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Ben Sasse Suspected Of Helping Denny Hastert Molest Boys

Jack Flash
Ben Sasse Suspected Of Helping Denny Hastert Molest Boys

Mike Cernovich (and he claims others) apparently suspects Ben Sasse has facilitated one of the most evil crimes known to men…

Excerpted from Danger And Play: Ben Sasse and the rest of the GOP elite claim Trump is a menace who must be stopped “on principle.” Sasse and others have criticized Trump for not disavowing racists quickly enough (even though Trump disavowed racists repeatedly).

Sasse has a bigger problem – he supported a pedophile.

Some suspect he used his position of authority to enable abuse.

Ben Sasse was in charge of supervising underage boys, who were later abused by members of Congress.

Ben Sasse was a tutor in the Congressional page program from 1996 to 1998. The Congressional page program brings underage boys to Congress to run errands for Congressmen. These young boys would run errands for Congressmen, and often sexual relationships would develop between the underage boys and members of Congress.

The Congressional page program was shut down in 2011 after numerous sex scandals occurred, including the Mark Foley sex scandal.

Pedophiles like Dennis Hastert fought earlier efforts to close down the page program:

On October 2, 2006, Representative Ray LaHood (R-IL) called for the page program to be temporarily suspended. He stated that “this is a flawed program. The fact that a member of Congress is sending e-mails to a page and that he can get away with it [shows that] obviously there are problems.” Two more Representatives, Jon Porter (R-NV) and Kay Granger (R-TX) also supported LaHood’s recommendation to suspend the page program until an outside team could evaluate its security protocol. Dennis Hastert announced on October 5, 2006 that he was launching an investigation to evaluate and make improvements to the page program.[151]

Many suspected that the page program served as nothing more than a sex trafficking ring bringing pedophiles like Dennis Hastert naive young targets year after year.
Republican House leader Dennis Hastert was a lifelong pedophile.

Republican insider Dennis Hastert served in Congress from 1987 to 2007. Before being elected to Congress, Hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. He used his position of authority over young boys to molest them, and was later convicted to money laundering offenses related to his crime.

Hastert had too many victims to track, as most remained silent due to Hastert’s GOP power and influence:

Hastert also ran an Explorers group of which Steve Reinboldt was a member, and led the group on a diving trip to the Bahamas. In the interview, Burdge stated that in 1979 (eight years after Steve’s high school graduation in 1971), her brother had told her that he had been sexually abused by Hastert throughout his four years of high school. Burdge said that she was “stunned” by this news and that her brother said that he had never told anyone before, because he did not think he would be believed. Jolene said that Hastert “damaged Steve I think more than any of us will ever know.”

Sasse has never disavowed Hastert, despite claiming that refusing to disavow is an admission of support.

Sasse has played the game for years, and is as much of an Washington insider as you’ll find. Sasse claims to oppose Trump because Trump did now disavow the KKK quickly enough. (That’s a lie, as I explained here.)

To this day, Sasse, who would have had contact with Hastert during his time running the Congressional page program, has not disavowed Hastert. Keep reading

  • blackyb

    Those nasty pedophiles need life in prison. They do not change.

  • NJJoanJettFan

    I wonder how much time Ben Sasse spent with pot-smoking pedophile Bwarney Fwank and his male lover/prostitute/pimp/roommate.

    Vote Trump!

  • Sasse supports pediophiles but won’t support the Republican party’s presidential nominee. Nice.

  • Jean Sha

    a bunch of pedophiles are “offended” that Trump likes pussy..i see

    • dennis richardson

      Human beings think about things & ideas that they should not. What restrains their behavior is the knowledge of morality. Not to do any thing about their thoughts. Including me, including you, no matter what is our stance toward the oppose gender, children must be off limits. Not for Hastert and Sasse. Stay with the idea that Trump has had two divorces. Other than that, he is like you.

      • Laura

        I hope you truly realize that the majority of humans don’t have immoral stances (thoughts) against the oppose(ite) gender.

  • SUE

    Let’s see what we can dig up on al of them and tweet it,air it. .

  • Prin

    Huge RHINO!

  • Blues of Morderer

    Has anyone ever noticed that these NeverTrumpers all have pizzadust on their hands?

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