

    She’s got bigger balls than all of the men in Congress combined.

    I will drive to Alaska if I have to to campaign for Sarah Palin

  31. Islamisacult says:

    You hit the nail on the head with that one, Jay!

    We need a leader not a bleeder.

  32. Sgsaur says:

    Nope. Not a damned one. BTW, How about Palin/Coulter? That ticket would send the left over the edge… :twisted:

  33. Sully says:

    You might want to reconsider your Teddy Roosevelt/Ronald Reagan equivalency.
    TR was quite the Progressive in domestic policy.

  34. aboutTObegin says:

    PALIN and Coulter or Cheney would be the best ticket! and I hope that the anti american left remember, this time, PAYBACK WILL BE A BITCH! Its not about ensuring the left will be happy as well anymore….its about destroying everything they know, do, where they get their funding, etc etc etc! Its on.


  35. Vehement says:

    Mr. Big,

    I think perhaps she had something to do with his wife getting lucky. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Ol’ horn ball, Mike. lol j/k

  36. Jay says:

    Point taken.

  37. Tim Roesch says:

    And, to be fair, however bad Hitler was, he was pretty conservative. I mean, look at all the hair he saved from the corpses of Jewish women so it could be used to insulate submariners and pilots?

    My point is that labels are not the most important things here. Actions speak louder than labels.

    And it would be a damn shame to take back our country only to lose it to someone who spoke like Hitler or was as popular and as evil.

    Everyone should listen to a Hitler speech, in German and you will understand the danger in letting empathy over ride reason.

    Go Palin – Cheney

  38. guess who says:

    If Obama has his way there will never be another presidental election.He will be our leader for life.

  39. Specter says:

    We have got to kill with extreme prejudice any so called conservative that opposes her.

    I’m fed up with the fucking McCain mentality that led to where we are today. Mired in marxism.

    Any rhino against her must face the ones who are willing to raise the black flag and begin to slit throats.

  40. Specter says:

    :arrow: Pat

    Invite her to the rally dude. :beer:

  41. Matt in GA says:

    What a great speech. She is the only one speaking the truth – The death of state sovereignty is on the march, and with it, the death of this country as we know. She is the only one who understands it, and who is not afraid to articulate it.

  42. SgtJenz says:

    I can think of a few more strong conservative women that would be good to have there. Hey and they are all easy on the eyes too.
    Michele Bachmann
    Melanie Morgan.
    Deborah Johns
    Debbie Lee
    Megyn Kelly
    Imagine all of these ladies in one place kickin’ ass.
    This list could grow.

  43. Jeff says:

    I am sure I will just get attacked and called a stupid lib for saying this but I do not support Palin. She was a poor choice as McCain’s running mate and she played a big role in his defeat. She was not prepared for the roll and it showed. Her gaffes overshadowed what McCain was doing and she basically became the laughing stock to the majority of the nation.

    I am looking at this from a realistic standpoint. She is not going to be good for the GOP because of how she has been portrayed and that sucks but it is reality. She just does not have enough experience and enough appeal to the majority to be taken seriously at this point in time. She should focus on running Alaska and doing good things up there. I like how she is trying to take a more low key presence.

    The GOP needs someone new. Palin would need to make major changes to restore her image to a wide range of people. However, I fear she will still be involved in 2012 and unless major changes are made it would be a bad thing in my opinion.

  44. Specter says:

    Your a complete idiot Jeff if you think the right thing to do is accept the way she’s been portrayed. Who did that Jeff, care to fill us in on that?

    Your actually going to be a fucknut and speak to experience when we have a child in office.

    She is new leadership you fucking troll. God damn I can’t believe how fucking stupid people are sometimes.

  45. Jeff says:

    “Your a complete idiot Jeff if you think the right thing to do is accept the way she’s been portrayed. Who did that Jeff, care to fill us in on that?”

    I told you I was just explaining the reality of the situation. Palin will not be taken seriously by most people at this moment. A lot of people are still down on her from last election and that sucks for her. It’s not fair but that’s the way things are and she needs to make a lot of changes. If she is thrust into the GOP limelight again she will be brought down again. She needs more time.

    “Your actually going to be a fucknut and speak to experience when we have a child in office.”

    And that is exactly the point. Everyone criticizes Obama for having no experience but because Palin has no experience it is ok?

    “She is new leadership you fucking troll. God damn I can’t believe how fucking stupid people are sometimes.”

    She should not have been thrown into the roll so early. Her VP run ruined a lot of potential. She was not ready and like I said it showed and a lot of people jumped on it. She still has potential but now is not the time to turn to her for that leadership. She is not ready which is why I am glad she is laying low and focusing on Alaska. Like the article says.

    Learn to accept other more moderate view points. Not everyone that disagrees with the republican party or Sarah Palin is a crazy liberal. You jumped to that conclusion and made yourself look foolish by not understanding a thing I said.

  46. RIchard Quinn says:

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…
    You may not be crazy but you still are liberal. Sarah Palin has no experience? Her experience level approaches Ronald Regan – one of the greatest. Liz Cheney’s wit is sharp enough to cut to ribbons 99.9% of her detractors. The federal government under the annointed one’s direction is only ‘checks’ and the hell with the ‘balances’. State’s rights are the real issue here – and the limitation of federal power.

  47. Mark Gibbons says:

    Hey Jeff- sleeping with rinos is not a safe thing, you fucking nit wit.

  48. Jeff says:

    “Her experience level approaches Ronald Regan…”

    That is an insult to Ronald Reagan. Reagan had 8 years as governor under his belt as well as experience as spokesman of GM before that where he was fired for being too political in his speeches. That is before he became president.

    Not sure why you brought up Liz Cheney. Has nothing to do with what I was saying.

    As for being called a nitwit…is it wrong not to want to be behind a candidate who does not have enough experience? I recall everyone here being against Obama because he did not have enough experience. As well as other reasons.

  49. hyandright says:

    “Pressure creates diamonds.”
    Gen. George Patton

    Sarah Palin is our diamond!

  50. Specter says:

    OK then Jeff, tell us who is new blood that has enough experience?

    Who’s out there Jeff, enlighten us please? What do you want Jeff, another moderate so we can lose again?

    Yeah, you are a liberal. You came right out and said so, that’s fine your entitled to your beliefs.

    But just so you know, this isn’t a moderate conservative forum, it’s not littlegreenfootballs for cryin out loud.

  51. Lone Wolf says:

    DC truly is broken – unfortunately it will probably kill the host (us) before the parasite dies.

  52. Jeff says:

    Yeah, you are a liberal. You came right out and said so, that’s fine your entitled to your beliefs.

    Where did I say this? I do not want Palin means I am liberal?

    As for the question as to who has enough experience and should be out there heading the GOP. I do not know. The GOP is in a real bind because there is no real leader to follow. Jindal is an option but not a strong one. Same goes for Pawlenty and Huckabee. While I am not a big fan, Romney would be a strong choice but there is definitely a disconnect between him and the GOP due to some of his beliefs.

    No this is not a moderate conservative forum but apparently by being moderate that means I am a liberal. There is something wrong with that especially when I am told to fuck off and am being called a nit wit. Palin has little experience, the same reasoning so many of you hated Obama for being elected because he had no idea what he was doing. Why is it wrong to say I do not like Palin because she does not have enough experience?

    The other choices in the GOP as not as promising either. Hopefully some new faces or older ones who do not get much exposure come into the limelight and lead a GOP that will be best for the country and get the votes to do it.

  53. Thanks for the shout outs!

  54. Crazy like mid night taco stands in East L.A.

  55. Sully says:

    Again, ‘the left’ and ‘moderate’ Repubs tore Reagan up in 75/76.
    Four years of the ‘man-caused disasterer’ Carter made Reagan President.
    Obama is on that same train as Carter.

  56. Mark Gibbons says:

    Jeff- The four men you just named are losers before they start. Keep reading noonan and brooks for your rino update and keep your thaughts in the closet. We are looking for leaders here not people who will cave in on their beliefs at the first sign of confrontation. Understand rinos and liberals are the same. They suck.

  57. Rob says:

    She has all the makings of a great comeback story.
    We shall see.

  58. Derak says:

    Sarah is one kickass conservative woman. The battle lines have been drawn in the media. If this fabulous woman is the top of the ticket and directs her campaign, she will shellac the competition.

    By the time 2011/2012 comes around, the country will be in shards and she will have the momentum. The newspapers will be gone, the msm will be in tatters, the blogosphere will rule (assuming the internet czar doesn’t shut you all down next month) and she’ll be like the Iditarod winner sweeping into Nome at -40 below- pumping her fists in celebration. Hardship? Nah, pure glee in the face of serious life threatening challenges.

    She’s my gal.

  59. Stacy says:

    Me either Specter…
    Jeff, buying into what the media sold you about her makes you an uneducated fool…Did you listen or read the speech asswipe? Have you ever read her op-ed’s? Well I did, and I have:mad:
    BTW, you should read her op-ed’s from when she was just a city council woman….HA..She doesn’t disclose that she is a council member for one, and she goes off on the media.
    “You and your yellow liberal rag”…heh.

  60. alle says:

    Sarah Palin will be an excellent candidate for President! I just hope there will be an America still in existence after the Marxists do their damage. The Republican Party DOES have numerous excellent diplomats and Sarah Palin is one of them!!!!! The sorry ass liberals hate Sarah Palin and will slander her whenever they have a chance. The Leftists genuinely want to ruin this nation.

  61. Jay says:

    According to Drudge Sarah Palin will be on Hannity tonight at 9 EST. Ok Hannity just verified it on his show.

  62. Jay says:

    Jeff said:

    “She just does not have enough experience and enough appeal to the majority to be taken seriously at this point in time.”

    So this makes Barry seriously unqualified since she has way more experience than he.

    And we know she was born in the US.

  63. Gary in Midwest says:

    Whether she runs as a Republican or an Independent I would vote for her over the RINO lot.

  64. Fred says:

    She’s got my vote too, Beverly. I knew exactly what was happening right after her nomination. In fact, on the very night she accepted publicly I told my wife that the Left hates her like they hate no other and to expect them to get really down and dirty.

    They did.

    I was right.

    And now I hope they’ve shot their load and she counterattacks in a manner that blows them away.

  65. Fred says:

    Plus she eats what she hunts. I love that woman!

    Now, Sarah, it’s time to start eating liberals/Leftists after you shoot them in the head.

  66. uclimbit says:

    It’s great to be motivated and excited for all the right reasons. I’m in! Palin infused the party with an energy not seen in decades. The media onslaught taught all of us how wicked the left is. This time around WE need to incorporate the rules for radicals with the same fury that was unleashed on the Republican party.
    P.S. Everyone got their COLB? Palin does…

  67. DC in StL says:

    All things good will be attacked.

    We gotta fight to protect our values – and our leaders.
    Palin is our Audie Murphy.

    She’s a tough, but can’t do it alone. Every Palin rally had teams of liberal douche bags doing their best to sabotage.

    (No offense meant to douche bags)

    We understand the challenge and must offensively render their assault ineffective. If we don’t provide cover for our leaders they will eventually be cut down by repetitive pathetic assaults.

    That’s were I come in – that’s were we come in. Confront lies with the truth – not with contempt, but with courage then look around – you’d be amazed how contagious courage is.

    And if you don’t win every battle, you keep your boots on, learn, evolve, prepare, and you give em hell again.

    And we take our nation back.

    Any of you guys close to St Louis?

  68. lastconservativeblackmanonearth says:

    OK: this is where the libs argument fall apart. They claim conservatives need ‘new blood’–so they can immediately and easily excoriate that person as ‘inexperienced’–while likewise claiming that the ‘experienced’ person is ‘out of touch’.

    They get away with this shell-game for one reason only–the mainstream media.

    … fight an enemy on his terms or turf … and you lose.

    By the way, I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that McCain won’t support her candidacy … he’ll pull a ‘Colin Powell’ and support O’bumma.

    … any takers?

  69. tahDeetz says:

    You givin’ a spread on that bet?

    I have a feeling plenty of RINOs in congress may have Stockholm syndrome in 12. Its a possibility we must entertain & work to counter if it happens.

    As for Jeff,

    “a poor choice as McCain’s running mate and she played a big role in his defeat.”

    Palin brought out the crowds & kept the race from being a complete landslide. Palin was the best thing McCain did for himself. As a Georgian, I know for an irrefutable fact, Palin saved Saxby’s political arse.

    Your assertion is only designed marginalize the conservative movement & those that speak bravely to promote it.

    Your Delphi is showing. I must give it you, your at least not a hyperventilating, Halliburton-boogeyman type. Kudos on the restraint.

    “She was not prepared for the roll and it showed. Her gaffes overshadowed what McCain was doing”

    What was the timeframe she had to prepare as opposed to Biden, whom she eviscerated in the VP debate. Biden has been running for President for damn near his whole life.

    Couric’s staff is really good @ editing the journo gotcha moment as opposed to the uhhs, errrrs, uhhhs, breathalyzer whenever the one gets off TOTUS. The monumental gaffes Obama made will eventually been seen as just that, in the long view of history.

    Aint digitization great?

    “She just does not have enough experience and enough appeal to the majority to be taken seriously at this point in time. She should focus on running Alaska and doing good things up there.”

    Check Alaska’s budget.

    Palin had a higher security clearance than the other 3 candidates during the election. She daily receives security breifings based on Alaska’s proximity to Russia & the NORKs. If I’m not mistaken, hers is the largest missile defense battery in the country.

    “The GOP needs someone new”

    Palin is new on the scene, FYI.

    How’s that new laptop holding up, Jeff?

    Damn, I shoulda been a lawyer.

  70. The Colonel says:

    Jeff, you are a turd burgler for being duped by the media into thinking that Palin is an idiot.

    “She was a poor choice as McCain’s running mate and she played a big role in his defeat.”

    Oh really, Numbnuts? If McCain had picked Lieberman or Graham or even Pawlenty, it would have been at least a 49 state landslide. Go back and read about how conservatives were energized after she was picked has his running mate. Look at the ratings for her acceptance speech and her debate with Biden. Better yet, look at the crowds she drew at campaign stops. She had (still has) a profound positive effect on conservatives and even got some respect from moderates and liberals (read about what Lorne Michaels said about her after her SNL appearance).

    McCain lost the election because he was a “moderate” and was trying to out-Obama Obama and the democrats. People like McCain are a cancer to the GOP and must be removed.

    Oh by the way, you’re a twat!

  71. The Colonel says:

    Landslide as in for Obama…

  72. eddiep says:

    Hmmmm. Where do I start? Well lets look at experience first.

    Seems everyone has overlooked that Sarah Palin as Governor Palin absolutely cleaned house up in Alaska.

    She blew thru not only the corrupt opposition but blasted thru the corrupt entrenched AK GOPers like a .50 cal API bullet !

    I dont know about you but that impresses the heck out of me.

    Then there seems to be this mentality that she was some ultra conservative hick who wobbled her way into the Governors office and then got blindsided by the media. She is no idiot but she did get blindsided by the media and it would have happened regardless even if she had all the right awnsers.

    Because the media was scared completely shitless of her and for good reason. If she was VP and turned loose on all the corrupt motherfuckers in the beltway there would have been a massive political body count ! So they went after her with everything they had and most of it was a pile of rediculus superficial crap anyway. Her wardrobe? Who gives a shit.

    Somebody else pointed out that Reagan got beat with the ugly stick in 76 and he wasnt even going to run in 80 he had to be convinced. He ran and he was inclusive to the Independents and disgruntled Democrats and he beat the snot out of that commie peanut farmer in 80.

    No way should Palin throw in the towel or take an extended powder her political career is just starting on the national level. Only a couple of the 2012 horses are even out of the chute and people are already branding her a looser? She saived Mc Cains ass big time. I am curious what dimensionn Jeff was watching the last election from the glass is half empty dimension?

    Case in point look at Prime Minister Thacher. She went from the lower ranks of British politics where she bounced around for nearly two decades and all of a sudden BAM ! She went for it and got elected PM.

    ” Four years later, she backed Keith Joseph in his bid to become Conservative party leader, but he was forced to drop out of the election; Thatcher felt that Heath’s government had lost direction, so she entered the contest herself and became leader of the Conservative party in 1975. As the Conservative party maintained leads in most polls, Thatcher went on to become Britain’s Prime Minister in the 1979 general election. ”

    Palin is capable of doing the same thing. And that is what scares the shit out of these commies in the Democrat party and the Lib Drive By media. And gets elected there would be no mercy on Bwarney Fwanks, Abscam Murtha, Nosehair Waxman, Queen Pelosi, Dingy Harry and the rest of the criminally corrupt Demonrat hacks.

    Nor should there be they have basically ruined the US economy starting with their taking control of Congress in 2006. And are in the process of turning the US into a pusedo European Socalist state where the Federal government’s rights come first and yours are headed to the ash heap of history.

    Sure Palin has a few faults but they sure ain’t in the political ideology department ! Thats for sure ! She is the real deal as far as being a conservative is concerned thats a fact folks. And whatever she did wrong in 08 she aint gonna do again in 12 this is a person who dosent make the same mistake twice you can rest assured on that one.

    So why dont we all relax and take a breath and calm down the race is years away and as far as I am concerned the more GOP contenders that run, the richer our party is. Let the forces of Political Natural Selection do the work. With the lesson of RINO Mc Cain fresh in our minds I am sure we will get a true conservative this time around.

    Thanks and keep the faith rest assured we will kick the crap out of them the next go around !

  73. Cotton B says:

    Could I enlist the help of some of you fine individuals?
    It seems Davis Letterman last night referred to Governor Palin as a “slutty flight attendant”…He also said her 14 year old daughter Willow was “knocked up” . SHE’S 14 YEARS OLD!!! :evil:
    When is it OK for some old, dirty, liberal piece of shit like Letterman to insult and disrespect (using sexual references) against conservative women and their children? This is in line with the Playboy deal the other day…Simulated raping of conservative women with their words…Liberals are drunk with power, and are searching for dominance.
    Please help us send in some feedback to this toilet scum:
    Choose “The Late Show with David Letterman” and don’t be nice…
    I Thank you!

  74. Cotton B says:

    er…That would be David not Davis”…damn s is next to the d

  75. DC in StL says:

    Cotton B,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Always glad to rattle a lib.


  76. Joann says:


  77. dilly says:

    lets be honest she’s popular cuz she has nice dick sucking lips

  78. Specter says:

    Clearly your a faggot ass lib.

    Fuck you you fucking shit bag.

  79. Fred says:

    The latest episodes involving ad hominem attacks on Sarah Palin and her family by libtards shows just how much fear she incites in them. And they are terrified of this woman, which is why they are frantically trying to destroy her. The entire MSM is into the act. I have no doubt in my mind that George Soros’ media 527′s are spreading the cash around to “get it done.”

    Well, I have something to say about George Soros. I would consider it the crowning achievement of one of my scoped rifles if I was privileged to be the one to put a bullet in his brain. And for good measure, do it to his heirs as well. So that, as Magwa stated it in “The Last of the Mohicans” his seed is wiped out forever.

  80. Cotton B says:

    I’d buy the bullet.
    You’re right about Soros, and the media. The media (Joe Kline via Brian Williams) declared war on her immediately following her RNC speech. They never stopped, not to mention Soros funds most of the top journalism schools in America. I’ve researched it extensively, and lo and behold his OSI groups are all over most of the garbage thrown at her. The ethics complaint over the wardrobe BS was filed by his group called CREW. BTW the head of that group became Obama’s top “Ethics” adviser after he took office in his administration. Can you say “Pay for Play”…Shocking as it may be, nobody in the media wanted to cover that little bit of info.

  81. unkaglen says:

    Quit letting MSLSD tell you how,when,and what to think.

  82. IRONMIKE says:

    Just submitted this:

    I have enjoyed “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor” for years but I will never watch CBS again unless David Letterman is censured and appologizes for his comments regarding Sarah Palin. His comments are mean spirited and completely lacking in humor. If he is not censured and if he does not appologize, and appologize sincerely with CBS advertising the show wherein he does so, I will only watch CBS long enough to make a list of sponsors which I will write to inform of a boycott unless they remove their sponsorship. I am a member of ACCDF and I have many likeminded friends across the US who will join the boycott.

  83. Breeze says:

    What’s this cocksucker doing on here?

  84. D. W. Plezia says:

    I’d think Sarah should have let Todd go to the Letermen show. To kick the shit out of that gap tooth faggot.

    Who is he to insult the kid when he knocked up some tramp, bred a bastard and then married said tramp after 15 or so years. He’s got real experience.

    Slowtrot :gun:

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