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The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s review of the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate today unloaded a bombshell about the case: that he was told by sources members of the media were threatened with federal investigations should they continue to report on the birth certificate issue.

Lead investigator Mike Zullo told WND that as he was preparing information to be presented to the public “it was clear that the mainstream media was not going to be in attendance” at the sheriff’s scheduled new conference, where he presented facts suggesting both fraud and forgery in the image of a Hawaiian birth certificate that the White House released last yearas “proof positive” of Obama’s eligibility for office.

“During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs,” Zullo said.

The threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families, he said.

So the problem became to get the information to the American public in spite of an intentional media blackout, since citizens still must make critical leadership decisions about their government through the election process.

The solution was an ebook with details from the investigation, the evidence that was accumulated, and the issue that remain for Arpaio and his investigators to pursue.

Zullo has been blasted in recent days for coordinating the book project with longtime political writer Jerome Corsi. Much of the online criticism stems from a single AP article that links Zullo to “well-known political conspiracy writer” Corsi and includes a statement that Corsi “denied using Sheriff Joe Arpaio … as a promotional tool to sell his books and theories.”

It cites Zullo “as the co-author” of the ebook. But it fails to mention the evidence cited by the investigation indicating crimes of fraud and forgery.

Zullo told WND that he had no interest in working on an ebook but was faced with the question of how to get the information to the American people absent national media coverage. There were interests outside of Arizona, he was convinced, making obvious efforts to censor the information and never allow it to move beyond the borders of Arizona.

Zullo told WND that as an investigator he sought transparency, and he just wanted the information made available to everyone who wished a closer look. He said it was not an easy decision. He knew he would be ridiculed by the media if the information was released, but the alternative of allowing the information to be squelched and people kept in the dark was just too much of an injustice. He decided to allow the ebook project in order to disseminate the facts of the case: that there is probable cause to believe Obama’s birth certificate document is a forgery.

Corsi confirmed that Zullo was very reluctant to do the book. The prospect of being reimbursed financially from his investigation never was his intention. But Corsi pointed out that Zullo contributed six months of his time to the investigation. Corsi also said he was acutely aware of the financial sacrifice Zullo made over the last six months, having to devote much of his time to the investigation. The posse investigation was not subsidized by taxpayers.

The bigger question, Zullo said, is how can an investigator or a law enforcement officer ignore findings that indicate deception at the highest levels of politics. Zullo said it’s a very serious and alarming concern that casts doubt on the integrity of the vetting of presidential candidates.

“If the evidence took us the other way, and the sheriff proclaimed this thing to be authentic, the news would have traveled from Arizona to New Jersey to Hawaii in milliseconds,” he said. “If I wrote a book about it, I would have been hailed a hero.

“All we’re trying to do here is get this information out there and keep it out there. Had the mainstream media done their job, we wouldn’t have done [this book].”

He said now media members have started calling him a “kook” and an “old geezer” for reporting on the facts that resulted from the investigation.

“The media just wants to come destroy people’s credibility,” he said. “They’re trying to vet [investigators] when they should be vetting the next presidential candidate of the United States.”

He said that many people didn’t come forward with their knowledge about Obama “out of fear.”

“The information that we got, which these people refused to step forward with out of fear, but shared afterward, came independently – they don’t even know each other – from distance parts of the country, that investigations of major media outlets [were planned] if they continued reporting,” he said.

“Our system is broken because the vetting process used to rely on the free press. We don’t have a free press any more,” he said.

Although the numbers may have been small, there was support for Zullo’s perspective, even in the media.

In a column at American Thinker, Cindy Simpson quoted Ronald Reagan in support of Zullo’s work.

“Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, ‘Trust, but verify,’” she wrote. “President Obama told us he released his official long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011. Can we trust him, and should we verify?

“Most of the reporters’ questions at the end of [Arpaio's] press conference were statements in defense of Obama, and the subsequent coverage by major news outlets asserted that rumors about the president’s birth certificate were ‘debunked’ and ‘discredited,’ but gave no details of the debunking or discrediting,” she marveled.

“As the sheriff also noted at the conference, no specific or official investigation has ever been reported, unless we can count Savannah Guthrie, apparently the only reporter allowed to touch and photograph the original long-form certificate after it was released, or the two representatives of Factcheck (neither noted as having an relevant professional experience in document examination) who photographed the short-form certification posted in 2008,” she wrote.

“To paraphrase another favorite Reagan quotation, ‘It isn’t so much that the mainstream media are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so,’” she added.

She noted that after reporters attacked the message at the news conference, they “questioned the motives of the sheriff and even the political affiliation of the posse’s lead detective, Mike Zullo.”

She said the focal point for a true reporter would be the issue at hand – the validity of Obama’s documents.

“Was the document posted by the White House a scan of an original certified document? Based on the analysis of the posse’s experts, it was not. In fact, the posse has traced the image to a specific computer where it resided a mere 20 minutes before it was uploaded, and has identified a ‘person of interest.’”

She suggest three possible answers: purely innocent anomalies to “touch up” an image and someone purposely tinkering to create the appearance of suspicion.

“Third, if the certificate is indeed an intentional forgery, we have witnessed the greatest fraud of the century,” she said.

“In my local paper, there was not even a single line devoted to the posse’s stunning assertions. What happened to ‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The posted birth certificate of a sitting president a possible forgery!’”

Nick Martin at TPM editorialized that the book sale “gives Zullo a financial motive to continue stoking the flames of a conspiracy theory that has been debunked numerous times by an array of independent investigations.”

But the details of the investigations were absent in his piece.

The sheriff himself also noted only one side of the issue was being reported.

In a commentary in the Arizona Republic, he wrote of reporters, “They were practically salivating at the opportunity to embarrass me, my highly capable group of volunteer investigators and literally anyone else who would dare show in interest in the possibility that this investigation would lead to any real credible evidence into what they claim has already been ‘looked into’ or ‘widely debunked.’”

Arpaio also has defended the book.

“We needed a book precisely because we knew in advance the mainstream media would impose a blackout on any serious law enforcement investigation into Obama’s identification documents and his eligibility to be president,” Arpaio told WND.

He explained that the book is intended to bypass the filter the establishment media tries to impose on news. WND provided a live-stream Internet broadcast of the Arpaio press conference last Thursday for the same reason.

Martin wrote that the sheriff also failed to mention that much of the evidence concerned questions about the digital scan “that was already investigated and proven to be false” by another investigative agency, National Review Online.

There were signs, however, that the national media’s silence was creating concerns.

Wrote Jeff Crouere at the St. Tammany Slidell Sentry: “Despite a mountain of evidence and new allegations of fraud, the national news media refuses to cover the Obama birth certificate scandal.”

He cited the discoveries from the Arpaio investigation.

“Such a bombshell should have led the national news coverage throughout the country. Instead, it was completely ignored by a corrupt network of media elites who are decidedly liberal and wholeheartedly support Obama’s re-election,” he wrote. “The vast majority of the American people have been denied the truth by a media who want to shield Obama.”

He called reporters nationally “liberal sycophants” and said, “If these allegations had been made about a Republican president there would have been a media firestorm greater than Watergate and Iran/Contra combined.

“Not surprisingly, the media acted like partisan Democrats in the news conference after Arpaio’s team announced their findings. Instead of asking questions about the Obama documents, the reporters were more interested in asking Sheriff Arpaio about his political affiliation, his relationship with the tea party and his motives for the investigation.

“What the media conveniently overlooked was the expert testimony and the evidence presented by Arpaio’s group of investigators. Potentially, a major crime has been committed at the highest levels of our government, and the media attacked the messengers.”

  • The Truth

    Release it through Canada or Israel, or something

    • LockandLoad_v2

      Are you kidding? Canadian media are as bad as, or worse than US media when it comes to being libtard spin machines – they wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, just because it may harm barry, their dear leader of all things liberal.

  • GreatSatansNeighbour

    Release it through sunnewsnetwork.ca

  • LockandLoad_v2

    Ok, you got me – Sun, National Post and maybe one or two others, but mostly a liberal spin machine. Also, barry’s wrecking crew would immediately make it an international diplomatic incident if a foreign country tried to release damning info…  not going to happen.

  • Walt

     You’ve never read Canadian Free Press?   Oh my.

  • LockandLoad_v2

    Yes Walt, I’ve read them, but again, they represent a very small portion of the Canadian media market, and would likely not have the clout to make allegations against a foreign leader seem credible to Canadians.


     Seriously? You really believe that if there was a REAL story here that FOX (far right winger central) wouldn’t be ALL over it? They make crap up so why would they be “scared” to tell the truth?

  • Robinhoodd173

    Obama has a hold over all the media.  If they do something he doesn’t like he threatens to take their FCC (Federal Communication License) License away from them.  Without their FCC license they are off the air. Anyone that has a radio transmitter that transmits over 5 miles has to have a FCC license to transmit.Under 5 miles you have your CB Citizen Band license.

  • Just a Girl

    My, my , my…what is he hiding ?

    ( Rhetorical, of course )

    • Hal49



     Ask FOX..they would never back down from anything damning a democrat…OH WAIT..they aren’t reporting on it….HMMMMM authentic? I think not or FOX would be ALL over it.

  • Fgsltwthg316-misc

     Enough already with the “Fox would report if it was news” baloney.  Fox is just as much a propaganda tool for the government as the rest of the media.  You can’t trust any of the corporate-owned media.  Fox only pretends to be “fair and balanced”, when in point of fact, they only tell you what the government wants you to know, just like the rest of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

    Yeah Fox is with the liberals, Rush too. None of them know how truly fcking crazy you guys are

  • McCloud9

    You keep saying “Prove it”… Sheriff Arpaios investigation team DID PROVE it was a Forged Birth Certificate AND Selective Service card.
    Now, YOU tell me… Why would an upstanding American Community Organizer need to Forge those two documents?
    After watching Sheriff Arpaios press conference, I submitted a Certified Complaint to my Secretary of State and Elections Board requesting Barack H. Obama (Barry Soetoro) name not appear on the November Ballot. Let the TRUTH shine thru.


    I hope you live in Wisconsin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IRKAZCMLS5YWADV6U4LBESDB5A Tony

    FOX news reporting. Thats funny as hell.

  • Robinhoodd173

    Obama has a hold over all the media.  If they do something he doesn’t like he threatens to take their FCC (Federal Communication License) License away from them.  Without their FCC license they are off the air. 

  • richwill

    The untold story of Hussein’s life is unfolding, the sad part is the 50% that support him will ignore the facts.  Fantasy is easier than reality.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brendan.faubion Brendan Faubion

      ingorance is bliss in their case!


     The entire posse is a right wing tool that has vested interest in seeing the certificate as fraud (book deals, right wingers, etc.). As much as I want to see this conspiracy proven if it is true, it has to be investigated by impartial parties. Like they said in this article NUMEROUS times…prove it. If people were threatened over this investigation then prove it. GOD KNOWS FOX would never shy away from this story if it wasn’t awash in BS.

  • Jim D

    You seem to have a lot of free time, nut house maybe??

  • Walt

     You wouldn’t believe the truth because it is obvious that you do not have Honesty, Ethics and Integrity in your heart and soul.  All you want to do is mouth off to sound important.  I defy you to explain why Obama pays over a million dollars (well verified in the press)  to hide his true birth certificate, immigration/passport records, all course and transcripts from 3 College/Universities and what his qualifications are to be President.

    Before you demand of us show your own integrity. I don’t think you have the guts to do it.


    You haven’t noticed how liberal Fox has become lately?

  • Rowwdy

    I surely have noticed MFIRE.  I quit watching FOX.

  • Clem

    FOX is fair & balanced … Meaning they are duty bound to give equal time to the liberal point of view.

  • Robinhoodd173

    Again, Obama has a hold over all the media.  If they do something he doesn’t like he threatens to take their FCC (Federal Communication License) License away from them.  Without their FCC license they are off the air. 

  • Rowwdy

    The libs, socialists, Marxist, commies et al don’t want to hear facts.  Obamao is their tool to destroy America.  Obamao’s need for glitz and fame outweighed his ethics.  But then, he never really did have good ethics since he has been caught in one mess after another his whole life.  His entire position is based on race.  He has shamefully used blacks to further the agenda of Soros, Rothschild & Sons who want to take over the world.  When they are done with him…he WILL be tossed aside like a cheap suit.  Has nothing to do with fantasy.  It is a well orchestrated plan.

  • http://twitter.com/Volt3939 VoltOwner

     ”Fantasy is easier than reality.”

    Truth, that!

  • wwtd

    The abscess of America. Probably the same reason the judges keep backing down.

    • RockyMtn1776

      The sad fact is …far to many of our elected officals have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes.
      Even worse WE let them get away with it !

  • richwill

    The untold story of Hussein’s life is unfolding.  The 50% that support him will pay not attention to this news.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       read what i said when you posted this same rhetoric before.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    I’ve read your posts.  I certainly would not advise anyone to waste their time by reading them.

  • Adrian

    “Republicans who have chosen to associate with the birthers have done their party and their country a disservice.  And as Sheriff Arpaio settles comfortably into that political mental ward, the same must be said of those Republicans who choose to associate themselves with him  . . .”


    • ATTILA

      The great unwashed who have chosen to ignore the peril represented by this kenyan marxist,will be the first inhabitants of obammers
      re-education camps.


     Yeah right…even before you right wing nut jobs…..

  • Mare

    Jillian is that you?

  • wwtd

    national review…there are well informed bloggers on this post…huff post might be a better fit, or maybe the daily kos. go away.

  • Hal49

    Adrian is a dick, everybody know this, except maybe Adrian.


    oh he knows… his mom told him so.

  • Walt

     You don’t suppose she was one of those females that Bill Maher (C word/T word) or Ed Shultz (slut) were referring to?  Bet either Adrian or Yahoo can’t explain why those two (Maher and Shultz) are considered heroes yet condemn Rush for the same word without sounding like hypocrites.

  • Hambone

    You Progressive Liberal liars have devided this country and by trying to turn it into something we have never seen in this country before, a shit hole. I would say wake up but you all are just to stupid. Like little sheep


     Holy shit..I would make fun of your rant except it is wholly not understandable..Learn to spell and throw in a little grammar education so the rest of these monkey right wingers can understand and cheer at your idiotic rhetorical rants so we can hear you all coming.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TD7JUC6XETPJEF3XCZQ7DUOACQ Bob

     ive noticed you have never used a single fact to defend obama
    just slander
    pretty much standard textbook democrat debating techniques

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     Lol so let me get this straight. You accuse someone of crazy things w/ no facts. Someone defends that person (w/o facts which you also didn’t have) and THEY are guilty of SLANDER?

    That doesn’t even make any sense, you can’t commit slander by defending some w/o facts, you can by accusing them w/o facts.

    Please direct me to all the facts you guys have about Obama? Or one single fact that was in this article?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TD7JUC6XETPJEF3XCZQ7DUOACQ Bob

     your such a phony you don’t even have a yahoo page
    we couldn’t debate with you even if we tried
    another loose cannon liberal moron pushing a tired fruitless agenda
    send him to communist cuba
    see how much he likes the future USA

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

    SIR, we did not devide this country. That is a terrible charge. We have been accused of dividing it before, but to devide it? scoff

  • http://www.can-you-hear-us-now.com DesertCactus

    The evil darkness of a vile-liberal-democrat voting media has wounded America – possibly to her death.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Bush NEARLY killed the country…you are wallowing in the remnants of what WAS great….and the current president has many flaws agreed…but he inherited this mess…true he hasnt done a damned thing to fix it, but he didnt allow it to happen..Bush did.

  • A K

     Excuse me, but it was Clinton and the Democrats that repealed the Glass Steagall Act that set the stage for what followed. Note also that after the Democrats took over Congress in 2006 deficit spending started to explode up. You can’t put it all on Bush, unless you are a Demoncrat.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LYA7SQYUCTJ32X2C25IO4HPGXM Corrine

    You are 100% right….why can’t anyone else see that ? The senate and house we mostly dem’s the last two years Bush was in office……he SHOULD have put the breaks on the spending !

  • American By The Grace Of God

    Obama didnt “inherit” a damn thing. He asked for it campaigned for it, You people who continue to blame bush need to wake up, that is the main thing that is wrong with this country, it is always someone else’s fault, and if you happen to dissagree with someone who is not white (no matter how stupid or wrong they are) then you are a racist, Hey obastard you will be recieving you eviction notice in Nov 2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     Yes because he campaigned to be president the conditions of the country at the time he took office are totally irrelevant.

    We should judge him like the world started the day he was sworn in because he campaigned. Sound logic.

    Why do you all conservatives have such difficulty spelling? There is only one s in disagree.

  • Kpilcher

    Obama inherited 5.8% un-employment.  Its now 8.3% after nearly a trillion in stimulas.  He has now put nearly 1/2 the country paying NO federal taxes.  And expects others to make up the deficit in revenue.  He railed against super-pac money and condemned the Supreme Court fo up-holding the law that allows superpac contributions.  Now Obama is 1st in line with his hand out.  Obama inherited $39.00 per barrel Oil. Oil was $39.00 per barrel when President Bush left office. (spiking to $105.00 during Katrina and then right back down).  Its now holding steady at over $100.00 per barrel.  (just as Obama promised it would under his failed green energy initiatives). He has also doubled food prices.  Put more people on food-stamps than any other president  Obama as a senator railed against a “simple up or down vote” (the repubs were in charge then) saying that only a super majority vote could be considered for major bills.  Then for the illegal healtcare bill he stood and “crowed in front of Americans that a “simple up or donw vote” was the only fair thing to do. (Because he didn’t think he could get the super mafority vote to pass it.  Obama is the most hypocritical person (he is NOT a legal president) to ever hold an official office.  He tells latinos to punish republicans, get in their face, if they bring a knife you bring a gun, republicans to go to the back of the bus.  He supports OWS who at any protest you can see walking hand in hand with Sharia Advocates, Young comMunist for America, Socialist Unite, Black Panthers, Grey Panthers, ACLU, SEIU and any other “goose steppers, that he can support.  He is clearly an America hater.  He apologizes to any 3d world countries dictator that he can get in front of.  If you read Obama’s writings, look at his marxist mentors, (Bill Ayers, Marshal, Jeremia Wright, George Soros, Sal Alinsky) you will begin to understand his attitude toward his hatred for our country.

  • Fpmoore

    You hit that nail on the head! Thank you! Keep it up brother!

  • Walt

     Adding to your oil prices, remember, gas was $1.79 when Bush left office.

    Hey Yahoo…what is the price of gas NOW?  Are the gas prices, and those item stated by Kpilcher the change you were hoping and voting for?

  • Billy

    And what did gas cost 6 months before that?  It was $1.79 because the world was on the verge of a depression.  If you tank the economy and eliminate demand you can get oil prices down.  But is that a strategy?  The Republicans want gas at $2.50.  After they start a war with Iran it will be $2.50 a pint!

  • http://www.facebook.com/KABarry1901 Kevin A Barry

    FACTS are Stubborn things, aren’t they ?  Of course you’re wasting your breath, no matter how many facts, how many examples, how much truth you tell, the supporters of this fraud will NEVER face the reality of this disaster know as Obama.  Amazingly after three years, he hasn’t run out of people and things to blame for his poor performance.  And I’m continually amazed, as he throws up his hands, admits he’s not responsible, and powerless to change these things, I always ask myself, well if you are a self admitted FAILURE and INCOMPETENT to affect change, why the HELL would we allow to do another term ?  I assure you that if anyone of us who still has a JOB, went to his or her boss tomorrow and blamed your mistakes or lack of performance on everyone else or everything else and claimed you’re powerless to change it, YOU would be FIRED in short order.  So why do these Obama supporters continue to support this LOSER ? 

  • Terry_Phillips

    I still find it amazing, the number of really stupid people that reside in this country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LYA7SQYUCTJ32X2C25IO4HPGXM Corrine

    Only the ones on the “Take” who sit on their ass and ask for “free” things.

  • http://twitter.com/Volt3939 VoltOwner

     Well, the S/N here is pretty low, keep trying, you might find an immigrant, they usually bring it up a bit.

  • coacht11

    Kpilcher,, that could NOT have been said any better but again Lib/Dems HATE Facts. These people Dont care about the truth,, They care that THEY WIN,, over 95% of blacks voted for obama and most ADMIT they voted for him BECAUSE of his skin color, Wow and they want to say WE are the racist. You people need to wake up and do it fast,, This piece of crap is destroying AMERICA right in FRONT OF OUR EYES. Most of you Won’t care until it really affects you but then it WILL BE TO LATE. What the hell is wrong with you people,, just open your eyes, listen to the news, read the paper,, Holy crap ,,it’s right in front of your eyes and you STILL will NOT see it for what it is ,,,,,Because of skin color,,, Oh yea theres one you missed Kpilcher,, Wasn’t obama suppose to HELP Race relations, Hell he has made it worse and put us back even farther then the 60′s. Yea great job obama,,the man is as evil as they come,, But again, These morons will not wake the hell up, I have heald of and talked to people who USE to be Dem and Now are republicans or Tea Party,, BUT I have NEVER heard or read or seen someone go from the right to the left. Wake up people

  • Jpressy

    hitler started the same way that obama is doing now, taking all our rights away , hushing the media , then killing 6,000,000,000.check out why the usa is stockpiling coffins all over the country.. What we have is another hitler on our hands

  • Robinhoodd173

    Would like to hit the like button at least 100 times for that speech or more 

  • Talucah

    I spite of Bush giving us “No Child Left Behind” and “Medicare Part ?” he did prettly well until he got stuck with that ‘demo Congress that started to pull everything into a small recession.

  • Cannon

    Sorry to disappoint you but Obama didn’t inherit this mess…. he ran for it, he campaigned for it and spent millions of dollars to take THIS MESS!!! Wake up you blooming idiot.. His minion are many and you are one of them…. Bush my ass

  • Leon R.

    Bush! Bush! the all purpose “whipping boy” for the Dems.  Take a look at any of the YouTube videos of Congressional Hearings before 2008 Economic Collaspe on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  It was the huge pool of “economically challenged” Democrat members like Maxine Waters and Barney Frank who refused more rigorous regulation and oversight consistantly from 2001 – 2008.  They claimed that there were no problems and that Republicans were trying to “disenfranchise” minorities from home ownership.  These stupid people are still on the commitees responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Lets see if they pass and enforce Congressional rules that keep them from profiting financially from ruining the country.

    Obama wasted too much time and resources on passing Healthcare at the expense ot many other issues including the US Economy and stopping Iran from pursuing Nuclear Weapons.  Parts of the Healthcare are worth preserving like covering pre-exisitng conditions and maybe helping to subsidize those struggling to afford health insurance.  But, please do not attempt to violate individual and religious rights by trying to convert this country into a “Socialist Utopia.”

  • Clem

     Another Bush-Basher … Get over yourself.
    Obama is not the only president to “inherit” the country. Every president that has ever held office, inherited the US in whatever situation it was, at the time of his inauguration. Who would you have to blame all the natural disasters and all the rest of the crap on, if GW hadn’t been in office? Gasp !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     Oh so now all presidents inherit the country? I thought he didn’t inherit anything b/c he ran for it? which is it?

  • coacht11

    Thats a bunch of bull Sh%$. I love it,, they STILL continue to BLAME Bush,, Did you happen to forget that there WAS a Dem congress from 2006 and on, Oh yea and what about ALL THE TIMES Bush went to congress to get Fannie and Freddie looked into for illegal practices and by the way THIS is even ON You Tube. ALL of the Dems including B. Frank AND Dodd,,said that THERE WAS Nothing wrong and that they were doing a great job,, Please look it up so STOP the crap about what has happened being ALL Bush’s fault,, THE Dem congress and senate had ALOT to do with what happened. It will come a time in history that Bush will be shown to have been a better leader then this piece of crap we have in the white house now,,I am sickened each and everyday this clown does something that either causes more debt,,Hell just sent his 12yr daughter and friends and 25 sec,service agents to Mexico, ALL ON THE TAX PAYERS Dime,, Wake up people

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LYA7SQYUCTJ32X2C25IO4HPGXM Corrine

    OMG !  Open your damn eyes and ears. Bush in his 8 years didn’t do as much damage as this asshole did in 3 years !!!

  • http://twitter.com/Volt3939 VoltOwner

     And you know what else he did? He made O’ the legitimate Head of our Government!

    Goes like this, with a few asides from the better half in ( )’s:

    Who decides whether someone is qualified to run for office?

    The government, right?

    So who was head of the government when the object of all this  interest was running for office?

    That would be Dubya, right?

    So why did he hand over the keys if O’bama was not qualified? (Too stupid!) Shh! Let me finish!

    Does not the very act of the Head of Government surrendering his
    crown convey legitimacy to the new owner of the keys? Didn’t see a gun
    to his head… Did see Poppy barely able walk. Sad, really.

    If the leader of the Free World says the guy’s legit, the guy’s _Legit_. I think I saw two or three of them former Presidents that day, all there to prove to the world that the new guy’s legit.

    As I once heard a Bright Bart say:

    “Ain’t nothin’ you or I can do about it but swap them little tinfoil hats around amongst ourselves and moan. And moanin’s won’t get you anything but tired, tired of living, tired of moanin’… Sad really, y’all just need to let it go, move on to the next big thing, or the next world if you dare…”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     That actually funny…because he died

  • Robinhoodd173

    He hasn’t done anything to try and fix it either.  The only thing he has done is made it worse.  How many companies have gotten bailouts where the normal person could have his business go under.  Obama doesn’t care about the little business because they can’t throw enough money his way.  Look at all the grant money thrown away to millionaires and billionaires for businesses like Solyndra (spelling might be wrong here but you know who I mean) and others. He has done nothing but try to wreck our economy So don’t tell me he inherited this mess. Over 5 trillion in only 3 years!

  • Dgrain

    the olny thing worst than a left wing nut job is a right wing nut job becuase they have a more active imaganation. please the media is owned by the corparations and are many about making money. infotainment! which is the only reason this gets any press at all is for the joke factor that morrons still believe this crap.  think old lady with demichia at the rally and sore loosers.

    • Just a Girl

       Oh for fuck sake.

      Why does English baffle you so ? How silly of any of us not to be swayed by your profound wisdom, and firm grasp upon reality. * rolls eyes*

      “Demichia” ? – Just damn.

  • DC


  • Terry_Phillips

    I think it’s dementia (demichia) that seriously affects liberal loons.

  • Just a Girl

    Absolutely. It is a definite mental illness.

    “Demichia”..lol…damn, that one had me laughing randomly through out the day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     If you find misspelled words funny, you couldn’t possibly find more material than on the average comment page on this site. I’m sure it has nothing to do with what kind of site it is and how educated the average person who frequents it is though. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

  • DC

    I think it’s time for you to back to remedial english…! It’s very difficult to take you seriously when there are so many bone-headed mistakes in your rant!


     That’s true..and it’s what I have been telling all the right wing nut jobs AND left wing morons….No one can take EITHER of you seriously. Why can you see it in the other side but not yourselves?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TD7JUC6XETPJEF3XCZQ7DUOACQ Bob

     which is exactly what the nazi’s and communists did to their opposition
    they made their opponents look like jokes nutjobs loonies
    all through control of the media

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     Ok so because of that, no one in the history of the world will every be a true nut job loonie again??

    Every person made out to be such is never done so b/c of their own actions or words, but b/c they are the victim of some nazi style defamation?

    Or maybe, just maybe, some people are just crazy?


     Jesus learn to spell at a kindergarten level so these right wing nut jobs can at least understand your monkey ass.

  • Bruce108

    You know, I’m tired of being Fucked by this negro. I suspect I’m not alone.
    We should vote this homo commie OUT.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7MYUZRRHFA4BNWPEJMOQSKXKOY Eagle eye

      why do you refer to color you racist prick!  It destroys your entire argument. 

  • Ron04

     speaking on a purely observational level – people come in different colors.  White, black, brown, beige.  It’s just an observation.  This President is partly Negro.  That in itself is simply an observation.  Your over reaction to it is a choice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YGRIMNIJYCITPETG2VDBOAFQW4 ConRev2010

    oh …..I think bruce is quite correct……even in his book obama writes of his choice to choose his associated color and by choosing to run the administration as he has…he has set back civil rights by 50 years………it’s pretty sad too cause he could have brought it forward by 50

  • Bobby E.

    It’s what libs do best.

  • Babyboomer

    I have no objection in calling Obama “partly Negro”, but I do have concerns about referring to him as a ‘President’!

  • Ron04

    I couldn’t agree more, but the Sheeple elected him ,and until someone is able to impeach or prove otherwise, we’re stuck with him for 9+ more months. Hopefully no longer. But PLEASE PLEASE work to convince all the Paulbots that a third party vote IS a vote for Obama’s second term, plain and simple. These goofs “voting their conscience ” WILL assure it if we can’t convince them otherwise.

    And by the way, my spell check hits on “Obama” and wants to change it to “Osama”…interesting, don’t you think?


  • Henry Dennison

    A good way to win them over is to call them “Paulbots” b/c that will make them embrace the GOP and not vote 3rd party! Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  • Ron04

    Why would YOU call them a Paulbot to their face when trying to talk some sense into them about voting 3rd party? I know I wouldn’t. It doesn’t mean I don’t think of them as mindless drones, because they are. They support Ron Paul.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638054134 Wolfgang Perner

    A mindless drone is someone who debates which color of Warmonger he prefers, and supports the Military industrial and prison complex out of fear of losing his liberties.

  • Ron04

    I won’t belabor this, but a mindless drone is one who thinks a vote FOR a candidate with ZERO chance of winning is somehow better than a SECOND TERM OF OBAMA. So you’re either voting FOR the status quo, or you’re voting to change it by NOT wasting your vote. Period the end. Your “vote of conscience” does nothing but insure the incumbent gets re-elected. If that’s what you want, I can accept that but you can’t want change, campaign for change, believe in change and then throw away your vote on a third party or fringe candidate.

    Words like warmonger serve no purpose. Even a RINO is a million times better than what we have now. BTW – in your normal use of the English language, over the course of your lifetime, how many times have you used or even heard “military industrial and prison complex” – prior to this election and RP’s candidacy?


  • JohnArcher

    Hey Ron04, did you knew that the United States Senate is actually debating on an IMPEACHMENT MOTION against Obama for High Treason? Try googling H.CON.RES.107 112th session, and you will see that there HAS to be a vote for High Treason against the constitution, on the liability to declare war? Because in a senate comitee, the secretary of defense told the comitee that the President DOES NOT NEED the Senate AUTHORISATION before declaring war over a foreign country!!! I live in Canada, and I’m aware of this upcoming vote of the Senate… The american people should be aware BEFORE anybody else of an IMPEACHMENT motion, don’t you agree? ;)  

  • Ron04

    I was aware – unfortunately an exercise in futility in a Democratically controlled Senate..


  • weshallseeif

    Thats because your computer has a few screws loose like its owner.

  • weshallseeif

    But no problem referring that way to Bush. Go figure

  • Billy

    Bush earned every epithet he was ever called.  Bush was born white, rich, and privileged.  Born on third base and stole second.  He is an absolute moron whose economic and war policies have bankrupted the country.  It may take a generation for us to recover from his idiocy.  If he is called a chimp, that is why.  Not because he was born a black man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones



  • Rowwdy

     What was racist about Bruce’s post?  The word “negro”?  Hell MLK used it.  Do you even know where using the word “black” came from or started?  Try a radical, domestic terrorist…Stokely Carmichael.  There is no such thing as an “African American” either.  Africa is a continent, not a country.  There are Arabic and white countries on the CONTINENT of Africa.  Somehow, I doubt Egyptians like to be referred to as black or Africans.  So, cut the BS racist crap.  Using the term “African-American” is nothing more than a political stunt to get special consideration. 

  • Rushfan419

    Yeah, I hate the term “African American”.  There’s a whole shit-load of white people who live in Africa!


    no matter what word he chose………….he meant it as a “racial slur”……period!   all he had to say…was i am tired of ….by this administration……………there was no need for a description of race!

  • Lynnafulton

    Wanda, you are absolutely correct to object to this RACIST behavior.  If no one has called them white boys, they have no business referring to anyone’s race, religion or sex in a derrogatory manner.  It is simply racist and uncivilized.  As for Rowwdy and Rushfan419 (Not suprising, that.), everyone understands WhiteSpeak, boys.  We know what it means, and we know why you didi it.  Hey–you’re allowed to have that opinion and even cast your vote on that basis.  Okay with me!  But, please, don’t try to pretend you’re not racists again.  That IS offensive. 

  • Joy J Dyer

    All for Freedom.  This includes speech.  Say what you mean.  If Obama actually said what he means you would be singing another tune.  Wake up.  He knows how to use the ignorant,  he is doing a very fine job of it.  Pity the fools.

  • Guest

    I agree with rowwdy. Here are a few more: NAACP refers to colored people, United Negro College Fund and how about BET or black entertainment television. Try starting a WET and see how far you get!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     wow, the ole, “try starting WET”. You guys have literally been using that one since BET started.

    Please answer me this…if there was a WET, how would it differ from the vast majority of programming?

    It wouldn’t, therefore it doesn’t exist b/c it would be totally unnecessary.

  • Clem

     I absolutely agree with the “special consideration” comment, Rowwdy !!!    I did a paper on this very subject for my Persuasive Essay …

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     So what does white mean?

  • DellaValle

    I don’t like Obamma either.  I dislike his white half the most!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

     you can’t even spell his name



  • JIM D

    Where was the racist in that comment???  Is he not a homo commie half negro??

  • A K

    Actually if you strictly apply EEOC classification rules Obama is not African American, he is Arab African. He got away with always checking the black American box on applications without anyone taking a closer look.

  • Fool4dreamin

    If we believe his admittedly fictional book, he’s Arab-African-American.  He says his mother was white.  Course, like all the others in his background with pertinent information as to who he is, she’s dead.  According to the heritage claimed in his book, a distant African grandmother who married the Arab Slave trader who kidnapped her for sale as a slave is his only African in his heritage.  None of his ancestors were slaves.  They were slave tradersw who captured Africans and sold them into slavery.  He stole the African history to win the presidency and now due to his miserable performance, he has stolen their future.  His presidency has made it will much more difficult for another African American to be elected president or anything else.

  • Dexterisalapdog

    Awesome obsevations! May I add Obammy SHOULD BE American first, I mean taking office and stuff. Oh well, it seems to me we have lost our country to the likesa of elitist like Polosi, Reid and complete blithering idiots like Joe Biden.

  • huntergreen

    well…except for Allen West.


    Allen West could take it if He would run.  That’s who we need in the W.H   A.S.P.

  • DellaValle

    Real American black people should hate this slave trader.

  • Rowwdy

     ”Arab-African”  Spot on A K.  He is part Arab on his natural father’s side.  Basically he only qualifies as MAYBE 1/4 black.

  • Clem

    Natural father ???
    Really ???
    Birth certificate ???

  • Dexterisalapdog

    I hear he is quite homo and he seems to be whitish black.


    Bisexual, commie half crac-ker.  Better?

  • Knighteagle461

    How about No dick, raghead who promised to get the troops home, and he still aint done it! Oh add Liar too!

  • Dexterisalapdog

    Why isn’t calling someone an idiot intelectual racism…. LOL. Just amusing myself. You gotta read that with a bit of british accent.

  • Emeraldstar001


  • whoop

    who cares, lets just get his sorry butt out of there and ship him back to where ever. Give him a one way ticket on a boat with holes in the bottom and send him on his way. :)


    Let Chicago keep him and the eat your peas shopper.


    It was Obama that got used by the NWO and will be disgarded when they are through with him.  He probably doesn’t know which way to turn except grey.


    While I am very discontent with our President…sadly your type with the racial hatred & slurs are the VERY reason we are AS a world in such a bad way. Every President before Obama also messed up big time!  I am so tired of the racial slurs. Race is what divided US to begin with. Israel was promised to the Jewish people by God Himself. There is a promise between Father Abraham & God…upon choosing land with a jealous family member that is what has led us to this…time, of war and civil unrest………..RACE……WARS…and religious ones….I DO NOT LIKE OBAMA’S LEADERSHIP AT ALL…………but his race……….has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT…sadly many people that voted for him did so not because of what he stood for, but because of race………….so there are 2 sides to every story……….and I don’t support that kind of thinking either! 

  • weshallseeif

    Your comment leads me to believe that you have homosexual fantasiies about the President and so now you blame him for your supressed feelings surfacing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Jones/100000773411299 Adam Jones

    I’m sure all your anger towards this “negro, homo, commie” is totally rational and policy based. I’m sure you’ve thoroughly dissected his record before coming to the conclusion that he is, in fact, a homo commie.

    Vicious name calling w/ no basis about how he “Fucked” you (btw genius capitalization of fuck, idk why but it is) does not lead anyone to believe that you might just hate him for a skin deep reason and know literally nothing about his policy or agenda.

    Your ignorance and rage do not shine through brightly in your post at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Burke/1573712155 Daniel Burke

    Obama and his minions are corrupt to the core. The Chicago mob with assistance from Saudi Arabia and George Soros has installed a complete fraud and imposter in the oval office. And he won’t be leaving any time soon, folks. The coming election will be a hodgepog of violence in the streets, anarchy, and masive voter fraud resulting in a “contested” race.  MSM will support the fraud and Obama will never concede. Nixon left because GOP members came to him and told him he had to go; that will NEVER happen with the Dems: they are the party of lies, corruption, & voter fraud, and Obama is their high priest and MSM is their propaganda engine.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       prove any of this..i will listen…no? chump

  • Bobby E.

    Prove otherwise … weasel.

  • Fpmoore

    Thank you Mr Burke! I couldn’t have said it any better!

  • bigdtootall

    Don’t give up just yet, Daniel.The price of gas will lead to the summer of Obama’s discontent. Sending the self appointed voices of the blue bloods away on an extended stay would be a good idea for Republican hopefuls. Bill Maher can fun interference for Obama. Women’s health issues should not be discussed in the same fashion that Obama coyly avoided addressing this divisive issue with his standard “above my pay scale” cowardly answer. He is an excellent campaigner and has been practicing up for three years. Record his promises to be transparent and his promises to fix this mess in his first three years or “I will be a one term president.” Play them next to 41′s promise “read my lips no new taxes” and let the people decide. Go Ron Paul! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Johnson/100001040188641 Larry Johnson

    Go Ron Paul is correct. Mitt and Ricky are not eligable for the same reason Oblamer isn’t.Ron Paul loves our country, is not a chickenhawk, is a constitutionalist, patriot, non interventionist, Military Strengthener, Border Strengthener, wise Economist, NEVER has flip flopped, never has lied, never has dealt with lobbyists,always is honest and tells the truth even when people would rather have the status quo lies. Did not buy into the Congressional Retirement Plan because he thinks it rips off the taxpayers. Always has a budget surplus at the end of each year that he gives back. Always votes against raising taxes, wants to rebuild America and not give our hard earned money to the rich leaders overseas. He is the only hope we have to keep WWIII from killing every living organism on earth. Even the 1% won’t survive a total Thermal Nuclear War.Not even bacteria like Obama!

  • EmmJaa

    I don’t know about Mitt.  If his dad was a citizen by the time Mitt was born, then he is natural.  I like Mr. Paul, but you have to watch him when he starts talking about other people.  He knows his constituion, but I have doubts about his other facts. 

    I think the same thing is true for Rubio.  Bottomline, somebody needs to get the word out. If Mitt is not eligible, he needs to be off the ticket.  I don’t care if he is the best candidate in the world! 

  • EmmJaa

    I don’t know about gas prices over the summer.  If war does not break out with Iran and Russia, Obama will release the reserves as we get closer to the election and everyone’s memory is about as long as a milisecond. 

    Voters need to vote absentee.  I think it will be dangerous to go to the polls. 

    All that said, I want to know what we can do to keep Obama from sending the ballots to Spain to one of his top contributer to count.  How screwed up is that?


    well Mr. Burke……….is there a cave you can hide out in?……just jokin’…i think you are summing up the feelings of many people. While we are told to respect the “office of  President” …we (being Christians) are told to pray for leadership but it is hard when you know you are dealing with this kind of leader. I mostly responded to you to say that as I have been praying that I too, feel Obama will win again! (sick now) but I am looking at it from a Bible view, as in prophetic teaching. I feel that he is a big part in moving us that much closer to what has already been told about in the prophetic books of the Bible.  Anyways….take care & may God bless & keep you Sir!

  • Rico

    Anyone but you

  • Bonfire27_440

    Curious who all those who have posted here would prefer to be president?  not just out of the GOP candidates, but anybody.  Who would you choose and why?  

  • Bruce

    Are you really asking this question?  I would prefer that Donald Duck be President!  He most definitely was “born” in the US, more than I can say for the corrupt, puppet of the Elite class we currently have serving as our President.

  • EmmJaa

    Daniel, I don’t look for there to be a contested race. Obama cleverly hired some company in Spain to count the votes. With their system, once the ballots are submitted, they cannot be teased apart to address any issue any any precinct. So that takes care of that problem doesn’t it. Also, apparently the owner of the company is one of Obama’s biggest contributors. So, I suspect he can program his machine to deliver whatever he wants it to say.

    I want to know what Congress can do to keep the ballots from being handled in this way. This is a scam just waiting to happen. It makes me question why we will even go through the fruitless exercise of voting.

  • Pingback: ABUSE OF POWER « bobsbox

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffery-Rightmire/100000494152636 Jeffery Rightmire

    I am not scared I am telling this commie that we the people want the truth and nothing BUT the truth. He is a fraud and a marxist liberal who does not know how to tell the truth if it bit him in the butt. This Master Deceiver must be impeached and tried for treason and also the scam he has pulled. Then when found guilty-HUNG on national TV. That would be a healing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.wolvers Steve Wolvers

    Down Boy Down damn you are a pussy with threats like that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mellie.torre Mellie Torre

    The muslim marxist commie in the WH better be packing up his things – gettin’ ready to MOVE BACK TO INDONESIA in Nov!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Likely not unless Ron Paul wins the nomination..but I bet if he loses he will only go as far as Chicago.

  • TejasKat

    The communist infiltration runs deep: local, state, federal offices; the education system; corporations, religious institutions, etc. Most of the media are Martist-mouthpieces. The media was warned in 2008. Maoist, Anita Dunn even declared how they told the media what to say. Doug Hagmann published an article about one media person’s recount about a visit from the soon-to-be Obama regime.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Did you see how many ex-FOX reporters told about how FOX pushes for the republicans? Why isn’t FOX reporting on this? Surely THEY aren’t afraid of threats and would break this wide open…OH WAIT…THERE’S NO STORY!!!!!

  • Fgsltwthg316-misc

     Because Fox is just as much a propaganda tool as the rest of the corporate-owned media.  Open your eyes and stop listening to them all!  Get your news on the net.  Yes you have to weed through a lot of garbage, but at least you have a better chance of discovering the truth than you ever would listening to Fox or CNN.

  • Walt

     You need to start showing your yourself are intelligent.  If you were, you would know there are at least FIVE liberals as host of daily shows.  It was reported after the last election that over 50% of the employees donated to the democrat party.  So can your Fox propaganda.  You should do your homework and act intelligent instead of mouthing the DNC talking points.  You are getting nowhere except advertising how unknowledgable you truly are.

  • Hal49

    Welcome to Nazi America, my friends. All that is missing now are the brown shirts.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Another nut job.

  • coacht11

    yahoo,, YOU Sir are the NUT JOB,, You still can’t THINK for yourself ,, you have to use the Leftys thought process to be able to put out what your saying. Go back to were you came from, If this nut job gets another term,, I would LOVE to be able to find you and look you in the eye and see how you feel then,,, You moron, but maybe being a Lib/Lefty is a sickness,, Skin color and morons is ALL the left needed to get it done, are at least thats what they think.

  • A K

    Unlike the 1930′s, this time the brown shirts are on the Left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KABarry1901 Kevin A Barry

    You mean the “New Black Panthers” ?  Ein Reich, EIn Volke, Ein Obama…. 

  • Perry Way

    The saddest thing is most people don’t really want (or care to) know the truth.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       The key word is “TRUTH”. Find it and prove it…with CREDIBLE testing by IMPARTIAL testers..People will then listen..You people expect folks to listen when you test the BC with Arpaio…That’s like letting the family of a murder victim be the judge and jury at the trial of the suspect…guilty or innocent the suspect is screwed….Well, America is more just than RIGHT WING morons OR LEFT WING nuts.

  • 31Mike

    You have to start somewhere. Why not Arpaio? You think he’s doing this just because he’s pissed at Holder?  Arpaio isn’t stupid. Why would he take on an investigation of this magnitude if there wasn’t something there? His investigators waited months before presenting their evidence and now it’s in Obama’s lap to prove them wrong, but we all know he’ll bob and weave just like Holder has done with Fast and Furious and drag this out till he gets sent packing back to Chicago.   Besides, who would you like to see do a thorough investigation that is totally IMPARTIAL? Name someone. You can’t, because this country has been split for 20 years because of the ever increasing numbers of “Progressives” being given power by the ever increasing number of “Morons” being raised in this country year after year who view “Progressives” as the SAVIORS, when in fact they’re bringing this country to it’s knees faster than you can say WTF. This country has been  getting “progressively softer” with each new generation and the events of the past 4 years support that. We elected the most RADICAL president in our nations history and that’s a FACT.

  • April Skelton

    I want to know the truth and I believe a lot of REAL Americans feel the same way.  What is this man hiding?  Get it all out in the open.  The news media for the most part, sickens me.  What have they to win or lose by withholding the truth?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Exactly…that’s why I say that if there was a REAL story here FOX would be ALL over it, threats be damned (I’d like to see the proof on those threats by the way). So it’s very hard for me to believe coming from Arpaio and his obvious right winger Posse (and book writers who stand to profit if there is a fraud and not get a penny if there is no fraud).

  • Ron04

     without taking sides at this point – absolutely ZERO vetting took place in 2008.  That will NOT be the case in 2012.  I would hope you and all of his supporters would be willing to see and hear the truth in the open, in the light of day.  That’s all we’re asking for – not just blind faith.

  • Lg26

    Bull Crap, Fox news is already running scared.  That was the last real news we had and now we can’t even get that from them because of threats by the Obama Goverment lawsuits.  Wake up people this guy Obama is taking over or his idolog dogs backing him.  While we sleep like sheep they have let loose the wolves to take over our country.  The truth be told, it is probably too late!  

  • Lg26

    Their Jobs!  Haven’t we already watched this on Fox?  Checkout Glenn Beck or the Judge!   I will be surprised if we have an honest election in this country ever again.  If they can fake a birth certificates they can fake elctions.  Most states use computers at their voting poles, Including here in TX.  We are going to end up like Russia the only difference will be Obama instead of Putin.

  • Leon R.

    Glenn Beck left Fox News to start his own GBTV Network.  I think Fox was doing well in the ratings with Glenn Beck.   NPR on the other hand was looking for a reason to fire Juan Williams because of his working on Fox News.  Also, I believe Pat Buchanan was fired by MSNBC for writing a book that had a chapter title which some of the MSNBC leftist did not like.

    The “Commander and Misleader,” Obama is going to Oklahoma to pretend to be allowing the oil pipeline to be built and prove those “mean” Republicans are lying to the public about his objections and stalling.  Please America, do not elect this liar expecting him to complete any oil pipeline when he is trying to prevent private land owners from drilling for oil and natural gas on their property by putting the EPA and in some cases the FDA up to introducing barriers.  Obama hates it the George W. Bush allowed more drilling and production before leaving office (Why does Obama not blame Bush for this. Gas would have been above $5/gallon last year if not for Bush’s policy).

  • Hoops

    I think that Breitbart is going to be putting out some of there finding on this, too, in some upcoming videos.  Hey Obama, FUCK YOU! We are coming after you and your cronies and you cannot kill us all.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Yeah now there’s intelligent commentary…I am certain he is frightened to tears..Bring out PROOF by people who have nothing to gain from it…not empty (and ignorant) threats…moron.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    Dear Obama Truth Squad member,
    There is no PROOF that could be submitted that you and your puppet masters would accept .  Certainly that paragon of truth and justice, Eric Holder, would never say a disparaging word against his master.  Perhaps if there was enough money involved we could cajole one of the journOlisters to actually research and report on evidence. Would you accept the Arpaio report if Keith Olbermann or that Madcow woman examined it and deemed it to be the truth?  Oh wait, I’ve got it!  I am positive you would accept it if only cBS would bring Dan Rather out of the moth balls of “retirement” to examine and announce it as authentic proof that the fuhrer is an imposter.  Rest assured if Dan said it was the truth then the CommunistNewsNetwork would broadcast it 24/7. LOL!  You people slay me.  Run along now and report back to the fuhrer what an EPIC FAIL you have been here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    Dear Obama Truth Squad member,
    There is no PROOF that could be submitted that you and your puppet masters would accept .  Certainly that paragon of truth and justice, Eric Holder, would never say a disparaging word against his master.  Perhaps if there was enough money involved we could cajole one of the journOlisters to actually research and report on evidence. Would you accept the Arpaio report if Keith Olbermann or that Madcow woman examined it and deemed it to be the truth?  Oh wait, I’ve got it!  I am positive you would accept it if only cBS would bring Dan Rather out of the moth balls of “retirement” to examine and announce it as authentic proof that the fuhrer is an imposter.  Rest assured if Dan said it was the truth then the CommunistNewsNetwork would broadcast it 24/7. LOL!  You people slay me.  Run along now and report back to the fuhrer what an EPIC FAIL you have been here.

  • Clem

     Hey yahoo… , you’re stooping to name-calling. Tsk, tsk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516859771 John Sweet

    Obviously he has something to hide and he is doing his best to make sure that he does not end up in front of a firing squad. 

    have been trying to find where president Obama changed his name back

    Soetoro, and how he was able to travel overseas to Pakistan on an
    Indonesian Passport, since they require that you be a citizen of that
    nation to get one

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       Where in the hell is the proof of these threats? Why isn’t FOX reporting on it? They damned sure wouldn’t back down if there was a story here as they HATE democrats.

  • Ron04

     Please clarify – what part of that post by JOHN SWEET do you perceive as a threat?

  • Fpmoore

    Oh yes,I didn’t think FOX news backed down either; I have noticed they are avoiding any bad news that comes out about obama! I’m sure obama has gotten to them too!

  • Lg26

    They have gotten to Fox !!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are you not watching?

  • Loral Orow

     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Waleed_bin_Talal, a Saudi Prince Billionaire…….
    In the Business Section it tells that he has huge investments in Fox News, Citibank, Harvard University and Georgetown University, among many others in this country.  That probably explains why Fox has cut back on telling details of Obama’s exploits.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IRKAZCMLS5YWADV6U4LBESDB5A Tony

    FOX news reporting. Thats funny as HELL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    FOX hates demonrats?  Three quarters or more of their employees, commentaters and guests are communist demonrats.  Clearly you have no idea of which you speak.  What threat are you referring to?


    Fox is no longer Fox as we knew it.  You haven’t noticed?

  • Leon R.

    I guess you have not been watching Sean Hannity lately and “The Vetting of Obama”.   There was lots hidden about Obama by the leftist media (like CNN with their Obama T-Shirts and overly European journalist and anchors on US Cable pushing one-side support for any socialist ideas); The American voters deserved the President it got for not insisting on vetting this man (or at least believing that he is a radical Socialist and maybe even Communist).  I have seen video clips of one of Obama’s mentors admitting he helped hide video of Obama speaking at a Radical Professor’s rally.  I am sure that people who do not believe there is more hidden will be proved wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    IIRC, Barry suddenly began using his new name after his return from training in Pahkeestahn.  He doesn’t need no stinkin’ laws to change his name!  I’m feeling pretty today … perhaps I will deem myself Princess Diana II…her secret love child and announce my run for CONgress.

  • Rowwdy

     John;  you won’t find any proof.  At least not through normal channels now.  Obamao’s handlers sterilized his entire life.  Obamao was LEGALLY adopted by his mother’s 2nd husband, hence the name change.  Soetoro IS his legal name as he never had it changed back.  This was documented by the State Bar of IL.  Barry was disbarred because from EVER practicing law again because he DID IN FACT commit perjury on his Bar application.  When asked if he had ever used another name, he ticked the NO box.  His college records from Occidental College were under Barry Soetoro. And, he was registered as a foreign student and also received a foreign student grant.  ALL of this was out before his records were sealed. 

  • ricochet

    This is know doubt true, i believe he is also a closet bisexual and was probably tied to the murder of Donald young in December of 2007. Look it up

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       for Christs sake…are you looking for a boyfriend? jeez there are plenty of brothers out there that are gay for you to choose from..stop fantasizing…the pres is not gonna push in your pooper for you.

  • Kagiso3741

    yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA, you have a strong attraction to feces and Obama .. Makes perfect sense!! Touch all of that as much as you want but stop bringing the stench of it here ..

  • Littlebytes

    LOL your comment totally cracked me up…I guess that explains BO what’s that smell??


    Donald Young’s family thinks so to but they shut them up quick.  Seems like anything that does come out about our dear leaders past, has to come from news sources in other countries.  Russia papers printing The Sheriffs story is a real trip.

  • Cmfoley

    He might be your Pres but not mine. The sheriff needs o arrest him should he step foot in his county. I am sure the governor will support the sheriff with state guard troops if necessary.. not a frigging thing omoma BAma a could do about. He can’t call in federal troops as that would be against the constitution. Then again the Muslim has already gone against the constitution

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA yahoo-67VH2EX3JWHGESFFKNBFIYUNMA

       What a complete moronic nut job you are…conspiracy theorist anyone?

  • Rowwdy

     Yahoo…explain how it is that Obamao was known as Barry Soetoro for years?   Explain why he was disbarred.  Explain why he has NO documented full time job history.  Explain why Moochelle was also disbarred.  Explain why he is using a CT social security issued number as proven on his tax filings.  Explain why he is the ONLY person in recent times to hide ALL his school records.  Why all the secrecy? Go on yahoo…..explain it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    Finally someone got it right!  You cannot impeach him as he is not a legitimate president.  I am not so sure the governor would support the Sheriff, however.  She runs hot and cold and one can never be sure where she will stand from one day to the next.

    Wasn’t Barry in Arizona recently?  Just before Joe’s news conference?

  • Intmd8r321

    Impeach his worthless ass!

  • Hambone

    This is exactly what happened in Germany with the little maniac  and in Russia with Stalin. Control the Media and demonize the opposition


    • http://www.facebook.com/KABarry1901 Kevin A Barry

      The History 2 channel is running the RISE of the Third Reich, and the Fall, there are some very similar things going on now right here in the good ole USA, that happened in 1938 Germany, and we know how that turned out.  Political adversaries were SILENCED.  Take a look at what they are trying to do to RUSH.  The Children were indoctrinated in the schools to have loyalty to the STATE and not their parents.  Take a look at what’s being taught in your local school, revisionist history, Progressives GOOD Patriots’ BAD   they even want to control what your child eats at lunch, and forces them to eat what they provide and you must PAY for it, if they don’t like the lunch you packed.  Watch the teachers teaching the kids the MMM MMM MMMM Obama song.  The People of Germany were devastated after WWI, the economy was in the toilet and along comes a dictator and the next thing you know everyone was Seig Heiling, or else.   If you don’t want to take the time to read the book.  The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, watch this video series, it’s eye opening and history does repeat itself.  

  • TxTchr

     Hey Kevin, I am not sure where you are getting your information regarding public schools, but you REALLY should take heed to the insults you throw there. There is NOthing of the sort going on in OUR schools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    Keep those blinders firmly in place there TxT.  It may not be happening in YOUR schools, but it IS happening in many schools across the nation.  Do a little research.  The lunch story Kevin referred to happened recently in North Carolina.  It was all over the “news” and the web.

  • Rowwdy

     The hell there isn’t Tx.  My wife is a former teacher and she quit after 10 years because of the total take over by socialists and the outright crap they tried to force down kid’s throats.  Public schools today are machines for far left propaganda.  They are VERY dangerous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

    You should have 100 more “likes” to this post! 

  • coacht11

    The people that FOLLOW the little king are JUST like what happened in Germany back in the 30s. They started with the youth, then go from there to the different races. My GOD People wake the hell up, what is wrong with you morons,Yes I said morons, Because YOU have to be an idiot, moron , or just plain stupid to NOT SEE what he is doing to take DOWN America and to HIDE anything and everything about him. This is making me sick. This Would NOT happen if THIS President were WHITE, Sorry but the truth hurts doesn’t it. If this were BUSH 1 OR 2,REAGAN,or any other WHITE president the REAL and truthfull Media would be going AFTER them like white on rice as they say. AMERICA HAS NO Free and Truthfull media.  What happened to the REAL Journilist, Commentators, or just a beat reporter or writer,, Dam,, I wonder what America would be like if THIS happened with Nixon and HE were a democrat back then, What would America BE LIKE if what the SO CALLED media is doing today would have done it THEN. You know  I am afraid for ALL of my grandchildren and I will ask these people that STILL support obama,,,, with what is being TOLD to you and Proven to you ,, will you be able to say to your grandchildren in 10yrs that YOU ,, Yes You WERE one of the reasons the country is in the shape it is in at that time,,,, Will YOU be able to look them in the eye and say YES,, My lord people,, JUST THINK ,,,,,,, Use your mind,,, think about why there are soooo many things that don’t add up with obama,,, or do you just care because of skin color and all you worry about is winning. You people sicken me along with the piece of crap in the white house,,WHAT WILL it take for YOU people to open your eyes and mind to what is REALLY Happening to America right in FRONT of YOU.

  • Ohgrx

    wow you guys are idiots

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruth-Nicola-Fountain/100001113450031 Ruth Nicola Fountain

    Very interesting.  How about we vote him out and see what happens.  Can’t get any worse, right?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

      LOL!  You “vote him out” folks are funny.  Do you honestly think that is a real possibility?  Do a search on the term “voter fraud” and see if you still believe it.

  • Jim D

    Where was the racist in that comment???  Is he not a homo commie half negro??

  • A K

    We don’t have a free press, that time is over. We now have an MSM that pushes agitprop and disinformation. The US is drifting into totalitarianism. 

  • http://beforeitsnews.com/stories/by/0000000000007162 Bob Uda

    The real truth will come out after Obama dies and 25 years has elapsed.  The truth that will come out is that Obama is a fraud and a phony.  He has pulled the biggest hoax on the American people in the history of the United States.  I know I will live to see the day that all of the hidden information will be released by true patriots.  May God bless the USA from the corrupt Progressives in allowing this Marxist-socialist to be elected to the highest position in the land.  May God remove this blight from this great country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/KABarry1901 Kevin A Barry

      Unfortunately, many of us won’t be here, and the United States will not be recognizable if he wins another term.  We truly are at a cross road 

  • Stefen Randall

    The inauguration of Barack Obama created a line of demarcation, as to
    which side of the constitution one can be on. As of January 20, 2009,
    the federal government under Obama is 100% illegitimate, and the enemy
    of the constitutional government. Giving one’s allegiance to the usurper
    will put one on the illegal side of the constitution, making one an
    enemy of the constitutional government.

    The punishment for treason is death.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1337979004 Randal Phillips

    Any commentator who backed off because of these threats should be fired. First of all, once the story surfaced, they would not dare carry out their threats for fear of exposure. Second, the PURPOSE of commentators is to expose the TRUTH. Anyone posing as a commentator who isn’t willing to do the job shouldn’t be paid for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729531505 Mike Sprague

    HEY – I have been talking about this for a while now – Did Barry sign into Selective Service when he turned 18? everyone male is required to do it. the social security thing – was it from Connecticut – yes or no – explain why it is in CT and not HI or KS or IL or where ever the fuck he is from. how many quarters has he paid into? when and where did that start? I have not heard anyone any talk about this at all. he is a fucking enigma that no know jack about. he could not get a security clearance to be on his own protective detail – yet we, by a popularity contest, have given this narcissistic sociopath the keys to the liquor cabinet, the car, and the password to our money – he is spending our money like a hooker with a stolen credit card. 

  • Tony

    Quite simple to get the newspapers to do their job, stop funding them. don’t buy their bullshit paper for a week or so, OUCH !!!

    • Loral Orow

      Nobody buys newspapers in my area.  There is no need to.  We get notices from both papers wanting to give us a free week just to try to get a subscription.  Haven’t look at one in probably10 years or more.  The internet has wonderful newspapers/videos

  • http://www.facebook.com/dleestern Lee Stern

    This is how Hitler came to power with the aid of his Liberal NAZI Agenda!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TD7JUC6XETPJEF3XCZQ7DUOACQ Bob

      nazi’s were actually very liberal
      in all policies besides racial mingling
      the only radical thing was the racial question
      everything else just screamed barack obama
      except nazi germany had an economy
      while “progressive” america doesn’t

  • Linda11454

    Wow our thug of a president must go

    • McCloud9

      Wow our thug of a president must go… TO PRISON!!! Along with ALL his Advisors, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi A Shit load of Zcars, a Couple Supreme Court Justices. The PEOPLE MUST TAKE THIER GOVT. BACK! By any and ALL Means.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580877779 AlWolf Sandlin

    hang him high, high crimes = death. … but if you are paying attention he is setting things up quickly this past week to cover his ass and end our rule of law and we the people. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Deming/100001302481307 Lynda Deming

      I agree with you, but the “rule of law” and the constitution ceased to exist on January 20, 2009.  The CYA is only necessary because the “birthers” would not cease and desist as they had planned.

  • Winghunter

    Did threats silence media on Obama probe? Stunner! Sources say warnings were to not report on Sheriff Joe’s results

  • Cheezwhiz

    What a crock of BS…you guys will say ANYTHING! Why don’t you just come out of your closet as a racist who hates having a black president instead of lying like this? Do you really think anyone but other racists believes this? 

    • Grubbel49445


  • Loral Orow

     Exactly what is racist about a president who threatens reporters if they tell the truth?  Or who completely ignores the Constitution that he took and oath to defend?  Racist?   Hasn’t that cry been buried yet?  Why don’t you just try to live like a human being and that’s how you’ll be treated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580877779 AlWolf Sandlin
  • Pop5311

    Right.! A threat against any reporter or news media by the President of the United States of America would be political suicide by that president! Remember Watergate?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arcangelo-Cisco-Cocco/1280905617 Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    And this is surprising?

  • Freddamon3

    He must be afraid of something to threaten the Federal Goons on the media, don’t give in to his threats cause they mean nothing coming from him. Sooner he is out of office the better.

  • Skeena73

    Yes it looks like somebody has got to the fox crew as they just keep running away from the situation. The big self inflated gas bag Bill O professes to be a tuff guy. He’s about as tuff as a marshmellow on a July afternoon in AZ. Whinnity just keeps bleating ” Obama said unemployment will be under 8%” i’m sure i heard hat 500 times. somebody should jam that plastic foot ball of his up his ass. Machine gun mouth Meagen lets her show run amok and one might as well turn it off Cuz  it;s like listening to some one feeding crows in the landfill. Greta Monotone just likes to entertain Trump and let him blow smoke up his own ass and tell everyy body how smart he is. Sheppy just likes to let the bottom feeders loose so he can yell at them. Nobody  will touch the BC thing with a ten foot pole. It seems some Saudi Prince decided to get him self a few dogs and train them. It must be pretty crappy being a muslims dog. Muslims don’t even like dogs but goats are fine. Hemmer,Mc Callum, and some of the others can fill in that department

  • Rowwdy

    “Demichia”?  LOL….it that a relative to Chia-pet or is it a Mexican food?

  • Rowwdy

     Oh he is afraid alright.  So  is Soros and his ilk.  The puppet is in dangerous waters if he is exposed and the handlers lose all their power. I were a journalist and I was threatened, I would be madder than hell.  Especially if the threats involved all the media outlets.  Don’t you think there is more to the smoke when this administration issues such a threat?  Like maybe a huge bonfire?  I tell you what, the media people best get their heads out of their collective butts before it is too late.

  • hammer666

    Another violation of our Constitution. He is in breach of his duty as a commander-in-chief. He is also suppose to protect and defend the Constitution. More evidence for his trial of treason….. sure.

  • Wizzkids

    regardless if discovered illegal or not. He’s the worst President in my opinion. why all of the secrecy about him? He sure loves the perks as president!
    A man elected with only brief experience for a law firm, where he met Rachelle, a state senator for Illinois, a U.S. Senator and then president.
    He could have taken his $787Billion stimulus bill and paid all of Europe’s debt and made every American a millionaire w/ change left over. Says a lot about our currency … which is fast on its way to collapse

  • Loral Orow

    He has been the worst president imaginable and not even a legal president, but lamestream media still lets it go.  Are they afraid of him or just unethical?  I would think it might be better to lose your job than to lose your country.

  • bigdtootall

    If the blue bloods dont kill each other off first and stick to point (a big IF), Obama’s reelection campaign will melt down to a billion dollars of damage control. BHO is one cool cat and he is not going to melt easily but his aides have already digressed into mindless talking points and examples where Bush did similiar if not worst things. Obama needs to recall his Talking Heads and retrofit them to address Mitt Romney. Unfortunately the only dirt in Mitt’s house is a misunderstood Mormon faith and his flip flopping on health care issues. Those talking points are on thin ice for the red bloods but their only other choice will be to debate economic performances mano et mano. Oh my what they would give for a compromising pic of Romney and Perry with just their boots on! Personally, I believe digging up the birther issue will help Obama more than hurt. Got any pics?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erika-Talnagi/740768357 Erika Talnagi

    They don’t even have to prove anything with birth certificate since his own wife said that Obama’s home country is Kenya so it’s obvious he born there!!! Listen up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBJihJBePcs&feature=share Why is he president? To me seems like someone is really trying hard for him to be one. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erika-Talnagi/740768357 Erika Talnagi

    They don’t even have to prove anything with birth certificate since his own wife said that Obama’s home country is Kenya so it’s obvious he born there!!! Listen up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBJihJBePcs&feature=share Why is he president? To me seems like someone is really trying hard for him to be one. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=593027632 John Archer

    Did you knew that the United States Senate is actually debating on an IMPEACHMENT MOTION against Obama for High Treason? Try googling H.CON.RES.107 112th session, and you will see that there HAS to be a vote for High Treason against the constitution, on the liability to declare war! Because in a senate comitee, the secretary of defense told the comitee that the President DOES NOT NEED the Senate AUTHORISATION before declaring war over a foreign country!!! I live in Canada, and I’m aware of this upcoming vote of the Senate… The american people should be aware BEFORE anybody else of an IMPEACHMENT motion, don’t you agree? ;)  

  • Paulo

    Some comments are
    simply disgusting not only by expressing intolerance with a President who was
    democratically elected, but also by these racist comments! I believe that most
    people that criticize Obama have a racist feeling about him… disgusting!

    • Robert S.

      See any racism coming from the Obama administration?

  • Mackie72

    3+ years later and you Libs are STILL throwing that race card out there, huh?
    I dislike Barry as president and I dislike Marxists. If I’m a “racist” I’ll let YOU tell it to my wonderful daughter-in-law who’s the mom of my 2 mixed-race grandkids! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HE3QP6FTX25E7XVNTQR4U4Q5KA Jeff

    nobama is a bad president…i wanted herman cain…guess im a racist huh? im only against incompetent presidents  no matter what their color of skin is

  • A Martin

     Can’t think up any intelligent rebuttal huh?  Racist? that’s just stupid–look at the laundry list of partial complaints right above your post… There are more and none of them have anything to do with race.
    I can think of one though-Obama is reacially idvisive and so are you by your unwarranted & irrevelant comments on race.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Johnson/100001040188641 Larry Johnson

    This is so simple I cannot believe people are still defending this liar. His birth certificate is a forgery,’ his Selective Service Registration is a forgery, his Social Security Card and # is stolen from a dead person issued in a state he never resided in. He has comitted two counts of treason that we know of in war crimes. He lied about his intentions when taking office. He has had ex homosexual lovers murdered. He has spent more money in his first three years posing as president than all of the real Presidents since George Washington to GW Bush spent combined by about three trillion dollars. He has taken more vacations than any President on Record while doing absolutely nothing and hiding out in Our Oval Office. He has pleged his allegience to Islam. He has made steps towards turning America into a Military Police State. He has ignored the constitution at every turn in his twisted daily decisions. He is an admitted Crack Cocaine Addict ( once an Addict, always an Addict ) he may not be using but he is still an addict. ( personally, I think he acts like a drug addict) He has embarrassed us internationally on several occassions. He has no respect for the American flag or the MilitaryTroops that he sacrifices without remorse. He does not respect our borders or immigration laws. His health plan was written by Mitt Romney who is the second stupidest human in America.He wants to take our right to bear arms away ( Hitler, Mao,Stalin, Mussolinni sp.) did the same thing.He doesn’t remember his birtdate when asked. Nobody knows or remembers him when he was in college. He’s a phony, lying, S.O.B. and should be impeached and jailed. Even Joe Biden agrees with this as of yesterday! So what’s the problem? He’s going down and in November the defender of the constitution is taking over. (Well, in January anyway). Peace !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ted-Reading/100001058329488 Ted Reading

    The media is neither liberal or conservative, it’s state controlled, bought and paid for, long ago. As for the birth certificate, it’s as bent as a 3 dollar bill. Stepford is a phony.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pad-Dar/100002515504977 Pad Dar

    Well….gee, if this USURPED SLIME was legit, he would not be bothered with this.

  • Robert S.

    Let’s not forget.. He 
    intentionally sealed his college records too. I wish the Republican candidates would bring that up while campaigning and demand that Obama release them to the public. 

  • http://twitter.com/ROCnewsletter Righting Our Consent

     Who in the FTC threatened media outlets over the Sheriff Arpaio reports on fraud of Obama documents? Will FTC IG investigate?

  • Johnnyjarhead

    Not surprised that Obama is a criminal; just about every president of the U.S. before him was a criminal also. The criminality goes back a long way, back to Truman & beyond.  The Dems & GOP are two sides of the same criminal coin.  Can’t trust anyone from either party.   The previous administration was about as corrupt as they get, & the country is still feeling the repurcussions from that warmongering thug.  This new thug & Bof A & the rest of the corporate govorporation are stealing cash left & right from people & ‘merikans still vote for them.  Nuts, just a pack of nuts.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HE3QP6FTX25E7XVNTQR4U4Q5KA Jeff

       thats right,STILL blame bush…if nobama gets reelected theyll still be blaming bush in 2015 for nobama’s mistakes 3 years from now

  • weshallseeif

    Mainstream Media….who does this group consist of? I know…anyone that has a mind to think for themselves.

  • Bcollins0205

    we need to REVOLT through a mega-demand on our Senators & Congressmen.  These thieves need to be prosecuted, impeached & jailed!

  • Barb Dietrich

    Well I saw his long form birth certificate, you are wasting your time. Or just making a lot of money off an ebook…Geez people! He stood with it in hand and it was examined and authentic.

    • Piks123

      Examined? By who? The Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse  examined that document and determined it as fraudulent. Plus they went public with their findings. Where is Obama’s proof of authenticity? I’d like to add — I don’t recall Sheriff Joe lieing to us and as for Obama — You could spend all day plus writing down the lies he ‘told us. One more thing Barb, See if he can get  Reid, Pelosi or anyone who was in Congress to swear and sign on paper  that he was properly vetted and his birth certificate is authentic. That would certainly make me feel better and if it’s fraudulent — some will go to prison.

  • Dale300

    He is acting like a typical Chicago thug. Isn’t it sad that most of us are actually scared for our country like we never had before since the Civil War.  I feel it will take years to actually get the truth out there so others know how we have been duped by this president.

    • Lisa4USA

       It’s not just Barry…he had lots of help, for many years. Did you hear what the mailman said? He knew he was going to be ‘president’. Actually, he was ‘bred’ for that purpose, but don’t tell anyone, they’ll say you’re nuts. But for your own edification, check out Frank Marshall Davis and compare his picture with Barry and his alleged dad, Obama. Davis was ‘married’ (despite his well-known sex-capades with young men and women), and couldn’t give him his name, Obama wasn’t and could. They all were Marxists and he was raised in that sewage to hate America….Does anyone here wonder how he got the be POTUS and why he’s destroying it? He couldn’t do it on his own.

  • Lisa4USA

    “Had the mainstream media done their job, we wouldn’t have done [this book].”
    The most important point would be that we wouldn’t be up to our necks in The Obama Nation if the press had said: I don’t care if I’m fired or found dead in a ditch–America is worth dying for. Sure, that would have set the country on fire, but that will happen anyway once the looters realize that they won’t get the free stuff that was promised by the “totalitarian freaks”.

  • Snoozinglion

    They are going to have to go to the international media…

    The Obama administration has perpetrated and committed fraud and the american media is being held hostage by way of threats from the FTC.

  • Snoozinglion

       People should start boycotting the msm including FOX.

    Print up t-shirts and web banners saying “The Emperor has no
    clothes!” and the media can’t be trusted anymore. They are useless and
    serve no purpose now. None. Zippo. Zilch. Nada.
    Anyone who advertises on their stations should be boycotted as well.

    This is the only way to get any action on this travesty.
    You have to hit them where it counts, in the pocket book.
    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/22/lord-monckton-im-no-birther-but-obama-birth-certificate-plainly-a-forgery/#ixzz1puq7dGsv

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dax-Dushkewich/100000887223076 Dax Dushkewich

    Why is the media mute on Obama’s secret history, and shady past?

    Why is no journalist in the mainstream media facing down this
    demon from hell?

    Is it because they know that behind the facade of Obama hides a gang of murderers and fraudsters who will kill critics, dissenters, and problems like Donald Young?

    In politics, you must have a wild imagination to get to the truth because it is a very dirty and wild game.

    No question is out of bounds. Not in politics. Not in America. Not in 2012.

    All questions must be raised. There is no such thing as an “indecent” or “despicable” question when it comes to the lives and careers of successful modern politicians, many of whom are psychopathic, immoral, and probably suffer from a range of brain disorders.

    Anything is possible with these freaks.


      Ask Breitbart

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HE3QP6FTX25E7XVNTQR4U4Q5KA Jeff

     yep,nobama has  has more killed than clinton did back in arkansas in the 80s to cover up

  • Joy J Dyer

    You mean even Sean Hannity is not going to cover this ?

  • Billcowan1



    Nostradamus tells the whole story.That is why there is no background on

    I believe Obama is the ANTI CHRIST. Who else could be the President of
    the United States and no one knows any thing about him and his

    Even if you don’t believe in such a thing (ANTI CHRIST) Think about were
    did he come from. Pray for strength, it’s here!

    The ANTI CHRIST can manipulated many things.

    It’s time to say I rebuke Obama in the Name of the Lord

  • BigJohn

    Barry is a complete waste of skin. So sorry that whole healthcare thing didn’t work out for you as well, numb nuts.

  • Modersnsage

    Ever since Obama, won the election in 2008, alot of right wingers have been resteless and have never been happy since.I could call it the Zimmerman syndrome.Nothing to see here.Pay these people no mind

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7JENUE332CB4G3AMIWSLSUJITA Rick

    The media has been duped, and the threats from obama (appears to be physical and possibly on family members of the media) and his gang of thugs!

  • ProquciProdesse

    So arrest the Usurper already… face/palm 

  • http://twitter.com/Voter889 Voter894

    Truth is, race has never been MORE highlighted and used then it has since Obama became president. Its quite a pain in the ass.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JI4CHQXPYS5YIPYZS3MNIQCIFE Thegrinch

    See what happens when a muslim terrorist from a foreign country is able to infiltrate our government? Threatens and kills anyone who is in his way! RIP Breitbart!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1387880053 Mark Kawa

    The truth always comes out! Always!!! It’s funny that Obama thinks he will rise above it. Not so sir…not so, and you heard it here first. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SELNRET7SXGU6BNQMJO6CXWMRY D.e.f.y.O.r.d.i.n.a.r.y

    Sheriff Arpaio is a bigot… but I’ll be darned, I BELIEVE him.  I’ve never had a good feeling about Obama and after researching him on the internet (because the MSM can’t be trusted) I’ve been disgusted with my findings.  Obama is a liar, a fraud, and an absolute embarrassment to this country.  How so many people can be fooled by his massive trickery is beyond me.  Please God, or aliens, or whatever is out there… help get Ron Paul into office to stop this madness.  I seriously don’t want to live on this planet anymore!