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Nov 28, 2012 Comments Off Infidel

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Excerpted from Buzz Feed: President Barack Obama Wednesday urged the American people to call, e-mail, and tweet with a “hashtag” at their members of Congress to encourage them to pass an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for those making less than $250,000.

“It’s too important for Washington to screw this up,” Obama said, warning that the economy will “go south” if lawmakers don’t act by the end of the year.

Obama is leveraging his campaign operation for the push on middle-class tax cuts, with the official @Obama2012 Twitter account live-tweeting his remarks to more than a quarter-million followers.

Excerpted from Twitter Room: President Barack Obama is taking to Twitter to rally supporters behind his push to extend the Bush-era tax rates for all but the wealthiest Americans.

The White House is planning to promote a new Twitter hashtag — #My2k — that represents the estimated $2,200 middle class families would see their taxes increase by, on average, if Congress fails to extend the Bush-era tax rates. Administration officials will ask supporters to post on the social media network and the White House website about how a tax increase would affect them.

“After the President’s event, the White House will call on Americans across the country to share on Twitter what #My2K means to them, as well as on other social media channels, and on WhiteHouse.gov,” an administration official said. “We’ll highlight the #My2K stories received on WhiteHouse.gov and through social media to elevate the impact of inaction for middle class families.”

The effort is similar to a #40dollars hashtag employed by the president’s supporters during the fight last December over the payroll-tax extension. In that case, deciding not to extend the payroll tax would have resulted in most workers’ take-home pay decreasing by $40 per check. According to the White House “tens of thousands of working Americans” called, tweeted, or emailed their representatives in Washington as a result of that campaign.