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September 5th, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.


What Obama Will Say In His Health Care Congressional Address


Obama plans to reach out to Republicans and reassure — rather than confront — his liberal supporters when he addresses an extraordinary joint session of Congress at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday.

But he will warn lawmakers against seeking a perfect plan and then winding up doing nothing, as happened to the last Democratic president back in 1994.

The high-stake speech makes sense because Obama is such a gifted orator. But it is also risky because if poll numbers on health-care reform don’t improve after he speaks, it will be clear that the problem isn’t in the packaging, but in the proposal itself.

The contents of the speech were still being debated over the weekend. But here is what POLTIICO gleaned from conversations with top aides:

1) Obama will lay out a specific “President’s Plan,” even if he doesn’t call it that. He will make clear what’s on the table, and what he thinks warrants further debate, such as how to pay for the overhaul.

2) He will not confront or scold the left. “This is a case for bold action, not a stick in the eye to our supporters,” said an official involved in speech preparation. “That’s not how President Obama thinks. The politics of triangulation don’t live in this White House.”

3) He will make an overture to Republicans. “He will lay out his vision for health reform – taking the best ideas from both parties, make the case for why as a nation we must act now, and dispel the myths and confusion that are affecting public opinion,” the aide said.

4) He will make it clear that it’s better to get something done than nothing done. White House aides are reminding fellow Democrats that the party lost Congress in 1994 by failing to do any health reforms at all after Congress balked at the original plan by President Bill Clinton. “The lesson of 1994 is not that tackling health reform is politically perilous. It’s that failing to act could be devastating,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House deputy communications director.

5) Obama will try to reassure the left about his commitment to a public option, or government insurance plan. Aides said they are rethinking what he will say about this. He wants to thread the needle of voicing support for a public option, without promising to kill health reform to get it. But liberal congressional leaders were unyielding in their support for it on a conference call he held from Camp David yesterday, and he’s going to meet with them at the White House early next week.

The White House line has been: “We have been saying all along that the most important part of this debate is not the public option, but rather ensuring choice and competition. There are lots of different ways to get there.” But now he’s going to step on the gas a little harder. One top official gave this formulation: “He has consistently said that he thinks the public option is an important way to make sure that there is both cost and competition control. He’s also said consistently that if someone can show him a better way or another way to get there, he’d be happy to look at it. But he’s never committed to going with another way. He’s always said he’d be happy to look at any proposal that gets to these goals, but that he thinks this is probably the best better way to do it.”

The speech was very much in flux over the weekend, because key decisions are being hashed out. Even the length is not yet set.

“He has not made any final decisions about the ultimate form of his package,” said a top official guiding speech preparation. “Anyone that tells you that he has is misinformed or extrapolating from conversations. He’s going to talk to a lot of people between now and next Wednesday. The president is in the process of deciding what his ultimate proposal will look like.”

Also undecided: whether to follow up with nitty-gritty legislative language. “He has not made decisions about how he’s going to move this thing forward,” said a top West Wing aide.

Obama’s speechwriters were on the West Coast over the weekend for the wedding of Ben Rhodes, the deputy director of speechwriting. So the West Wing is coordinating the speech over a three-hour time difference.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, the leaders of the four liberal House caucuses will meet Obama at the White House. The meeting pledge came a day after progressives urged him in a letter to stand firmly behind the public insurance option.

Obama spoke by phone Friday with the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

“Caucus leaders expressed absolute commitment to the idea of a robust public option, and said they expect it to be part of any health care reform legislation,” the groups said in a statement. “The president listened, asked many questions, and suggested that the dialogue should continue.”

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    24 Responses to “The Escaping Gasses Of Human Sewage

    1. RexRedbone

      Hey Joker what don`t you understand about NO! :gun: :gun: :gun:

    2. Obama needs to understand something - selling the Congress ain’t gonna do it on healthcare. They shove a bill through, down our throats, we’ll rip the fucker up and burn it. It will then be time to enlist EVERY SINGLE STATE to pass a State Law rejecting any form of Federal Healthcare intervention within the state’s borders.

    3. Lone Wolf

      The DemocRats were kicked out in ‘94 because they tried to screw up our health care, they passed the ‘assault weapons’ ban, and they were obviously corrupt. It certainly was *not* because they -failed- to deliver health care reform, no matter how much wishful thinking there is in the White House. These people are a catastrophe in the making. Who knows what else they have been doing behind the scenes to implement Cloward-Piven.

    4. copperpeony

      Blah blah blah…he will never get it. All those pages with inocuous little attachments that will put him in control and us at his mercy.

      Hello? We don’t want it, we won’t accept it. Period.

    5. I know I should probably read all of this before I say anything… but I just can’t do it. I don’t care what that psychotic sub-human Racist Marxist Animal intends to say.

      I’m going to go to this “912″ rally next Saturday. I want to see for myself (up close and personal) not only those real Americans who are (or should be) with us… but also those legions of goon-squad federally-funded ACORN, SEIU Fascists who, no doubt, will also be there.

      It’s time people to stand up publicly for your Liberty, that’s all I have to say.

      • copperpeony

        Thank you..I will be with you in spirit. Lived in DC for 5 yrs and now am in god-forsaken WA state with no way to go but I’m busy doing my part in other ways.

        We need to keep the pressure up till next election and get all those idiots out of office. Good luck and be safe.

    6. Bob

      I say no to whatever he says. Most likely he is going to be lying anyway.

    7. ip727

      Stand by to grab your akles, this marxist peckerwood will hvae his henchmen cram this sucker down our throats comne hell or high water.It’s a down deal and the rinos will help him.

    8. tlk

      Fuck you fucking fuck Obama!!! We don’t give a fuck what you say! Go fuck yourself you fucking cock sucking - cornholing - faggot fuck!

    9. Ace

      If he does this, the NeoProgs will eat him for lunch.

    10. Cridhe Saorsa

      That sharp pain you feel in yout back is his knife slipping between your ribs…

    11. tlk,

      You musr have read Larry Sinclair’s docuementary on the fudge packer/sausage puffer in chief….lol….

      If this book is not the truth, then why doesn’t obama sue for libel?
      by Jenny333

      Reader Rating:
      See Detailed Ratings

      September 04, 2009: So Obama already had the opportunity to sue for slander after Larry Sinclair’s presser in June. But his campaign contacted the Delaware Attorney General (Joe Biden’s son) and Joe Biden’s son had Larry Sinclair arrested for 2 days on trumped up charges. They had to release him. Shortly after, obama names Joe Biden his Vice President. Instead of doing the above the board thing - taking it to court - obama and his thugs take it underground and exchange favors. People do not know this because the media didn’t even report Larry Sinclair’s presser in DC in June, 2008. Now Obama has the opportunity to sue for LIBEL and obviously it won’t happen because what Larry has documented is the TRUTH.

      • DesignR

        Sinclair has been on Pat’s JKH.

        He is no ‘middle class’ role model (by almost any measure). But, he sounds very credible and I am thankful for his honesty and determination.

    12. In one conversation, Donald informed me that “Barack had engaged in anal intercourse,” with Donald penetrating Barack Obama on several occasions during the relationship……..

      The relationship being one where Barack and Donald engaged in “pitching” and “catching.”……..

    13. I don’t blame Obama…he is a product of what the voter has allowed to happen. Congress on the other hand….continues to ignore the demand of the voter. Do they wish a revolution? Do they not think we will ‘go there’? The reason opposition has appeared is quite simple….lack of trust. Thats all nothing more ….nothing less. Continue down the road of shoving through wat the voters don’t want… will get revolution. The military will also revolt…by simply staying in barracks. Yep the word is already out….. push it and see what happens.

      You have violated the trust Congress and Executive branch…the most heinous of acts…violating the trust.

    14. DesignR

      He’ll ask for ideas from us…

      OK. Here’s my ideas for Obama: Stop everything you are doing and trying. Then resign.
      That’s change I can believe in.

      People can smell an excrement sandwich. No matter what the promised toppings are, no normal human would eat one once shown what is inside. I pray Obama will go down in political flames because of this.

      • copperpeony

        Thats the only way he’ll go. He won’t resign and if Orly Taitz’s kenyan BC has any teeth, he can’t be impeached. Arrested yes.

        This country will see a huge eruption of violence like protests in Honduras and we will be living in constant fear of some “zombie” stabbing, shooting and ransacking our homes in retribution.

        Whichever way, it won’t be pretty. I think he is preparing for this in the far recesses of his mind and thats why we need an audit of the money’s being funneled out of this country. He can live like a king in any communist or islamic country of his choosing with the funds.

        Hope he takes his corrupt cohorts with him.

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