UPDATE: HITS #1 ON AMAZON, PRE-ORDER HERE – Drudge – “Utterly Devastating”: “Swiftboat” Author’s Book To Reveal Obama’s True Identity

April 20th, 2011 (63) Posted By Pat Dollard.

UPDATE: Click here to pre-order. Ships May 17.

Drudge Report:

Wed Apr 20 2011 10:35:52 ET


This year’s high stakes publishing project quietly went to press this week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

After years of research and digging by the nation’s top private investigators, here it comes:

“WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.”


The street date is a LONG month away, and author Jerome Corsi, the man who torpedoed John Kerry’s presidential dreams with SWIFT BOAT, has gone underground and is holding his new findings thisclose.

“It’s utterly devastating,” reveals a source close to the publisher. “Obama may learn things he didn’t even know about himself!”

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    • http://patdollard.com USMC 3112

      BRING IT!! We need a new Comander In Chief! Our Country needs a President that will put America first. Our Military IS AT WAR! We need a CIC Who actually wants our side to VICTORIOUS We are the ones fighting and dying for America to remain free.
      Expose this f—–r for who he is. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

    • Amy

      I just ordered it on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Eddie (A libs worst nightmare)

      So the hospital in Nairobi finally found it? Good, now lets get rid of this cocksucker and get back to being America. :mad:

    • Hazm

      Pre-ordered on Amazon also….get them befor the Gov. does.

    • http://www.1913intel.com - o s g o -

      I met Jerome Corsi – if anyone could find the truth, Corsi can…and if people on this board met the guy, I think they would agree. He’s stand-up, old enough to keep his personality out of the findings and completely supportive of vets.

      Plus he got kicked out of Kenya – that’s a plus in my book… :beer:

    • http://grow.myefoods.com CptDustOff

      soon it will be summer here and the time is right for fighting in the streets boy.

    • ji

      I have seen excerpts from the book.
      If its true, this would mean the end of ob.
      Its really mind blowing.
      The book says basically, that ob is CIA all the way.

    • http://www.1913intel.com - o s g o -

      I’ve read the same hypothesis – it sorta makes sense, especially if u take into account his time @Columbia, his Pakistan visits, his many SS numbers — indeed, that is the only other explanation I can surmise other than complete, Manchurian-like epic fraud.

      That still leaves the question of the Birth Certificate long-form, since even if you’re CIA, unless you’re inanely deep cover (current) – it should still be available.

      Either way, the truth loves sunshine, and I say open up the curtains and let the light come in. Politics aside, it would settle the issue once and for all and allow everyone to concentrate on stopping our little brown brothers from the South crossing the borders and getting everyone back to work, ‘ya know?

      Somehow the cynic in me doubts any of it will happen, but that’s why I read this board for my own sense of Hope & Change.

    • Robert Vasquez

      It will all mean nothing except more
      profit for Corsi unless someone in congress
      Initiates procedure to remove Obama from
      Office. And I don’t see THAT happening.

    • 0311inOHio (I didn’t drink the kool-Aid)

      Gives me shivers up my leg just thinking about it. :mrgreen:

    • Amy

      That’s what I thought. :beer: :beer:

    • ATTILA

      corsi better sleep with one eye open.

    • Xavier

      It’s one thing to be presented with the truth supported by facts.

      It is an entirely different matter for the facts to motivate people to action.

    • Jim up north

      I will not get my hopes up again, to many past let downs. However any new revelations that drag this halfrican cocksucker kicking and screaming into the light and puts the skids to his destruction of america is welcomed by me!

    • Mr. Standfast

      The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. –JFK, June 11, 1962

      Every time I read this quote I think of our current president.

    • Don Ho

      I am a Democrat who campaigned and voted for Obama. If it is true that he is not eligible to be President, then he should be removed from office, simple enough, which would take proper congressional action. However, I wonder if all of you so eager to remove him were just as adamant that Bush be removed for his violation of the Constitution when he was in office? Just wondering. And, of course, it does nothing to advance your arguments when you bring racial remarks into it. Why go racial when you can just go constitutional?

    • http://knottiesniche.com Angelia

      Where in this conversation has anyone made any type of racial statement? Just because we dislike Obama’s politics and policies does not make us racist.

    • WWTD
    • Don Ho

      The term “halfrican cocksucker”?

    • Don Ho

      Is this a call for insurrection? Fighting whom? For what reason?

    • http://www.thecitizenscall.com John Q Citizen

      Yo Mamma’s a Ho

    • Thomas

      Quite frankly, this all seems to be a set up. Just as the budget was deliberately pushed onto a GOP House, so was this birth certificate issue. They knew one day the truth would be discovered, and after two years, now is the time to bring it to fruition. Blacks got their President. The left got their dream legislation passed. Now, when OB is removed from office, the blacks will be screaming racism for generations to come which translates into a solid voter block. President Biden will select Pig in a Pantsuit for VP. He will not run, she will, and now everyone is happy. BTW. The GOP trapped by the budget debate should have focused on immigration solutions. Instead, Hillary will solve the immigration problem with Pelosi back in as Speaker and Schumer as Majority Leader. With the liberated Mexican immigrant granted amnesty and the angry black man and the under 30 brain washed youth, the GOP is all but vanquished as a ruling majority for the unforseen future.

    • http://www.thecitizenscall.com John Q Citizen

      The term “halfrican” is simply slang referring to the fact that Obama is half-African and half-white. Now, this is a fact. It may be slang, but it is not racist at all. Unless you consider factual statements ‘racist’.
      The term “cocksucker” is simply the current vernacular describing Democratic assholes, like yourself.

    • DC

      It’s high time you name the constitutional violation that Bush committed…otherwise shut the fuck up and get off this board before somthing bad happens to your punk ass! :mad:

    • Jim up north

      Thanks John for translating my backwoods english you beat me to it. However let me add a little more for don the ho I do not dislike oboma because he is black (I would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat) I fucking hate oboma because he is a asshole that stands against everything I hold dear.So you and your rezident can fuck off!

    • YERMOM

      I think David Bowie sang a song about that….

      Summer’s here and the time is right….for fightin’ in the streets….

    • Ernest T. Bass

      you made me laugh John Q…. :lol: :beer:

    • derised1

      Gotta get me a bigger popcorn maker! :wink:

      Oh, yeah….this is going to be fun! :cool:

      Corsi better get ready for attacks from the MSM, the BO White House, the DNC, & the Left trying to discredit him btw. :beer:

    • derised1

      This may explain why Trump has been pushing the BC issue. Trump knows what is up. He has the money and inside info – just my opinion. :beer: :beer:

    • derised1

      Herman Cain is a fine man too! Love both West & Cain! :beer: :smile:

    • derised1

      Don Ho –

      What’s up with all your “racist” talk? If you’re an Obamabot, then you’re at the wrong hizzy, yo’. Word up! Lol! :beer: :beer:

    • Axel

      Listen to this, part 2 is better than part 1, but still it makes you tingle!!!! I am starting to love the word Hope again.


      Don Ho kiss my grits :gun:

    • zeezil

      Obama – The Manufactured President

      Obama has gone to great lengths to sequester most of his past records. That, in addition to falsehoods in his books indicate Obama is a phony, a manufactured person. The mainstream media has gone out of its way to obscure and lay a blanket over Obama’s past. Yet, we know even the most intimate details of Sarah Palin. Does anyone else see anything odd here?

      Obama is a manufactured president. Manufactured by the left, sold to the press and adopted by the Democrat party. Obama has lied about who he was and continues to lie about who he is. He states blatant lies about his legislation and claims he is no ideologue. One only has to listen to what he says about his health care legislation, his anti-America energy agenda, his continuance of blaming Bush for his own quadrupling of the deficit and job destruction, and the phony jobs that he claims were created by his $862 billion stimulus boondoggle to realize that.

      More and more American people are seeing they have been sold a bill of false goods. There are many things people should know about who this Hope ‘n Change figurine is besides, with certainty, where he was born. Had the Media been doing its job, we would have had an actual informed and open election in 2008.

    • zeezil

      Besides Obama’s actual birth documentation, the president has refused to release his Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, baptism records and his adoption records.

      I have just one question in my mind. Who is this guy and how did his handlers and bundlers pull the wool over the American people to get this totally blank slate elected POTUS?

    • ATTILA

      The enemy has a very large rug to sweep this crap under,and a willing broom in the persona of the MSM. Don’t get your hopes up, as the ministry of information will tell you all you need to know. Remember , Oceania Has Always Been At War with Eurasia.

    • wiscowoman

      “If it is true that he is not eligible to be President, then he should be removed from office” if true he should be put on trial for treason and sent to Gitmo. This would be the biggest scam the world has ever seen on OUR BACK! What no one can answer in any of the interviews with Trump is why has BHO spent $2 million dollars fighting the birth certificate issue. Remember they just released that the Obama’s only made 1.7 million last year. To quote judge Judy “if it doesn’t sound right it’s not true.” So much for transparency. May 13, 2009 … President Obama– “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

    • Mt Top Patriot

      Things are getting pretty sporty.
      Lets see where these revelations in this book go.
      Tyranny is like a pair of ViseGrips.
      I’ll be damned if I let someone else fight for my Liberty is what I got to say about it all.

    • Sgsaur

      Unfortunately, I agree. Congress will have to act to remove the usurper from office. The problem is, there’s no politician with the balls to do so. They are politicians first, party members second, members of the ruling elite (in their minds) third, and Americans a distant fourth. Every one of them that I thought had the balls to act when Jug Ears’ ineligibility was proven has disappointed me – the latest being Bachmann. The Federal Courts won’t touch this – that’s been proven repeatedly since Obama took office. The military won’t (or can’t) act. General/Flag officers are (for the most part) politicians. They won’t take on the administration wothout heavy support from Congress. Senior officers are scattered all over the world fighting wars. Junior officers and Enlisted don’t have the stroke to put together a large force (and are spread to hell & back like their superiors). That leaves it up to the either the states or the people, and the majority of the people are believe whatever the MSM tells them. The media in general is in Obama’s pocket – even at Fox News. I haven’t heard of a single Governor or State Legislature calling for proof of Obama’s eligibility to hold office NOW, or short of that, that he be removed from office. Bills that would require candidates in the future to prove eligibility are alive in a handful of states, but most are so weak that the COLB that Obama posted online would suffice. If the people were to try to remove him, they would need leadership, organization, comms, logistics and most of all, people around them that they could trust. There are many here on this site that I would trust to cover my six, but there’s nobody (other than my daughter) within 20 miles of my house that I would count on if the shit hit the fan. Other than the States (through individual state militias) and a few security firms combined with organizations like SAFE, there is no entity that could provide the necessary level of support for a move by the people. Given that, what does this become except an interesting intellectual exercise?

    • derised1

      LoL! Axel, you always have spitting my coffee out in laughter. Now my sides ache from laughing so hard!

    • derised1

      Should read “have me spitting” above.

      Darn, when is Dollard going to get an Edit button for those of us who are typing challenged? :wink:

    • Tom in CO


    • Amy

      I would vote for either of these men. I think it’s safe to assume Don HO and his ilk would call these fine gentlemen uncle Toms.

    • Lock and Load

      Interesting take, Thomas, but it falls apart at “when OB is removed from office”… there are few if any in DC with the balls to take this on, and those that would take it on would have little if any support. The state-run media would immediately whip up all kinds of civil unrest in the black community, and no GOP politicians want to be responsible for that – thus we will continue in the obambi fantasy world :roll: :roll: :???:

    • Patriotofpast

      Thomas, do not be surprised if a few days before the Election, a Birth certificate appears (ink still drying). BUT, the thing that they will have BIG trouble explaining is Why Obama/Soetoro is using a Social Security Number from Conneticut that was issued to a Gentleman who was Born in 1890???
      I’ve seen his Selective Service Application and other Documents that say this guy is a 3 Dollar Bill!
      The reason Trump is so adamant about the Birth Certificate issue is because he had a meeting with Corsi a few months ago. What they know is about to ROCK THIS COUNTRY… And remember ALL those in CONGRESS THAT KNEW… What do we do with them?

    • trustme1013

      Niiiiice. :beer: :beer:

    • Philby Ramone

      No you dodo it was The Rolling Stones with Street Fighting Man. Bowie sang a duet with Jagger about Dancing In The Streets. :)

    • Axel

      Listen to the audio tape link above from a radio show, it explains things nicely.

    • GRIZZ

      Ill be happy when there is nothing but a chalk outline on the street

    • Axel

      Today Rush called him out on his lies the other day how he and his family members had lived on food stamps, welfare checks. Rush’s point was funny obama never mentioned this before, or in his books. That would have been a great story, welfare to president don’t ya think? They went back and reviewed some things and it doesn’t look like the ass wipe is telling the truth. What a surprise :roll:

    • http://www.thecitizenscall.com John Q Citizen

      :beer: :beer:

    • RexRedbone

      Even Cocksucker with his connections to Chicagos Mans Country Larry Sinclair and the the Gay members of his church that where shot down Gang land style.
      Hell the Boys in Boys Town where sad to see Dept of Education Arny Duncan go Him and Obama where the worst kept secret of Chicago City Hall

    • Axel

      I like your thinking :smile:

    • Lone Wolf
    • ji

      That still leaves the question of the Birth Certificate long-form, since even if you’re CIA, unless you’re inanely deep cover (current) – it should still be available.
      Unless you werent born in Hawaii, but Kenya.

    • ji

      Did any Democrat in Congress submit paper work to impeach Bush????

    • ji

      I think your hoping for this, rather than making a prediction.
      How do Pelosi and Schumer get back in?

    • Annie Oakley

      Don Ho – yes what violation of the constitution did Bush violate? The Iraq/Afghanistan war?

      Well Mein Obama bombed Libya. Can we now impeach Obama for violating the constitution?

      In order to be a US president you must be a US Citizen. When I first applied for a passport 15 years ago I had to provide proof of US citizenry. They would not accept a birth certificate copy, it had to be an actual copy from my home state with the official state seal.

      Why is Obama any better than me?

      If lil ole me had to provide a birth certificate to get a passport, why in the hell doesn’t he show HIS real birth certificate, when in fact he has the power to push the neutron button.

      Nothing racial has been mentioned with regard to his birth certificate. It’s race baiters like yourself who have no game and NO argument and use race as a last resort.

    • Hawkerdriver(PissontheKoran)

      This is GREAT! But..the truth will be ignored by the military brass,the DoJ,SCOTUS and Congress.I laud Mr Corsi for his work exposing a POS like Kerry and of course the usurper. But..the press will continue to marginalize “birthers” and conservatives.The rest of the electorate is at the mall or frat parties..The dems and unions are already hard at it registering millions who don’t exist..We got a long way to go folks..The only thing that will work now is devastating,overwhelming force by MILLIONS! But..how in the HELL can that ever happen when people won’t even stick together at a soft ball game for pete’s sake? :roll:

    • http://logistory.blogspot.com/ Noway2no

      have wondered, Why him? Why Now?

      If I could objectively just watch this play out it would be fascinating. Tom Clancy in collaboration with Charles Dickens could not have come up with a more intriguing plot.

      The usurpation of the US presidency by a numb-skull poser with a dark past who moves rapidly to destroy the last vestiges of liberty from the USA, and thereby the globe.

      All of this on the heals of an orchestrated financial meltdown of global proportions after making half of the western world feel guilty for even existing via the global warming hoax. Add in the global threat of Islamo-fascisim that the self-loathing-metrosexual people of the west think they can appease in true Neville Chamberlain

      Of course there is the arch villain, who happens to look and act like an arch villain, George Soros, the puppet master of the man-child usurper. The hundred years machinations of the global leftists aligned with the religion of death personified in the poser-in-chief. To round out the plot the government-media-complex is either in on it or silent in fear.


      Allowing it to continue is very dangerous though. For evil not to triumph we, those that have read history and have learned from it, need to be resourceful and unpredictable. We need to write the ending to this story so we can write an accurate history for future generations to learn from.

    • Charles O
    • Delta (Federalist Republican)

      :lol: :beer: That guy’s fuckin awesome. Never heard the bush-bitch say that about Kenya before.

    • dogwhisperer

      Right on, right on, right on…………
      3 cheers and then some for this American. :beer:

      I want to dowload his speach on my mp3 player and jam to it in the weight room!

    • Elizabeth

      I’m with you until you bring up race – it’s off the table. It’s not about race. The conservative cause is diminished when slurs are used – there’s no point.