Ministry Of Propaganda Issues New York Times Attack On Arizona’s New Immigration Bill

April 18th, 2010 Posted By Pat Dollard.

New York Times:

The Arizona Legislature has just stepped off the deep end of the immigration debate, passing a harsh and mean-spirited bill that would do little to stop illegal immigration. What it would do is lead to more racial profiling, hobble local law enforcement, and open government agencies to frivolous, politically driven lawsuits.
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The bill is a grab bag of measures to enlist law enforcement and government at every level to expose and expel the undocumented. Opponents say it verges on a police state, which sounds overblown until you read it.

It would make not having immigration documents a new state misdemeanor, and allow officers to arrest anyone who could not immediately prove they were here legally. That means if you are brown-skinned and leave home without a wallet, you are in trouble.

Police agencies that believe overly tough enforcement tactics are undercutting their ability to fight crime would have to crack down anyway. The bill would require police officers who have “reasonable suspicion” about someone’s immigration status to demand to see documents. And it would empower anyone to sue any state agency or official or any county, city or town that he or she believes is not fully enforcing immigration law.

The bill, passed by Arizona’s Republican-controlled House on a party-line vote, has already passed the state Senate and will soon be before Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican. She has not said whether she will sign it.

Immigrant advocates and civil-rights lawyers are appalled, and so are police chiefs and sheriffs who say the bill is an assault on public safety, since it would force newly criminalized immigrants to fear and shun the police. It would divert law enforcement resources away from chasing violent offenders, and toward an all-out assault on the mostly harmless undocumented, with the innocent as collateral damage.

It is now up to Governor Brewer to do what is best for her state: she should refuse to sign. If this dangerous experiment becomes law, Washington can still end it by refusing to cooperate, cutting off access to immigration records. Either way, it should cancel programs that enlist state and local law enforcement in the indiscriminate hunt for the undocumented.

The Arizona bill is another reminder why the administration needs to push for real immigration reform. The failure to address it nationally has left the field wide open for this outrage, and we fear more to come.

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12 Responses to “Ministry Of Propaganda Issues New York Times Attack On Arizona’s New Immigration Bill”

  1. Julie Weathers

    Obviously, the same old, same old isn’t working or we wouldn’t have ranchers being murdered on their own land.

    Once they are over here, they have a child. The child is automatically a citizen, which then makes the parents eligible for all the welfare programs, illegal or not.

    We have a lot of drug trafficking here from Mexico. This area is a hub for distribution.

    Something most people don’t mention is this open border is also an open invitation to terrorists. Several ranchers report cut fences, butchered cattle, vandalized property and, oddly enough, prayer rugs found in camps that were hastily abandoned for one reason or another. Since when did Mexicans start using prayer rugs?

    One of the first things we need to do is stop this happy horse crap about a baby being an automatic citizen just because it’s born here. I worked in a large warehouse and was amazed last year to listen to the wheeling and dealing for social security numbers. The illegals don’t file income tax. Residents find the illegals, claim the child as their dependent to get more refund and then split the added refund with the illegals. Considering many of these families have a boatload of children, that’s a considerable amount of illegal tax refunds.

    Stop making the kids automatic citizens with automatic free welfare we pay for and that will go a long way to making it less attractive to be here illegally.

    • aceofwands

      Better to abolish Welfare all together.

      Considering our national debt equals the exact $$$$ we have spent on welfare since POS/LBJ signed it into law…speaks volumes.

    • aceofwands

      Sorry…should read…


  2. the friendly grizzly

    End welfare, and end the convoluted system of deductions and (alleged) “earned” (alleged) “income” tax credits (translation: wealth transfers).

  3. WWTD

    doesn’t phoenix have the 2nd highest kidnapping rate in the world behind mexico?

    Time for more tents in sheriff joe land.

  4. PatriotofPast

    ” toward an all-out assault on the mostly harmless undocumented, with the innocent as collateral damage

    Harmless? Innocent?… What planet do these people live on? Sheriff Arpio knows what is going on, maybe he should be running Homeland Security.
    Harmless, Innocent… Tell that to the family of Bob Krentz, I’m sure they will tell you different.

  5. Tyler520

    What these people fail to realize is that THERE ARE ALREADY LAWS ON THE BOOKS DECLARING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TO BE A CRIMINAL OFFENSE! Thusly the use of law enforcement is legal, just, and NECESSARY.

  6. doubletap

    This NY Times piece is despicable. No other state has suffered the way AZ has from the invasion of illegals over its territory. It’s good to see a state finally upholding the laws that Washington has been trying to get them to ignore.

  7. Overrun with illegals

    ALL illegals AND their anchor babies need to be DEPORTED! We already have laws ENFORCE THEM! Close the border up by using the National Guard & or other Military branches! We are allowing our sellout politicians to give away OUR country! I hope Gov. Jan Brewer has the balls to sign this bill!!

  8. falconfixer

    Aztlan rising.

  9. TerryTate

    To the New York Times:

    You don’t live here in Arizona.

    You don’t have to put up with the crap that is being brought by illegal aliens invading this state.

    You sit in your ivory tower and tell us how things are supposed to be without knowing how things really are because it doesn’t affect you.

    So fuck off and go fuck yourself.

    Your opinion doesn’t mean jack shit.

    Thank God for the fact that we are not governed by those of you living 3,000 miles away.

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