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Mediaite Reveals Stunning Bottom-Line Numbers Behind Failed Media Matters

May 24, 2011 4 Comments ›› Pat Dollard

$15 million dollars this year alone for a lousy 600K unique IP hits a month. And little-to-nothing accomplished on either the media or political landscapes (was that the business plan? I think not. Fail.). Media might matter, but apparently, Media Matters doesn’t.

What’s particularly ironic about these revelations is that they come as a result of an obviously Media Matters-engineered puff-piece in New York Magazine, a piece ironic in and of itself in that it is full of Media Matters’s David Brock’s and the article’s author’s distortions and lies about MM’s accomplishments (MM’s a “media watchdog”, remember? so why is David Brock telling lies in the media and why is he engineering a collusive puff-piece with a media outlet, in the first place?). Mediate does a fine job of destroying the New York article. Final irony? That a propaganda outlet calls itself a “media watchdog”.


“What began in 2004 as a ten- person shop with a $3 million annual budget now has around 90 employees and plans to spend $15 million this year.” That is striking and demonstrates the enormous fundraising operation that they have created. But that is not translating into readers. With that budget and staff, they should be about the size of a site like Politico, but the numbers tell a far different story. According to web traffic evaluator, Quantcast, Politico averages 5.6 million monthly unique visitors, Media Matters a mere 646,200. Even if you give Media Matters the benefit of the doubt and double that number, they are still doing a fraction of the traffic of sites its size (at 1.3 million, it would still be far smaller than little Mediaite, with ten times the staff). That’s something that clearly should have been pointed out in the story.

But its not just the author’s unwillingness to dig into their true influence, but he gives them credit for events for which Media Matters cannot legitimately claim responsibility.

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  • One Shot

    The same brainpower and money behind it as the failed Air America. This comes as no great surprise, lol.

  • remmy

    Are they a 501c? Are their donations a deduction for the doner?

  • Mark Allen

    How many of those 650,000 hits are from people directed their from conservative sites to see for themselves the ridiculous hyperbole that MM spews! I’d say a sizeable percentage.

  • derised1

    :beer: :gun: