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Jul 12, 2012 1 Comment ›› Snarky Basterd

Yeah. And I’m Barack Obama’s biggest fan.

Take a look at this chart:

See that spike in June? Why would Americans buy 150,000 more guns last month than a year ago? All told, gun sales, which skyrocketed in 2008 in advance of the presidential election then fell back somewhat to normal in 2009, are up 27% overall this year compared with 2011 numbers. 

Why? Maybe Dick Morris has the answer:

Without much fanfare and as little publicity as possible, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will go to New York City to sign the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), now in the final stages of negotiation at the U.N. The Treaty marks the beginning of an international crusade to impose gun controls on the United States and repeal our Second Amendment rights.

You can watch a video of Morris explaining his warning further here.

Whether or not the UN gun treaty has anything to do with the spike, the fact remains that a perfect storm has formed during the tenure of an administration that’s biggest unfolding scandal did indeed arise out of trying to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels under the guise of broadening gun control.

That tempest isn’t weakening; gun sales say:

A lot about society as fear and concern prevail for many Americans. It is also an election year and the economic growth has been slowing at the same time as employment data remains weak. In short, this is the perfect climate for driving gun sales.

Weaponsman, from whom the above chart is borrowed, says gun sales typically tick up and down with the season from year to year, usually spiking around Christmas, then dropping in January. That ain’t even close to the case right now, by a large measure.

How long can the growth continue? The only answer the science of economics can absolutely rule out is, “indefinitely.”  Sooner or later a sales downtick will bring some month below its last-year counterpart. In a way, it’s surprising that it hasn’t happened yet. But whatever the market for guns in the USA is, we know what it isn’t: saturated.

Even if Obama signs the UN treaty (he says he will), it can’t be adopted unless two thirds of the Senate vote for it. That’s supposedly not likely to happen; and lawmakers are pushing Obama to put his pen down and throw the treaty in his waste basket.

Yeah. Let’s trust the same lawmakers who gave us Obamacare.

My advice? Buy early and buy often.

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