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Apr 6, 2012 14 Comments ›› Infidel كافر

(AFP) — UN rights chief Navi Pillay on Thursday called for an “immediate investigation” into the circumstances surrounding the February death of an unarmed black US teen, shot by a neighborhood watchman.

Pillay made the comments about the controversial Trayvon Martin case at a press conference in Barbados, as she wrapped up a three-day visit to the Caribbean island nation.

“As High Commissioner for Human Rights, I call for an immediate investigation,” Pillay told reporters.

“Justice must be done for the victim. It’s not just this individual case. It calls into question the delivery of justice in all situations like this.”

Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, fatally shot 17-year-old Martin inside a gated community in the Florida town of Sanford on February 26.

Zimmerman has said he acted in self-defense after Martin punched him in the nose, knocked him down and slammed his head into the ground.

The case has unleashed a national uproar over race relations and the right to self-defense in the United States.

Pillay expressed shock that Zimmerman was not arrested right away, and expressed concern about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows the use of deadly force in situations where there is a belief of a threat.

“The law should operate equally in respect of all violations. I will be awaiting an investigation and prosecution and trial and of course reparations for the victims concerned,” Pillay said.

Sanford police applied for a warrant to arrest Zimmerman in the early stages of the investigation, local media including The Miami Herald reported. Prosecutors however held off approving the warrant, pending further review.

Since Martin’s death, there have been numerous large public protests calling for Zimmerman’s arrest, but there have been no detention orders and the 28-year-old has gone into hiding, fearing for his life.

  • babblerouserATL

    “As High Commissioner for Human Rights, I call for an immediate investigation”
    HEY TWERP – It is ALREADY in progress.
    Unlike your proposed investigation/most other intentional acts committed by your organization
    - how bout us here stateside just stick with funding the public safety folks in the USofA
    versus throwing more of OUR money
    down YOUR toilet while
    YOU shit on US the whole time
    There is just one building that needs to be removed from the NY skyline.

  • babblerouserATL

    “…of course reparations for the victims concerned” — what is the point of the investigation then?
    Where do these people come from and why do their mics stay plugged-in?!?!?

  • mike3481


  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/AR2Ruc4H2uWsYU_cTxt1xW4fX3w-#7bb5a Bobby E.

    I’ve about had enough of this bullshit. There are shootings every day all across the country. When is the U.N. going to investigate Shabaz the Clown standing at a polling place with a baton? When is the U.N. going to demand an investigation into black on white crime in this country? These damned politicians had best start growing some balls. If we have to clean up this mess, it is not going to be pretty.

  • fubijar

    Why don’t these hypocrital leftist assholes worry about the mass murders and rapes going on in their own turd world dung heap societies ??

  • Fiona .

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about this thug bastard, and the world is far better off without him being in it.

    Fuck him, his family, and everyone and anyone who looks like him. 

  • hellbetty

    I can’t wait to hear nobama’s reply. He’ll probably want to have the UN appoint an investigator. Rifuckingdiculous.

  • YERMOM182

    who gives a shit what the UN thinks? hey Navi…. you such a big man, why dont you send some of your blue helmets here? we’ll be glad to send them back to you… minus a little wear and tear

  • http://twitter.com/Shavaun66 Shavaun66

    Was there ever such a reaction for the NonMuslims mowed down in cold blood in the streets of France? (crickets) I guess that friends of FARaCON get retaliation from the UN aka global governance of inhumanity and injustice run by Islamofascists who are trying to disarm US and shut US up so that the Islamification of America can destroy America. There is no Bill of Rights in Sharia!

  • texasoysterman

    Hey Navi. Why don’t you take a flying leap off the top of your building? I’ll be happy to stop by and hose down the sidewalk afterwards.

  • nanoflex

    All aboard…

    the race train is leaving shortly.

  • LOKI 2012

    You know ass hat…. Someday soon we the American people are going to cut off funding and evict your ass the hell out…And it is coming soon..

  • Skeena73

    It’s about time pple started talking the truth which is this punk was just a no good gangbanger apprentice on his way to real gangsterhood. The blacks and sucker uppers try and convince every body that he was a sweet young man .BULLSHIT he was a punk thief and drug pusher. Maybe he was a good kid till he learned that stealing is easy especialy when its stealing from someone thats away to work and can’t protect their stuff. Sharpton,Jackson, Them pple in congress that keep talking shit should be locked in a room and have the facts of the case explained to them. and not by commie bastards from the likes of CNN

  • LockandLoad_v2

    How does anyone at the UN get off lecturing anyone else about human rights??!! Their own record of rape and abuse in third world countries, along with obvious abuser nations being allowed to sit on UN rights councils PERMANENTLY disqualifies them from any comment on the subject. This is just one more pathetic attempt to try to bring US law into the world spotlight, to attack it and give the likes of the obambi wrecking crew a good excuse to turn things on their head to appease the “offended” world.