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Mar 2, 2010 9 Comments ›› Erik Wong

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Thanks, as ususal to Feed Your ADHD for the weekly contribution:

So … Congresscriminal Charlie Rangel had his lawyer blast the House ethics panel last week for being “wrong on the facts and unsupported by the law,” eh? He didn’t know about the corporate financing, eh? It’s not “good” that Rangel’s been admonished, but The Wicked Witch of Congress says “it’s not jeopardizing our country in any way,” eh?

So, how come there are photos of good ole Charlie at a corporate event during one of the junkets … and photos of corporate signs all around his lying ass?

From Peter Flaherty, the guy who gave the ethics committee the goods on Rangel:

The admonishment last week of House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) was based in part on photos, audio recordings and other materials that I provided the Ethics Committee from the 2008 St. Maarten junket. Rangel still claims, however, that he did not know of the corporate involvement. I went back today and found this photo. I did not provide it to the Ethics Committee because I never imagined that Rangel would make such a claim. This photo is more proof that Rangel’s protestation of ignorance is simply not plausible.

Go here to see the rest of the images. (Captions below are from Flaherty.)


Here’s another photo that shows the gentleman above in the blue jacket is Rangel. In both photos, to his right is former New York mayor David Dinkins. To his left is Carl McCall, the former Comptroller New York state.


Corporate sponsorship is manifested in three ways. First, corporate logos appear on the sign on the podium. Here’s a closer look at the sign.


Corporate logos were rotated on the projection screen, both individually and all at once.


GOTCHA! I wonder what Charlie’s story will be now.