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Brit Hume: How Inspired Would Orlando Terrorist Be If ISIS Was Visibly On The Way To Annihilation?

Jack Flash

BRIT HUME: President Obama said today that the Orlando mass murder was, quote, “inspired by terrorist information” or whatever that means. He was careful, as always, not to say it was Islamic terrorism despite the terrorist’s announcement of his allegiance to ISIS. But if there were ever an attack that could be traced to Islamist beliefs, it was this atrocity carried out at a nightclub frequented by gays. Consider this: So strong are Islam’s prohibitions against homosexuality that in numerous Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran homosexuality is punishable by death.

As for ISIS, it routinely executes men for being gay, sometimes by throwing them off rooftops. One question raised by this weekend’s massacre is how inspired would Omar Mateen have been by ISIS if it did not appear to him that this murderous group was on the march in the ascendancy and looking like a winner? How inspired would he have been if ISIS were instead visibly on the way to annihilation? That state of affairs seems hard to imagine when the one nation most capable of bringing it about is led by a man who went so far yesterday as to tell his horrified fellow citizens that they need to, quote, “strength and courage” to change in their attitudes toward gays. As for Islam and their attitudes toward gays, he said not a word.

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