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Apr 26, 2013 No Comments ›› Pat Dollard


ORIGINAL POST, UPDATE WITH VIDEO BELOW: We’re working to get the video, but I wanted to get this up asap. Megyn Kelly and Catherine Herridge just reported that the FBI believes the Boston Marathon bombs were detonated by someone standing within line-of-sight of the bombs, using a a toy car speed controller, and that therefor they are now considering the possibility of a 3rd bomber. This adds some credence to Glenn Beck’s reporting on the Saudi, and also points out how much intel we have lost due to the cutting off of the interrogation of Djhokhar just 16 hours into what was legally supposed to be at least a 48 hour investigation.

UPDATE FROM Fox News Insider, with video below: Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports that the bombs used in the Boston Marathon attack did not rely on cell phone detonators, using a “line of sight” speed controller from a remote control toy car as the trigger. It is not known what the range is on the specific controller that was used, but it is typically 250 yards or less.

The national security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it is believed one or both of the brothers used the controllers to detonate the bombs, but the involvement of a third person to trigger the devices still has not been ruled out.

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