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BREAKING: 2 More States Join Georgia In Saying Their Election Systems Were Hacked By Obama

Darby Crash
BREAKING: 2 More States Join Georgia In Saying Their Election Systems Were Hacked By Obama

Why is Obama’s DHS hacking multiple states’ election systems?

Excerpted From WSB: Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Aaron Diamant has learned two more states’ election agencies have confirmed cyberattacks linked to the same U.S. Department of Homeland Security IP address as last month’s massive attack in Georgia.

The two states reporting the suspected cyber attack were West Virginia and Kentucky.

In the past week, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed 10 separate cyberattacks on its network were traced back to DHS addresses.

In an exclusive interview, Secretary of State Brian Kemp confirmed the attacks of different levels on his agency’s network over the last 10 months. He said they all traced back to DHS internet provider addresses.

“We’re being told something that they think they have it figured out, yet nobody’s really showed us how this happened,” Kemp said. “We need to know.”

Kemp told Diamant that his office’s cybersecurity vendor discovered the additional so-called vulnerability scans to his network’s firewall after a massive mid-November cyberattack triggered an internal investigation.

The Secretary of State’s Office manages Georgia’s elections, and most concerning for Kemp about the newly discovered scans is the timing.

The first one happened on Feb. 2, the day after Georgia’s voter registration deadline. The next one took place just days before the SEC primary. Another occurred in May, the day before the general primary, and then two more took place in November, the day before and the day of the presidential election.

“It makes you wonder if somebody was trying to prove a point,” Kemp said.

Last week, the DHS confirmed the large Nov. 15 attack traced back to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection internet gateway. But Kemp says the DHS’ story about its source keeps changing.

“First, it was an employee in Corpus Christi, and now, it’s a contractor in Georgia,” Kemp said.

Unsatisfied with the response he got from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson this week, Kemp fired off a letter Wednesday to loop in President-elect Donald Trump. Keep reading

  • redneck

    Here is real hackers the DHS was trying to rig the freaking election for Hillary ……Counting down the days until the most corrupt regime in our history as republic is GONE

    • smith-lora

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  • Hand Full Of Blood

    Were they hacking people in the hopes of blaming the Russians, or what?

  • Abu Nudnik

    1) “A rogue employee” of the ATF out of the Phoenix office was said to have forced a gun seller to sell guns to Mexican cartel operatives so he could trace where they went. The FBI were not involved. 1a) FOIA requests proved that the ATF knew from the beginning. It was not a rogue employee. But the FBI were not involved. 1b) Further digging proves the FBI had coordinated this from the beginning. Denials that the DOJ were involved. 1c) DOJ were indeed involved but they shielded the Secretary of Justice. 1d) The Secretary or Justice DID in fact get weekly reports BUT HE DIDN’T READ THEM. This was “fast and furious,” the gun-running project that ended many lives in Mexico and two border guards in the USA.

    2) IRS scandal ends with Lois Lerner taking the 5th and refusing to answer Congress’s questions (someone forgot to tell her that she is a public servant). She resigns. This was about the IRS being used to target President Obama’s political adversaries, to wit, to deprive them of charitable status. It all began as above, “A ROGUE EMPLOYEE IN THE CINCINNATI OFFICE.” Remember that?

    So when you read “a rogue employee,” think, “a well-calculated and planned operation.” These people are liars to their cores.

    • mule1ear

      There is no ‘Secretary of Justice’. I think you mean Attorney General.

    • dfw63

      Imagine the absolute disregard Buraq has for this country by telling us how his was “the most transparent administration in history”.

      • Drumwaster

        Well, truth be told, he is. I can see right through him.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Now everybody knows the REAL reason DHS said they were going to “monitor” the elections, with a program called “Einstein”, last summer.

  • Lorena

    It seems the democrats were rigging the system to get Clinton elected but it backfired because a bigger force uncovered everything and fixed it so everything went back to normal and the people had spoken.

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