White House And Ministry Of Propaganda Cover-Up Gay Protest Against Obama

April 20th, 2010 Posted By Pat Dollard.


Ben Smithe In Politico:

Police chased reporters away from the White House and closed Lafayette Park today in response to a gay rights protest in which several service members in full uniform handcuffed themselves to the White House gate to protest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

People who have covered the White House for years tell me that’s an extremely unusual thing to do in an area that regularly features protests.

A reporter can be seen in the YouTube video above calling the move “outrageous” and “ridiculous.”

Andrew Breitbart today on Twitter:

Rachel Maddow’s PutUpOrShutUp Moment: Will LGBT Postergal stand up to Obama over media shut out of gay rights protest? http://bit.ly/aqTejV

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    10 Responses to “White House And Ministry Of Propaganda Cover-Up Gay Protest Against Obama”

    1. Medaton

      Maybe the gays finally realized that Obama was a Muslim and they know what Muslims do to gays!

    2. colt.45

      oh well. what can you do.

    3. The Sentinel at the Gate

      I’d be more impressed if they chained themselves to a moving train.

    4. Mr. Standfast

      Yeah, welcome to the land of the free. Time’s up.

    5. Hawkerdriver (Pisson the Koran)

      They finnaly get one of their own in the WH and they STILL arn’t happy.What to do with these bitches! :roll:

    6. YERMOM

      they should have refused.

      they would have probably won a Pulitzer if they had gotten arrested.

    7. John H

      They just didn’t want them getting pics of Rham getting phone numbers.

    8. Tim Roesch - pseudo intellectual

      It might be appropriate to get names and badge numbers and remind the police of their oaths; just to keep them honest…

    9. George

      Let’s see… if George Bush had done this, imagine the agonized shrieks rising in the Washington air. But Obama’s lickspittles won’t say squat. Miss me yet?

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