Manhunt For Cop Who Murdered Unarmed Iraq Vet

June 12th, 2010 Posted By Pat Dollard.


WASHINGTON - Police in Baltimore, MD are conducting a manhunt looking for one of their own Saturday night. An arrest warrant has been issued for Officer Gahiji A. Tshamba for last week’s murder of an unarmed marine outside a Baltimore nightclub.

Thirty-two year-old Tyrone Brown who had served two tours of duty in Iraq was shot 13 times at close range after approaching and making advances towards a woman who was with the off duty officer. Witnesses say that an altercation began and the fight turned physical, that is when Tshamba allegedly pulled out his service weapon and opened fire according to Baltimore Police Officer, Anthony Gugliemlmi.

Officers from the Warrant Apprehension Task Force have been looking for Tshamba since the arrest warrant was issued Friday by State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy. Tshamba will face first degree murder charges as well as charges for use of a firearm in commission of a crime of violence once apprehended. Detectives believe Tshamba is on the run and may have possibly left the city of Baltimore.

Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld commended the BPD Homicide Section for their swift work on the case.

“The Baltimore Police Department is committed to holding itself accountable to the citizens Baltimore,” said Bealefeld. “The men and women of the Baltimore Police Department protect and serve our City with the highest integrity. The allegations against Gahiji Tshamba in this incident are an aberration and affront to us all.”

If you have an information on the whereaboutas of Officer Tsamba, please contact Baltimore Police at toll free number, 1-866-7-LOCKUP

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    9 Responses to “Manhunt For Cop Who Murdered Unarmed Iraq Vet”

    1. mike3481

      Update :arrow:

      Tyrone Brown, a former Marine from Baltimore was shot and killed senselessly by an off-duty Baltimore police officer Gahiji A. Tshamba. According to the Baltimore Sun, Brown, his sister, Chantay Kangalee, and her friend were out taking in the club scene early Saturday morning. He allegedly glanced at a woman in an alley off East Eager Street, put his hands on her rear. Her companion, Officer Tshamba, got into an argument and a physical confrontation with Tyrone Brown after they left the club Eden’s Lounge, according to the Baltimore Sun. What happened after he reportedly apologized and tried to walk away is unspeakable. Officer Tshamba, who is black, fired at Brown 13 times from his department-issued Glock handgun.

      Brown, struck at 1:30 a.m. by six bullets in the chest and groin, fell to the pavement and died 45 minutes later at Maryland Shock Trauma Center. The shooting by Gahiji A. Tshamba, a 15-year veteran of the city police force, has left his commanders publicly questioning whether the Eastern District patrol officer legitimately thought his life was in danger before firing. Source

      The officer’s actions seems excessive and one has to wonder if his judgment was impaired by alcohol. He could have easily verbally assailed Tyrone Brown for allegedly groping the woman, but to fire so many shots is just reprehensible and was not done in self-defense because the deceased was unarmed.

      UPDATE#1: It seems that Officer Tshamba has had another alcohol-related shooting. Here’s an excerpt from the Baltimore Sun:

      The 2005 incident occurred at night as Tshamba was leaving a Baltimore bar or restaurant. He did not know the precise location. A group of white men confronted the off-duty officer, who is black, and began shouting racial slurs. At least one man threw a bottle at Tshamba’s car, Guglielmi said. At some point, the men struck Tshamba’s car with their car and began advancing toward the officer. Guglielmi said Tshamba then identified himself as a police officer and drew his weapon; when the men continued to advance, he shot one of them in the foot. The injury was not life-threatening, and Guglielmi said he was not certain whether more than one shot was fired. Prosecutors and investigators determined that the shooting was justified because Tshamba was being threatened, and no criminal charges were filed, Guglielmi said. However, an internal sanction was entered against Tshamba in his personnel file because he had been drinking.

      UPDATE#2: It seems that Officer Tshamba is missing. According to the Baltimore Sun, an arrest warrant has been issued for the officer, charging him with first degree murder in the death of Tyrone Brown. As of Friday, his whereabouts were unknown.

    2. mike3481

      PS - I found the above while searching to see if the shooter was a Muzzie.

      • Bobby E.

        Name looks Muzzie to me. When is the rest of this country going to wake up?

      • Many of these big city police departments are full of muslims…here in Indy the local mosques look like Fraternal Order of Police conventions. It is a problem that receives little attention but needs to be addressed.

    3. richwill

      Shoot the N…. on sight.

    4. They should check flights to Pakistan. That seems to be where the howling headbanging moonworshippers like to flee.

    5. ROF

      Listen to Conflict Resolution and Pourin’ Rain. Some badass fucking music.

    6. David

      This is a link to the local radio/tv station with more links at the bottom to earlier articles. There is a lot of blogging at the end of each article. My best guess is that this is fairly accurate information on this matter.

    7. Bob USMC

      I’m in the Baltimore/D.C. area and this cop is now in custody and is being held without bond.

      The area this happened in is Mt Vernon, the gay area of town, although neither the cop nor the former Marine were gay.

      This cop has had several episodes way before this one, wrapping his car around a tree when driving drunk w/o insurance, expired registration, and two other shootings.

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