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Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters Refuses To Meet With White President Trump To Find Common Ground

Infidel Ali

By precisely the same logic used by the left to call every critic of Obama a racist, she is a racist.

Excerpted From The Washington Free Beacon: Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), a ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee, said on Monday that she refuses to sit down with President-elect Donald Trump to find common ground on policy differences.

MSNBC host Jacob Soboroff asked Waters whether she agreed with incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D., N.Y.) strategy of working with the Trump administration on areas they can find agreement. Keep reading

  • BaldBarian

    What a dolt. She has to be the third dumbest Congressperson after Rep. Hank Johnson and Shelia Jackson Lee.

  • Barratt_Mac

    You’re a disgusting human being Maxine. It’s hilarious to watch you take “the high road” as if you have any redeemable value or standing to call someone’s else’s behavior into question. You have 0 credibility. I will enjoy watching you get steam rolled on Dodd-Frank.

  • sharon_gregory

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  • redneck

    Why would Trump want to talk to this idiot about anything??????????

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