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Nov 20, 2012 Comments Off Pat Dollard

UPDATE: DNS has been reset, and a VERY SIMPLE, VERY TEMPORARY Revolution2013 site, mainly for contact, is up and running. We will have a real site up asap.

Site Hack: We’ve taken a lot of heat from the left via Twitter and email since Revolution 2013 was announced here. Things took a very interesting turn late last Wednesday afternoon. All of a sudden, none of us were able to post, including the administrators. There was no longer a Word Press “publish” button available, but only a “submit for review” button. At first we thought this was some sort of Word Press bug, as we found on the chat boards that this was a problem experienced by others. Also suspecting a hacker might also be at work and watching, we kept quiet about the situation and our investigative activities. By Thursday afternoon, all recommended remedies did not work, so we went headhunting for a progammer and security expert. By late Friday, we found and hired two people who could start work on Sunday and Monday respectively. After digging around, sure enough, a hack was found that was causing the problem. The security expert was able to determine the ip address from log-ins. We began posting again on Monday, but the problem and the hack immediately returned, though the hack was in a different place. By the end of the day, new security measures were also instituted. Since the second hack he or she has not returned, and we are taking the offending ips to law enforcement. Let’s see what that yields, and in the future, if you see similar issues, you know what’s going on. I don’t expect an easy fight. And frankly, what I expect next, is a dos attack. We shall see.

Revolution 2013: I used the site’s downtime to unplug from Twitter and other usual distractions and begin work on a Revolution 2013 manifesto, initial protocols and website. I purchased the domain name Revolution2013.us, .org, .net etc, all of which will be consolidated under one location. The temp site is scheduled to go live sometime between this evening and tomorrow morning. Check back for announcement and links. We will not be silenced, and we are carrying on in a thunderous and revolutionary fashion.

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