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Don’t even think of getting back on that show until your maintenance is done, Mr. Dollard Almost there folks, including the new ACTIVE site, a replacement for the politically-terminated PayPal system, and more. See you tomorrow, and thanks to Jennifer of Dreamweaver for the grinding away like no other to get it all done like [...]

Hello all. As you may have noticed, the past two weeks have been difficult for Pat, Grey, and I here on the site. We have been the target of a series of attacks on the webfront, and as you probably have already seen, and even on a financial front as well. The cyber attacks consist [...]

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Who Can? The Government Can!
Teen Who Cries Blood Has Doctors Stumped

Embedded video from CNN Video

Fibbs Uses Term “War On Terror,” Blames Bush Again For Trouble In Afghanistan
<b>Bad Idea:</b> Fibbs Slams Cheney’s Foreign Policy Expertise

Remember that time Cheney shot that guy in the face? Yeah…

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Beck Says His ‘Oligarh’ Misspelling Proves ‘You Can’t Spell Oligarch Without the Czars’
Skydiver’s Chute Malfunction Causes 10,000 Foot Plummet Onto Metal Roof

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<b>America’s Awakening:</b> Pastor On How To Combat American Tyranny

NY Daily News: A Floridian biology teacher fired after posing for racy pictures has landed a new career – in pornography. Tiffany Shepherd, 31, made headlines in April after bikini-clad pictures of her on a fishing charter got her canned from Port St. Lucie High School. She turned to doing porn, she told a Florida [...]

Syracuse Weatherman From WSYR-TV Getting Stung By A Bee During A Live Broadcast Outside.

Freedom’sLighthouse: .

IBD Editorials: North Korean arms bound for the Islamic Republic of Iran in violation of U.N. sanctions were intercepted, but Tehran will still be the first nuclear terror regime. No wonder Dick Cheney wanted to attack. The United Arab Emirates’ seizure of a French-owned ship transporting 10 containers of North Korean-made explosives, rocket-launched grenades and [...]

CQ Politics: Citing the current economic recession — and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks eight years ago — President Obama says he will use emergency powers to cut the programmed across-the-board January increase in federal employees’ pay from 2.4 percent to 2.0 percent, according to a letter he sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., [...]

Another Loser Dimukrat… Carol Shea-Porter Health Care Town Hall

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) finally faces her constituents on at a health care town hall on August 29, 2009. The event was held in a small, but heavily guarded conference room at the Norris Cotton Federal Building in Manchester, NH. Many of her constituents were turned away from the event due to the space limitations [...]

MIANPOSHTEH, Afghanistan — For seven hours, the Marine sniper team waited, crouching behind a concrete block in a dusty courtyard, at the edge of an adobe compound. They were pretty sure that a group of local Taliban militants was on the other side of the compound wall. But the snipers couldn’t strike until they had [...]

Caracas - AFP - Venezuela’s top prosecutor said Saturday that recent street protests were legally tantamount to “rebellion” against President Hugo Chavez’s government and that demonstrators will now be charged. The dramatic move by Attorney General Luisa Ortega capped a week of huge street protests, mostly directed against a new education law that critics say [...]

. WashingtonExaminer: By: Mark Tapscott Want to understand why 2009 has witnessed the eruption of Tea Party and Town Hall protests of unprecedented intensity? Look no further than Rep. Charles Rangel, the New York Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law for the rest of us. A [...]

The is from an email I received via TheVulgarTruth: Interesting how goverment programs start with great promises and strict restrictions,both of which get nibbled away (of course for the good of the country,not for the politicians). Aren’t you glad the healthcare reform bill will have ironclad restrictions? ALL AMERICANS SHOULD KNOW THESE TRUTHFUL FACTS: Our [...]

Washington - AFP - Massachusetts will decide in early September whether to appoint a temporary successor to Edward Kennedy as US lawmakers gear up for fierce debates on key legislation, officials said Monday. “Within a week after Labor Day there will be a hearing… so in early September,” Meghan Bartley, legislative aide of the state’s [...]

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan’s next leader Yukio Hatoyama, fresh from a historic election win, faced the task on Monday of forming a government to tackle challenges such as reviving the economy and steering a new course with close ally Washington. Sunday’s victory by the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) ends a half-century of almost unbroken [...]
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