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Headline opener via Savage:Comrade Stalin Obama purges another combat general

Excerpted from Fox News: Marine Gen. John Allen is planning to retire rather than be re-nominated for the powerful post of NATO supreme allied commander-Europe, after White House officials forced him to step aside, a source familiar with the discussions told Fox News on Wednesday.

The source told Fox that Allen was leery of getting into a confirmation battle that would dig into the embarrassing issue of his emails with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, but the real reason was the White House power play.

“He’s out,” the source said. “I know he is retiring. He was pushed out of the door.”

The official Pentagon announcement is expected soon.

The source also said White House officials are optimistic that after a contentious battle, former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel will be confirmed shortly as Defense secretary, and he can help pick a new person for the post.

Previously, the White House was thought to be keeping the nomination open while Allen mulled whether to seek the post.

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This would be the fourth top General or Admiral who has suddenly retired and been replaced or reassigned, in addition to the sudden resignation of General Patraeus, who was revealed to have had an extramarital affair.

As Dancing With Czars writes: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has announced that General Carter Ham, commanding officer of Africa Command, has been dismissed. His replacement is to be Obama nominee General David Rodriguez. Also General Joseph Dunford, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, is to be replaced by Lieutenant General John Paxton. While not “officially” relieved of command, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette is being reassigned to a post in Bremerton Washington and replaced by Rear Admiral Troy Shoemaker until the so called investigations are completed.

In addition, the commanding officer of the Virginia Beach-based amphibious dock landing ship Fort McHenry was relieved in November following ‘allegations of misconduct’, as Hamptonroads points out: ”Hartman was one of two Navy ship captains removed today. Following allegations of misconduct, Capt. Ted Williams was relieved as commanding officer of the amphibious command ship Mount Whitney, also operating out of the Navy’s 6th Fleet. Its home port is Gaeta, Italy. The Navy announced the dismissals in separate press releases attached to the same email.”

Gen. James N. Mattis Was Informed by a Note From an Aide That the White House had Decided to Sack Him

AL ASAD, Iraq – Lt. Gen. James Mattis, the commander of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command, speaks to Marines with Marine Wing Support Group 27, May 6. Mattis explained how things in Iraq have gotten better since the first time Marines came to Iraq. (Photo by Cpl. Zachary Dyer)

Last month, Marine General James Mattis was recently notified he was being replaced as commander of US Central Command by a note passed to him by an aide, according to Foreign Policy’s Thomas E. Ricks.

According to the report in Foreign Policy:… General Mattis was travelling and in a meeting when an aide passed him a note telling him that the Pentagon had announced his replacement as head of Central Command. It was news to him — he hadn’t received a phone call or a heads-up from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House.

Thomas Ricks says he inquired further into this report. This is what he was told:

…the commander-in-chief can make a change whenever he wants and give no reason. That is right and proper under our system of government.

But there’s also the matter of common courtesy to an uncommon man. Here is what one person wrote to me: “What message does it send to the Services when the one leader known for his war-fighting rather than diplomatic or bureaucratic political skills is retired early via one sentence in the Pentagon’s daily press handout? Even in battle, Mattis was inclusive of all under his command. He took the time to pull together his driver and guards after every day’s rotation on the battlefield, telling them what he thought he had learned and asking them for input. Surely senior administration officials could have found the time to be gracious. But they didn’t.”

The Blaze further reports:

President Obama appointed Gen. Mattis as commander of U.S. Central Command in the summer of 2010. He was quickly confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

“During his time as commander, none of the symptoms of unhealthy civil-military relations such as those that characterized the tenure of Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, have manifested themselves,” Mackubin Thomas Owens writes in the Weekly Standard.

“There have been no leaks to the press over policy disagreements and no reports of ‘slow rolling’ or ‘foot dragging’ in Gen. Mattis’s implementation of the president’s policy,” Owens adds.

In short, Gen. Mattis was efficient and professional. So when it was announced last year that Gen. Mattis would be exiting his post sometime in March 2013, many of us were surprised. For a general who had carried himself and performed his duties so well, his tenure as commander of U.S. Central Command was unusually short-lived.

What happened?

Gen. Mattis, as Ricks notes, also disagreed with the White House on the U.S.’ ongoing operation in Afghanistan, Pakistani stability, and (perhaps most importantly) the U.S.’ response to the so-called “Arab Spring.”

And it’s because of these disagreements that certain commentators believe the White House decided to dump Gen. Mattis.

As a result of all these sudden purges in our military, many are led to question the motives of the Obama administration and the security of the United States.

Retired COL Kevin Benson has American’s asking could the US turn on its own citizens? He and a colleague wrote a fictitious scenario which described the military going against a fictitious tea party.  Wonder why they don’t use Occupy Wall Street as an example since they are prone to violence and have had  several arrests during the past year, while teaparty members have had peaceful protests.

Is the U.S. military pondering action against the Tea Party?After a paper was published detailing how the military might put down a fictitious Tea Party “insurrection,” Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips wondered if the military… Read more about the paper written by former Col Benson and his colleague about the fictitious scenario.

These concerns appear warranted when you consider the purge of many top Generals who have been replaced by people Obama has chosen, but also when you consider this summary of dangers to our military and country:

Surprisingly, NPR reported recently about the FBI tracking 100 suspected Islamic extremists in our Military.

I wonder how many came with Visas under the Obama administration? Or how many have come illegally with our porous borders while Obama and his administration have turned a blind eye towards the illegal immigration problem in our country and has basically said come on in.

Just when you think we are safe with a strong and patriotic military you hear news of infiltration of Islamic extremists in our military…

Only under Obama could we have such a thing going on. After the Ft. Hood jihad shooter I guess it is not too surprising, especially when they labeled a lone jihadist’s killing of American troops on a military base, ‘workplace violence’; it’s time we stop putting so much trust in those who are of the Muslim faith/Islam and perhaps end immigration to those who are from countries which are enemies to the US?? Of course that will never happen under this Muslim/Islam appeasing administration…but I think it is time we do more about the immigration problem if we are to save our country and secure our borders, language and culture.

I have been saying, it seems like the Military Is Under Attack from Within.

It makes you wonder how many of these extremists were placed there by the Obama administration considering other quality and trustworthy military have been let go or have resigned or retired under this administration.

Also considering the Muslim Brotherhood has been given control of FBI Counter-terrorism Training.

How much can we trust any of our national intelligence agencies, military or federal government anymore??

Then recently cops in Michigan threatened to arrest Christians as I posted online back in June 2012.

Are all agencies and law enforcement now bowing to Islam under this administration??

It sure makes you wonder when our President is said to be a Christian, but his policies and actions have favored our enemies and he has aided&abetted Islamic radicals and said he is a Muslim by birth and through adoption by his step father.

Yet Obama mocks the bible and bypasses Congress to send aid money to our enemies, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,the newly elected leaders of Egypt

How can we trust him and trust him not to put extremists in positions of power??

Currently, members of the Republican party are working to block the confirmation of former Senator Chuck Hagel as Department of Defense Secretary. He has said controversial comments against our ally Israel in the Middle East on several occasions and has also shown support for Islamic terror groups like Hamas in Gaza and opposed sanctions against Iran.

In addition, Obama’s nominee for the CIA Director, John Brennan is said to be a convert to Islam, despite his controversial drone program used to kill Al Queda operatives and American terrorist Anwar Awalki.



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