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Excerpted from John Sexton’s piece in Breitbart.com’s Big Journalism: The NBC producer responsible for the misleading edit of the George Zimmerman’s 911 call has been fired. The producer was reportedly fired Thursday, but the firing did not hit the press until this Friday evening, just before a holiday weekend. NBC News had no comment on the firing.

There was speculation earlier today that Today show producer Jim Bell might have been the person responsible for the edit, which portrayed Zimmerman as a racist, or having a racial motive in shooting Trayvon Martin. Bell did not respond to a question directed at his Twitter account earlier today.

Today Show producer Jim Bell

Brian Stelter of The New York Times credits NewsBusters.org for being the first to catch NBC’s edit. He provides a link to this NewsBusters post dated March 30. However, the NewsBusters story is actually based on, and links back to, a story published here at Breitbart.com two days earlier. In that story, author Dan Riehl highlighted the edit to the Zimmerman 911 tape as it appeared in print at MSNBC. The MSNBC story was originally published March 21st, six days before the same edit was used in the Today show broadcast.

Yesterday, a Reuters story credited both Breitbart.com and NewsBusters for bringing the problem to the attention of NBC executives.

It is likely that, if not for conservative new media, the misleading edit, which inflamed racial tensions in the Martin case, and which was repeated by Stetler’s own New York Times, would have gone unnoticed and uncorrected. As it is, the producer responsible for the edit at Today has been fired, but the individual who made the same edit to the earlier MSNBC story (since corrected) has not been identified or disciplined. Nor has anyone at any other outlet or network — many of which made similar selective editing choices — been punished.

The questions are only just beginning on Editgate…KEEP READING…


  1. Angry Voter says:

     Their “mistake” was in getting caught.  Without the Internet to keep the corporate media “honest” they might never have been caught.

  2. Angry Voter says:

    Did Jim somehow think this would sooth his guilty white conscious for being white or for being successful?  Or was he being_racist_towards the Hispanic community?

  3. Angry Voter says:

     The liberals lobe to be diddled like a fiddle.

  4. foveacon says:

    Lets not forget MSNBC’s editing and commentary showing an armed angry racist white man with an AR-15 at a Tea Party event in Phoenix. Only to find out later they zoomed in on the gun to avoid showing that he was a black man that supported the Tea Party movement.

  5. drunkentrooper says:

     The only reason NBC keeps calling this race-baiting edit a ‘mistake’ is because if they admit that it was deliberately slanted to defame Zimmerman they would have a massive defamation lawsuit on their hands. And they still might.

  6. klassylady25 says:

    I wonder how the people feel knowing that they’ve been played like a fiddle?

  7. Bobby E. says:

    The wheels will turn slow at first, but libturds … a new day is coming where the U.S. will be a very hostile place for liberals. The pendulum will swing back, be there bloodshed or not, and payback will be a bitch as they say.

  8. Max Fisher says:

    @Skeena73, who are you talking about. Jim Bell is a man. Did you read the article or just look at the ‘pitcher’? Can you read?

  9. Skeena73 says:

    Good for that racist evil bitch. Maybe them kind of folks will one day realise that that kind of shit comes back to bite them on the ass. If i was zimmerman she would be in a court room or in jail for the rest of her miserable freaking life.

  10. Shavaun66 says:

    I exposed #NBCNEWS from the grave #IAMAndrewBreitbart #BreitbertArmy #VETtheMedia @Newsbusters @SEANHANNITY @talkmaster

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