Bush Won’t Comment On Ground Zero Mosque

August 17th, 2010 (12) Posted By Pat Dollard.


The Hill:

The man who was president during the 9/11 attacks won’t be sharing his views on the Ground Zero mosque proposal.

Several Republican leaders have denounced plans for an Islamic cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.

But a spokesman for former President George W. Bush told AOL News that Bush would not comment on the matter.

Now that it has become a full-scale national controversy and campaign issue — with President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and dozens of Republican candidates across the country in 2010 weighing in — Bush’s silence on the plans could become deafening the longer the debate wears on.

An endorsement of the plans from the former president, who took pains to separate Islam and terror in the wake of 9/11, would no doubt complicate the current Republican offensive over the project.

And more Democratic candidates are starting to come out against the plans. Along with Reid, New York Reps. Michael Arcuri (D) and Mike McMahon (D) denounced the proposal Monday.

In a speech just days after the 9/11 attacks, Bush described Islam as “a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world” and declared, “Islam is peace.”

Some of the president’s former aides have expressed concern over the GOP’s rhetoric in opposition to the mosque, including former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, who endorsed Obama’s position on the mosque in a Washington Post op-ed.

“How precisely is our cause served by treating the construction of a non-radical mosque in Lower Manhattan as the functional equivalent of defiling a grave?” Gerson wrote. “It assumes a civilizational conflict instead of defusing it.”

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    12 Responses to “Bush Won’t Comment On Ground Zero Mosque

    1. GRIZZ

      We already know his views
      “islum is a religom of peace”

    2. political.fish

      When I speak of cowardice among our leadership, this is what I mean. Bush is a soft-globalist. Hi

    3. Tom in CO

      I’d prefer if he kept his mouth shut on this one, just like all the former presidents should do.

      • MinneSoCold

        I think “Former Presidential Silence” will officially end with BO.

        He’ll be on his “It’s Bush’s Fault: 2013 World Tour” after he’s out. He’ll be whining and crying wherever and whenever he can, even worse than Carter.

    4. rock

      “It assumes a civilizational conflict ……”
      EXACTLY….& easily proven.

    5. Tlk

      They will rebel against whatever he says. My grandfather on his death bed told me he didn’t trust President Bush…a lifelong Republican. I differ with him on this somewhat since I believe that Bush does love our country and the American people. He had so many daunting problems to deal with..and besides all that, he’s sexy :smile:

      • A.Martinez

        I too was leary of former Pres.G.W.Bush, was he gonna be just like his daddy. Then we were attacked on Sept.11,2001 and even his loyalty and respect for America shined through, I wadger he was pissed. Maybe the Dems had to much control and this is how we wound up where we are in America.

    6. trustme1013

      Well, gosh. BUSH can listen to his advisers, BHO can’t. Bush is a private citizen again, and therefore no one should care what he thinks.

      He probably thinks what the majority of us think: Yes, technically, they COULD build a mosque there. HOWEVER, it is in VERY poor taste. As much as no one here likes having extremist muslims in this country, we have religious freedom here, so we can’t outlaw it.

    7. Ohnooo

      Smart man, stay away and lay low… it would only divert attention away from this Regime fueling the blame Bush for everything crowd..we know how loud they are..

    8. mike3481

      I’ve heard that Bush is releasing a book in October and they hinted it was gonna be an “October surprise” that would kick the Dems and specifically Obama square in the nuts.

      Well see…

    9. reagan54

      President Bush was abused, slandered, libeled and disrespected. He is a private citizen and he is rising above this no-brainer. He is doing the right thing, as Ohnoo said, by lying low. And Trustme, as you said also, he did listen to his advisors and did the right thing. Our country, everything that we hold dear, is at risk. Sometimes “no comment” is better than stating the obvious.

      We all need look at the big picture, unite in our beliefs and figure out a way to get America back.