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Racist Asian UCLA Professor Says Whites Are Greatest Threat To Democracy Since World War II

Infidel Ali

Tell me one more time how white genocide isn’t real. This is white genocide psyops at its “finest.” And this dumbass has no idea who and what he’s a brainwashed tool for.

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: Voters supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump represent the greatest threat to democracy since World War II, according to University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) political science professor Michael Suk-Young Chwe.

In a blog post for the Princeton University Press, Chwe argues that white men are dangerous to the country, as evidenced by their support of Trump. Democracy in America, Chwe claims, will only be safe when whites and men — and especially white men — willingly surrender their power to “multiracial and multi-gender coalitions.”

“Until Obama’s election, the conflict between democratic institutions and the ‘racial and gender order’ was less apparent because the outcomes of national elections were consistent with overall white and male dominance. It is often said that the first test of a fledgling democracy is when the first peaceful transfer of power takes place,” Chwe argues. Keep reading

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