2 Responses to “Obama Calls Sherrod To Apologize For Something He Tells Us He Didn’t Do

  1. Cold Soldier

    What I am not seeing in this rush to apologize and beg forgiveness from this negro is any accountability for her statements.
    All I hear is “that was 20 years ago” and asking for people to look at the “end result” (the fact that in the end she “helped’ them).
    Had this person been white would we hear the same outcry for forgiveness and reconciliation?
    I think you know what the result would be had the person been white. They would still be making the media circut apologizing, and begging the black community to forgive them, followed by a complete congressional investigation into the “racially biased” practices of the USDA :roll:

  2. Bobby E

    Obama … still kissin ass instead of kickin ass.

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