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Apr 7, 2012 20 Comments ›› Angelia

Excerpted from Fellowship of the Minds: Darla Dawald of Patriot Action Network reports, March 30, 2012, that a teacher at Arizona’s Maricopa High School mocked a female student for standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The student’s dad, Greg, posted the incident on Facebook. This is what he wrote:

So if your kids go to school at Maricopa High do they stand for the Pledge? I think you might be surprised. My daughter is the only one in her class to stand and the teacher joined in with the class to mock her about it. I am so angry right now!!!!

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    Angelia, are you insane? There was no bashing or mockery!

  2. Did you not listen to this child’s story? She was mocked for standing up and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. 

  3. YERMOM182 says:

    this was her response to being mocked. probably happened at a later date than the mocking.


    So why didn’t you say that to begin with?

  5. I thought most readers were smart enough to figure it upon watching the video


    Well, excuse me for being def AND stupid!…..It was difficult to even make out what she was saying amid her crying!

  7. G-d bless this girl!

  8. JDELTA says:

    Dude, I knew you weren’t really him.


    And who the fuck are you?

  10. JDELTA says:

    Don’t sweat it. Hang around and you’ll catch on. No need to insult the good folks at the helm or sell yourself short. Have a drink and think long and hard about who the real enemy is.

  11. Skeena73 says:

    If the teacher mocked this young lady for pledging aliegiance that teacher should be fired and the students that did also should be suspended for a month. Punks these days need to be re-educated about whats right and whats not right. If that happened thats not right and it’s also not right for ppl on this forum to disrespect this student for the way she feels WAKE UP.

  12. JDELTA says:

    Let wailing swell the breeze,And ring from all the trees the black man’s wrong;Let every tongue awake;Let bond and free partake;Let rocks their silence break, the sound prolong.

  13. JDELTA says:

    Alright. Fair enough.

  14. UPSETVET says:

    God Bless this patriot. The “teacher” should be fired immediately. What is such a teacher actually teaching the students, to be anti-Americans?

  15. claspur says:

    She’s a fine young lady, but next time she should try not to cry when voicing her stance on any issue like this.(Loud and Proud, missy !)
    Looks like the teacher-there hasn’t hasn’t missed very many Burrito Daze in the school cafeteria, huh? :o )

  16. Skeena73 says:

    There is nothing wrong with showing emotions, she a young lady and it’s not that easy to be tuff when it comes to things like this.

  17. claspur says:

    Oh, I hear ya, Skeena…. but, it’s not like she went from her counselor’s office right to that podium either.
    Her dad might have had her walk-out the tears with some practice at home before she stood-up in front of people-saying what she needed to say.
    I applaud her courage regardless….don’t misunderstand me, okay?  :o )

  18. jimadoo says:

    Just goes to show how rare patriots are these days.

  19. jimadoo says:

    Just goes to show how rare patriots are these days.

  20. xyz says:

    I wonder if Obama would say that if his daughter was white, she would think like this?

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