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Apr 6, 2012 5 Comments ›› Toro520


The Obama re-election campaign fundraising scandal deserves to be, and I think inevitably will be, a major news story. Earlier this morning I decided to find out how far an illegal donor could push the envelope and still have his contribution welcomed by the Obama campaign. So, like a number of our readers, I went to the Donate to Obama page and identified myself as Illegal Contributor. I entered my address as Cell Block 13, State Penitentiary, Stillwater MN. I identified my employer as Minnesota Penal System and my occupation as Inmate…

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  • nanoflex

    “by hook or by crook”

    “the end justifies the means”

    Both could be obama’s reelection slogans in 2012

  • jimadoo

    Shit they never finished the investigation into the donation fraud they had proof of during his 08 run. They had literally thousands of donations from other countries and proof of it. Rules do not apply to the demonrats.

    • suzpenn

       Exactly!  Makes you wonder just who in the government is facilitating and involved with all of this . . .  No candidate can get this far on luck alone.  Soros’s tentacles and other Marxists are undermining our democracy . . . And to think these same bastards have access to all highly classified info and our personal info.  November, we start to clean house.  Four more years of Obama and his cohorts will destroy this nation.

  • http://twitter.com/VoteObamaGone Barb

    This pig needs to be arrested 

  • YERMOM182

    I think that this head line should be changed to still allows…..