Anti-Semite Rand Paul Skips Netanyahu Address

May 24th, 2011 (16) Posted By Angelia Phillips.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a warm welcome from a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) skipped out on the speech, sitting quietly at his Senate desk shuffling through papers and newspapers.

Earlier this year, Paul proposed eliminating all U.S. aid to Israel, but his office and other Republican senators said Paul’s decision to remain on the Senate floor during the address concerned a dispute with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) over amendments Paul proposed to the Patriot Act extension.

Paul, a tea-party-backed senator who opposes the Patriot Act, has said he wants to “drag out” the process of renewing key provisions of the counter-terrorism law which expire Friday. Reid had hoped to recess the Senate during the speech and count that toward the cloture clock, but Paul stayed on the Senate floor, kept the chamber open, and was able to stop the cloture clock.

Paul spokeswoman Moira Bagley flatly denied Paul’s absence was related to Israel funding, pointing out that her boss had heard Netanyahu speak Monday night while attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference.

“This is about the PATRIOT Act and Reid not yet keeping his agreement on amendments,” Bagley said.

Still, Paul’s decision to engage in a likely futile procedural exercise rather than attend Netanyahu’s speech was telling. Earlier this year, Paul came under fire from both Democrats and Republicans after proposing cutting all U.S. foreign aid, including the $3 billion the country spends on military assistance for Israel each year.

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    • trustme1013

      Bad call, Rand Paul. Get someone else to play dirty with Dingy Harry… Israel is too important to back out on.

    • Gary

      Wow, a pro-islamic terrorist senator in washington, just like dear ‘ol dad.

      obama has allies without even trying.

    • remmy

      Reid is a weasel. He is doing his best to recess the Senate so Obama can make recess appointments. As long as the Senate stays in session the appointments can’t be made.

      The democrats did this to Bush to block his potential recess appointments.

      Politico is trying to paint Rand Paul as anti-Israel and an anti-Semite, which he is not. He is anti-spending.

    • settles

      “Paul spokeswoman Moira Bagley flatly denied Paul’s absence was related to Israel funding, pointing out that her boss had heard Netanyahu speak Monday night while attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference.”….Yeah, real anti-semite. :roll:

    • Lock and Load

      A libertarian caller to Rush today also called for cutting off aid to Israel… is this a new libertarian (or paulbot) talking point :?: Rush promptly tore him a new one by illustrating how much money was laundered through the obama “stimulus” program and given away to political interests, vs. the relatively small amount given to Israel. :evil: :???:

    • Adam

      Thats exactly the point! Senator Paul never singled out Israel. He is for cutting foreign aid across the board. His proposal to cut aid cuts 12 Billion in aid to Israel’s arab enemies in addition to cutting 3 Billion from Isreal. This isn’t about his feelings personal towards Israel, it’s about wasteful spending. It’s a flat-out lie to suggest other wise.

    • Adam

      By the way, Rand Paul was one of the first senators to defend Israel from President Obama when the President called for 1967 borders.

    • Axel

      Supporting Israel is not wasting spending. Sending billions to Pakistan and every other 3rd world arm pit is, so is the gazillions the gov’t gives to all of Soro’s social justice crap. Fuck Rand. Show up for the speech asshole. :gun:

    • Tom in CO

      Paleocons like the Pauls are and will never represent the Republican party.

    • Robert

      In my opinion, anyone who smears Rand on this is carrying water for Harry Reid. And that’s just plain gross. Looks like even RedState agrees.


      As you know, Rand Paul’s amendment would exempt 4473’s and other gun records from the blanket information demands which BATF can make under 9/11 legislation.

      Without Paul’s exemption, it is theoretically possible that BATF could go to a secret (FISA) court, and, in a one-party (ex parte) proceeding, obtain an order to produce every 4473 in the country, ostensibly because a “terrorism investigation” requires it.

      This is unacceptable.
      (You want Obama to have this kind of power.)

    • Lisa Graas

      Thanks for posting this. Here’s mine. I’m a Kentucky Republican, by the way.

    • Lock and Load

      Adam, to suggest that giving aid to Israel is wasteful spending is lunacy :shock: :roll: Israel is the only bastion of democracy in the 14th century wasteland known as the middle east, and for all the reasons Bibi gave in his excellent speech yesterday they need our support. I am not claiming Rand Paul is against Israel – I am just wondering at his thinking when he suggests cutting them off and leaving them to twist in the wind with the muslim hordes for “cost savings” :shock: :evil: :???:

    • Justin

      Anyone ever consider the fact that we can’t afford to give billions of dollars to countries around the world? No? What about the notion that the U.S. actively funds both sides of the war? Don’t believe me? Look at where the money goes.

      And *gasp* what happens when our currency no longer has value, it won’t be of any use to us let alone Israel. The only reason we are able to fund Israel (end every other country) is because the Federal Reserve prints out more and more money to cover the bill. ECON101 ALERT: Printing more money causes inflation. When this is done continuously for decades, mounted with our debt, countries start to doubt the value of the Dollar!

      My question then is: how will Israel get by when we literally don’t have money to give them?

    • JK

      Are you guys nuts? RAnd saw the speech at AIPIC and isn’t the only Senator missing the SECOND giving of the speech. He WAS the ONLY Senator fighting the unpatriotic “Patriot” Act however, and needed to be at his desk in the Senate to do that.

      Your priorities are really bizarre imho.

    • Joelfarm

      Just as the race-baiters throw out their smears against those who oppose them,Israel supporters AUTOMATICALLY classify anyone who opposes taxpayer dollars going to a self-sustaining foreign entity as -’anti-semite’. And just as the term ‘racist’ has lost it’s shock value, anti-semite will,as well, become meaningless. I stand with Rand Paul FOR AMERICA!

    • Cold Soldier

      :beer: :beer: :beer:

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