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California Introduces Law To Jail Anyone Who Questions Man-Made Climate Change: “First Amendment Now Dead”

Jack Flash
California Introduces Law To Jail Anyone Who Questions Man-Made Climate Change: “First Amendment Now Dead”

Excerpted from The Washington Times: A landmark California bill gaining steam would make it illegal to engage in climate-change dissent, clearing the way for lawsuits against fossil-fuel companies, think-tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

The first-of-its-kind legislation — Senate Bill 1161, or the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016 — is scheduled for floor action Thursday after clearing Senate committees in April and May.

The measure would allow state and local prosecutors to pursue claims against climate-change skepticism as a violation of the state’s Unfair Competition Law [UCL], as well as extend the four-year statute of limitations for such claims retroactively to Jan. 1, 2021.

“This bill explicitly authorizes district attorneys and the Attorney General to pursue UCL claims alleging that a business or organization has directly or indirectly engaged in unfair competition with respect to scientific evidence regarding the existence, extent, or current or future impacts of anthropogenic induced climate change,” says the state Senate Rules Committee’s floor analysis.

While the measure enjoys broad support by a bevy of environmental groups, the bill has also been described as an effort to ban free speech on climate change as well as chill donations to free-market groups.

Stephen Frank, editor of the conservative California Political Review, called the bill a “totalitarian statement by Democrats that the First Amendment is now dead.”

“Did you donate to the Pacific Legal Foundation? Do you support Americans for Prosperity? Are you a member of the California Republican Party, which has a platform approving of all forms of energy, including fossil fuel (oil)? Do you work for a gas station, an oil company, have your written a letter to the editor in favor of oil drilling?” asked Mr. Frank in a May 31 post.

“If so, you could find yourself with being charged in a court of law, thanks to SB 1161,” Mr. Frank said.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris belongs to a coalition of 17 state attorneys general that joined forces in March to pursue climate-change skeptics, starting with ExxonMobil.

The bill declares that there is no legitimate disagreement on the causes and extent of climate change, stating that, “There is broad scientific consensus that anthropogenic global warming is occurring and changing the world’s climate patterns, and that the primary cause is the emission of greenhouse gases from the production and combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas.” Read the whole thing

  • The left and the Democrat Party is filled with totalitarians, but equally disturbing is that the Republican Party is filled with people who believe they can sit on the sidelines and do nothing — thinking a piece of parchment in a Washington DC archive called the “Constitution” will protect them. It will not! We must protect the Constitution or the left will simply shred it. That takes action — not comfort in the system run by mindless bureaucrats.

    • Rick Yokeley

      It will take a revolution like no other we have ever experienced. It will take a revolt against the liberal democrates who only want to destroy our freedom. It’s no surprise these varmits are so in favor of gun control. Start buying ammo while you can still find it.

      • Political Outsider

        There will be blood

      • huecityvet1968

        Whats going to be good about a revolution or revolt we the people that the leftists, liberals, commies hate have all the guns. Over 300 million of them.

        • Bob K.

          The trouble is there is not a dimes worth of difference between the democrat and republican parties anymore The supposed “Conservatives” support attacking all these countries that did nothing to us and are not doing a damn thing about all the Muslim scum that are being brought into our country to take us down.

          • huecityvet1968

            Bob your so right about that. But at least Trump has a plan to stop this uncontrolled illegal invasion. But I fear the overall fix is in for the Hildabeast coronation. We will have our second royal family, Obama being the first. The Hildabeast has gotten rich off the donations or more to the point “bribes” from Rag Head countries that are sworn enemies of America. I spent a number of years working & living in the Middle East and Africa and I can tell you most of them want us dead. They don’t us to assimilate to Islam they want us erased from history.

          • Martolt

            I thought that Bush I and Bush II were the first American royal family…

          • JeTo

            It’s just a piece of paper to them.

          • Bob K.

            OH you better believe I have supported Trump from the get go. I was a business man on a small scale. I had a lot of connections. I know that Donald Trump is for real, he is consistent and he really is pro American. If he stands strong, maybe he can get some cooperation from the Senate and the Congress. It is going to take us, the people, to call our representatives continuously and demand they do the right thing. I just hope he does not pick an establishment VP because his life would be in real danger as JFK and Reagan who’s VPs were involved in their murder and attempted murder!

          • oaking

            We are doimated by the Dumbocrats and the Repugnicans

    • SentientStorm

      Protect the Constitution? Shred it? You’re a tad late. You’re like a proud father stating he’s going to protect his daughter’s virtue, and she’s 7 months pregnant.

      The Constitution has already been shredded, and discarded. We are already subject to that dreaded “New World Order” in everything but name. The tanks will appear on the streets only when they are sick and tired of still pretending that citizens have unalienable individual rights. The country was already overthrown even while those who want the Constitution upheld were voting for the government to exercise agendas they like.

      • … that’s it folks, clear out, go home, nothing to see here, it’s over, it’s lost, it’s our fault, might as well watch your favorite show and live life to the fullest, nothing anyone can do about it, game over, that shadowy New World Order has won.

        • SentientStorm

          Thank you for standing up to be my poster child, and case in point.

          By your shallow sarcasm, you highlight the American arrogance and ignorance that allowed our Liberties to be stripped from us, while we paid to put ourselves into shackles.

          Americans cannot and will not resurrect the Constitution and salvage their freedoms until they first recognize the dire situation they’re in. Currently you have no rights that the federal government’s primary purpose is to protect, and the federal government recognizes none of its limits that ensures the protection of those rights, but you seemingly wnat to contend throug some backdoor, half-assed sarcasm that the New World Order is not here, and you actually have not already lost. Perhaps you believe you can restore proper governance and your liberties by banging that dusty scrolled document and everything will magically come to order Or equally fanciful, perhaps you imagine that working within a system that is systematically corrupt might fix it. Perhaps if we would only vote harder, and vote “Conservative”, despite the fact conservatism no longer stands for anything, and does not address any of the problems.

          I am an certain we’ve lost, well, because all that we had is taken from us — that’s a loss. And also because of the attitudes of people like yourself, who aren’t really paying attention, don’t recognize the full scope of the horror we now face, and really aren’t prepared to do what is necessary. But thank you for raising your head up to serve as an exquisite exemplar of the problem.

          • The sarcasm is well deserved. People on here reading and responding for the most part are concerned about their country and want to do something positive about it. Many aren’t as informed perhaps as you — and what do you do — call them idiots and blame them. Not exactly how to influence people and create allies. If I have one complaint about those on the right — it’s that they seem just as eager to kick the teeth in of those who want to help as those who are destroying the nation. You would do better for the cause of freedom to never again write a single word on a blog.

          • SentientStorm

            Sacasm, well deserved? That sarcasm highlighted your own mental status, and it is the habitual crutch of small minds, a lazy way of engaging discussion that makes no point.

            Yes, we’re all so concerned about the country, and have been for some time now. The people have decided to vote harder, for their own populist candidate, and for American Idol.

            No, i dont run around calling people idiots unless the attack me personally when I’ve done nothing but state the obvious. It seems rather obvious that we got to our current situation because of the people’s ignorance of the terms of the Constitution, and naivete about our current condition.

            For instance, I never said we should give up simply because the Constitution is entirely overthrow, but your crutched “sarcasm” introduced the strawman claim that I had. The real condition we face is that the Constitution is no longer applied, and this is made consistently clear by the repeated actions of all 3 branches of government, each flagrantly operating by illegitimate terms that are hostile to our liberty and property. We cannot fix this by voting harder, nor by law suits, nor petitions or protests. Our country has been overthrown from within be deliberate and methodical plot. The only means to restore it is by the application of force with equal deliberation.

            Your monologue about defending the Constitution, while very romantic, had all the relevance of Don Quixote tilting with windmills, particularly since no one now knows that Constitution.

            . You think I “deserve” that sarcasm because of your naivete? Well, try something more direct, something actually honest — and make a direct argument if you somehow disagree, …. unless, of course, your thoughts are not deserving of that effort.

          • The problem is your looking for someone to argue with — rather than work beside. We agree on the problem and most likely the solution but you’re such a combative, condescending A-hole that we could never work together — thus the problem we face in America today — divided we fall. Try being a Washington rather than an Obama. Seriously, look in the mirror and make an adjustment. It will do us all good.

          • SentientStorm

            I’m looking for someone to argue with? No, I’m looking for a valid argument. You’re panties just got in a wad because I told you that defending the Constitution when people don’t know it, and it’s not in play, is a pointless exercise.

            My not agreeing with your vapid rallyhing cry is combative? No, it’s honest. If you cannot handle honesty, then dont put your thoughts out iun public. THen you call me a condescending A-hole, but you’re the one engaging in sarcasm and telling I deserve it. “Ya got me, ya got me this time, Elmer Fudd!”

            Work together? You’ve be like having the dog that doesn’t know which way to go. “That dog don’t hunt”. I’ll bet you haven’t even spent the time to detail what mosts need to be done to correct this country. If you don’t have a plan, then how can you ever succeed? If you don’t’ have a plan, then how can anyone work with you? Is your plan to “defend the Constitution”? What then? Vote harder?

            Why should anyone follow you, when you reject the idea that people don’t know the Constitution, and people don’t know the Constitution enough to know who does?

            I am neither a Washington, nor an Obama, and you need to stop thinking in convenient pigeon hole stereotypes, that allow you to not think at all. Your rendition of Washington seems to be a convenient morphosis to Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along”.

            Why don’t you look in the Constitution, learn it, and come up with a plan, or if you’re too lazy to do that on your own, then find someone who does know it. The Constitution is the one agreement we have that defines the terms of legitimate governance.

            Tell me, have you been siding with those who took a stand in Bunkerville, Nevada and Burns, Oregon, now being held is political prisoners, or don’t you recognize those terms as limiting the federal authority?

          • Blah blah blah, get the guns ma’ wer takin back the country…

          • SentientStorm

            So exactly what are you standing for? You’re standing for a constitution that you’ve not once stated the terms for, so basically it’s little more than a vacant symbol to you, just whatever you do, don’t actually use arms to ensure your unalienable rights, even as this nation’s founders did, not even if the federal government has claimed ownership over your stupid-ass body.

            You haven’t indicated one detail about the Constitution to show it’s more than a symbol. I asked you your view of the Bunkerville and Burns standoffs,and the 40+ people that are now political prisoners for standing against illegitimate federal authority, and you could care less, not adding anything more than “blah, blah blah” and your insipid, jejune sarcasm.

            I’m curious, David, exactly which chapter and verse of your Christian Heritage, are you drawing upon as an “Ambassador of Christ” in order to engage that jejune sarcasm? Evidently your immersion in Christian principle is as superficial as your understanding of Constitution and history.

          • You don’t sound the least bit curious, you keep flappin your trap, making claims and drawing conclusions, loving the sound of your own gong. You sound more like a federal interrogator — you know — like the ones you oppose, stomping on your rights? You seem to know more about me than I know about myself, so why don’t you just keep letting me know what I don’t know. You’re really good at it. It’s like seeing my own political biography come alive right in front of my eyes. Keep going…

          • SentientStorm

            i asked you a direct question twice now specifically, and at least once more than that in general terms. I should not have to beg to get you to talk specifics of the Constitution and what must be done for this country. In fact it seems to me that for one so desiring the defense of the Constitution, you should want to stipulate those specifics — but most curiously you avoid those very specifics.

            And “you sound” more like a Progressive, that chooses to attack the messenger rather than provide their own message, and then engaging in weaselly passive-aggressive tactics like sarcasm.

            David, and as far as me knowing more about you than you know about yourself, it is said that an unquestioned life, is a life that is unlived. Thus far it’s evident that I have questioned far more about your beliefs than you have ever thought to do, and that’s sad.

            Apparently you’d have us believe that every American knows the same things about the Constitution, but many believe such falsehoods as our coming from the Bill of Rights, and it might be amended, or that the 14th Amendment fabricated “citizens of the United States”, of that the federal government is incorporated, and a great deal of other very tragic mumbo-jumbo that is nothing more than uneducated superstition.

            Why don’t you cut to the chase, save us all a great deal of time, and surprise us by saying something about what you actually believe, and what mystical incantations might be used to restore legitimate governance and our liberties?

          • Jibba Bean

            Hillsdale College offers a FREE “Constitution 101” course for anyone interested in LEARNING what the Constitution is REALLY all about. If you’re going to just say “we need to take our country back” then you are one of the people that is waiting for someone else to start the process. I will tell you why the Constitution will soon be “shredded”…because we are already slaves to the system. We earn our PetroDollar to eat, heat clothe and shelter ourselves. This is like “earning a pass” to live. Therefore, you don’t want to lose all you have worked hard for, so taking that time off to “do something” is really not going to work only because everyone that DOES work for their things, can’t take the time off to “right the wrong”. Why do you think the democrats are in such strong support for the people that give stuff away? Because they are slaves of a different type, yet, they are just as much slaves as we are. Good luck with the “Revolution”, and I hope you have enough “vacation days” to get it done!

          • SentientStorm

            Jibba, yes, Hillsdale does have a Free, online Consitution course, and it’s worth every penny paid for it too.

            Four years ago i became aware in advabce if the new video lecture segments to be soon recorded and their general subject matter. I was so disturbed by what I saw, that I wrote of my concerns to Larry Arndt and the professor to do the two segments. i got no reply back, anf when the video series came out my concerns were confirned.

            The segments were on the Civil War and the threat to the Union. While I will not be providing my counter-evidence here, Hillsdale presented the belief that the union is involuntary and cannot be abandoned, misquoting Washington and misrepresenting “perpetual union” to be the same as “involuntary” in the Articles of Confederatiion

            In their rush to validate Lincoln as the first Republican President and emancipator of slaves, Hillsdale had to nullify State sovereignty, overlook Lincoln’s denial of Free Speech and habeas corpus, ignore the deaths of 300 thousand Americans and the devastation of the entire country, pretend the founders themselves never spoke on this, and be blind to the fact that any government with the power to dictate the terms of society to free one group is also able to enslave all society. That is what we have today.

            Hillsdale does NOT teach what the Cobstutution is “REALLY all about” but rather validates the corruption we have today.

            Radio talk show host Mark Levin is also a big supporter of Hillsdale’s Constitution course, to no surprise. Levin’s own proposed amendments to the Constitution all validate the corrupt status quo, while invalidating the limited Enumerated Powers of Article 1, Section 8. Anyone still listening to Levin is oblivious to what is going on.

            If you want someone who ACTUALLY teaches the Cinstitution, and not from some lifeless academic perspective, but rather in context of current events, then i recommend tge broadcasts of attorney KrisAnne Hall.

            Jibba, I am NOT just saying we need to take our country back in order to get someone else to do it. That’s a canard, with no basis in reality. The fact is any individual to act alone is only unhinged vigilantism, and dooned to failure.

            If you think that people should not have to earn an income to support themselves, then you’re advocating Communism, and a part of the problem. Petrodollars has nothing to do with this consideration.

            If you think the Democrats are the problem, then you’re stuck in the polarization of partisanship, and not really applying the Constitution at all. You’d be the problem, alongside Cruz, Romney, McCain, Rubio, Jindal, and many, many others.

            If you’re counting vacation days, then life, fortune and sacred Honor are too far above your head to have the Cinstitution have any meaning.

          • Ron Jones

            Thanks much to for the KrisAnne Hall referral. I was also [more than] a little disappointed in Hillsdale.

            I don’t know where you began your journey, but mine started as a Reaganite Republican. So, I can relate to, and sometimes even reach the neocon faux “conservatives” who adhere to the ‘praytriotic faith.’ (ask them to show you even a hint that patriotism to an earthly kingdom is specified in the Bible for believers ? ).

            My recommendation to everyone (particularly former military men) is to start with “A Century of War” by John V. Denson. It’s fairly short, engaging, and non-polemical. It also has a phenomenal bibliography.

            By the time you work your way through some of the items in the Bibliography, you will either have run away screaming in search of the blue pill… Or you will need to re-think a great many things.

          • SentientStorm

            Ron, if you’re just discovering Kris Anne Hall, then you’re in for a real treat. after so many people discussing the Constitution like it was a dry and lifeless study KrisAnne Hall’s direct reference of the Constitution to today’s unfolding horrots is going to be like an enormous enema when when so many to reference the Constitution treat it like a lifeless and unintelligible document.

            Hopefully you’ve found KrisAnne’s Youtube channel. The videos there will inform on issues most are not aware of (they have for me.).

            I rarely disagree with KrisAnne . I took issue with her idolizing Jefferson as her favorite founder, as he us my least favorite and directly tied to violent populist revolution and Communism. Jefferson’s support of and participation in the French Revolution is obvious, but he never recognize the difference between that Revolution and our own, even willing to reduce society to an “original Adam and Eve”.

            Jefferson was the singular cause of Washington’s caution against “entangling alliances” in his Farewell Address, as well as a prominent reason for the Alien & Sedition Acts under Adams when so many here were calling for the expanding French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars should be continued in this fledgling country. It was no mere coincidence that the office of Vice President, then occupied by Jefferson, was the only federal office not protected from criticism under the Sedition Act.

            As far as I’m concerned, the only difference between Jefferson and Che Guevara is that Jefferson didn’t actually kill anyone himself. No doubt many will consider this view extreme until they do study on their own.

            The other issue I’m not sure that KrisAnne got quite right is the terms of natural born citizen. KrisAnne started off by recommending the writings of Publius Huldah on this subject, but then herself stated the terms of natural born citizen to be birth in the country to parents who were citizens. Publius Huldah is notorious for her corrupt reading of Vattel in order to reach a desired conclusion of validating someone born overseas, entirely outside this country..

            I address this and other topics on my blog, Liberty Born:


            Yes, like you, I began as a Reaganite in college, when all those around me were certain the Hollywood Cowboy would push the nuclear button.

          • JeTo

            If you understand the constitution and history, then you understand that the framers considered rights as God given. These were masons, so they didn’t mean Jehova. But to be an atheist and claim who has rights or not, is evil. The gov is there to protect our God given rights; not issue or remove them.

          • JeTo

            I own the deed; how much are you in for?

          • JeTo

            A Washington? Instead of an Obama???
            Might I point out that Mr. Washington might have owned Mr. Obama once upon a time. Also that Mr. Washington didn’t fight for anyone’s liberty; he fought for the rights of the elite property owners. Mr. King wanted to tax the hell out of them; after all the crown claimed the Americas first.
            Sorting out fact from opinion is very difficult now, even on the individual self level. Today’s history is extremely revisionist.
            Would you believe that in this day and age their are STILL people who beleive 911 was a terrorist attack? In spite of reams of science that says otherwise. The same kind of folk who think man can do as he pleases without consequence to the environment including the weather.
            This law, like so many other lib laws, is spawned by deceptive practices of the cons.
            Both parties parted from their elected responsibilities decades ago. But WE THE SHEE voted for our favorite, or least hated carnies. We empowered them to rule us, so they do. We are now upping the ante and empowering corporations to rule us……each purchase is a vote.
            Oh crap, the skies falling again; gotta run.

          • It’s all a grand conspiracy, the shadows are our puppet masters, we are but pawns in their sick game and thank goodness JeTo has is all figured out — so that we might know the truth. Set us free JeTo, set us free.

          • Political Outsider

            You’re a very negative person and very self- righteous as well. You’re an antagonistic pseudo intellectual and I am thankful that your view of our constitution is not held by those who count.

          • SentientStorm

            You know all this from reading my horoscope, or from this discussion. Suffice to say that you got your strong opinion, because you dont like anyone else having strong views that have it rise up from the sheep herd.

            Just to show you’re nothing but emotion, why don’t you tell us all what exactly you think is “my view of the Constitution” and how it might differ from those who count, like Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Jay, Washington and other founders?

            I gather you don’t support those who took a stand in Bunkerville and Burns against the gross federal usurpations of illegitimate authority.

          • JeTo

            yep, it’s over when it’s over. even the sarcasm is over (the top).
            but to blame the voting public or their government isn’t quite the jab needed. Nope, we should be launching roundhouses at the corporate money changers,hoarders and the power mad. In short; the lobbyists and their lofty enablers.

          • SentientStorm

            Blaming the lobbyists is the same thing as blaming people and groups of people (corporations) for having their own interests and trying to promote those. It’s silly.

            The biggest problem is that we have a private organization, the Federal Reserve, controlling our currency and the economy, and deliberately crating boom and bust cycles that allow them to take up the country’s real assets for pennies on the dollar. They are the primary malefactors controlling our government. The Fed needs to be removed, and its proponents put on trial for criminal charges, and treason.

            Then the other problems stem from an entirely criminal Congress (and federal government) that no longer recognizes the strict limitations put upon it, and also exempting itself from the laws it writes for the people.

            It is by ignoring the constitution’s strict limits that Congress can engage in agendas, writing law directly to the people, and claiming lands within the States, none of which is within its authority. The Constitut9ion is intended to prohibit the federal government from having the authority to engage any sort of agenda, by not having authority over the people in several states directly.

            Those who are not supporting those who took action at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, and the Bundy Standoff in Bunkerville, may as well not be taking a stand at all, because the issues at the core in these two events are the government overreach that effects us all.

            ONLY by the federal government and Congress having the ability engage agendas, do those Lobbyists have any interest to influence government. By disregarding the constituti9on’s limits, and engaging in agendas, they feds have broken our form of government and resulted in each branch being entirely criminal.

            Andrew McCarthy wrote in excellent article about these agendas in 2010, “Empty Promise”.


        • J.W. Bowers Jr.

          Yup, many have simply given up……………….. Well, it’s a lot better than actually having to think; and do something about it (Y)

        • Political Outsider

          It may be your fault. Not mine. I have spoken up for years about this. Before that bloated pseudo intellectual Al Gore spewed his lies.

          • Jibba Bean

            speaking up does nothing…you need to get out there and get signatures, call out the people that are “leading us” into the fire, and REMIND them that THEY work for the PEOPLE. But like I said before, hope you have enough vacation time to get it done…otherwise you will continue to be a slave to the system…the mighty PetroDollar! :/

          • Political Outsider

            Kiss my ass, troll.

        • SuperLuminal Man


      • huecityvet1968

        SS we have witnessed the most successful coup d’état without a real shot being fired the Anti-Constitutionalists have taken over the government. We were lulled into a false sense of security by the media and the political spin doctors and the Hussein Obama Kool aide vendors. The talking heads on either side of the aisle flat out lied to us and keep turmoil to manageable level, but kept it in our faces so they do their slide of hand. We all have issues that we focus on and if you get the patriots focused on individual issues not the destruction of the Constitution they have us beaten before we can draw a breath or bring a weapon to bear.

        • SentientStorm

          Huecity, the Constitution is not some sort of on/off button where the people can check its status, and then whack it to get it functioning again.

          We can’t just wave the Constitution “magic wand” at things and have it fixed, particularly not if we don’t know what the problems are, and are unable to identify those problems because we don’t even know the terms of legit government established by the Constitution.

          Those “patriots” understanding those individual issues is how we restore the Constitution and our Liberty. It won’t happen by those patriots remaining ignorant, and thereby ineffective.

          One of the founders said, “the people cannot be ignorant and free. If they dont start wanting to learn, then they’re gonna be slaves, no doubt about it.

      • JeTo

        kizmet said the red guy

    • William Connors

      The Republican party’s voice has been squashed with threats of racism. Time to grow a sack and fight back.

      • Exactly right, ba__s and backbone is all it takes.

      • Elliott Toney

        You are a racist

        • Hot Sea-man

          No, I am a realist

        • Tell_it_like_I_See_It

          your an asshole

        • William Connors

          LOL you don’t know me for sure calling me a racist. One of the people I admire most is David Clarke, Cute kid on you FB page. Do you want him growing up in a world where he has to second think every thought he has? Are you a fan of big government? Are you aware of Jade Helm? Research outside your interests and formulate a thought of something significant and get back to me.

          • Elliott Toney

            I was just mocking people who use the r-word. Political correctness had ruined our country.

          • William Connors

            Thank god. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

    • Deon Van Zyl

      Could not agree more – the Right thinks it is high and mighty, and the Left only childish. Well, keep on sleeping.

    • Norma Brown

      it has always been the “Republicans” who do themselves in. I think it is because Republicans essentially don’t like belonging to a herd and want to think things through for themselves and they end up dividing over stupidities. But the Dems — their base acts just like a herd. brainless and obedient.

  • Eric Blust

    Climatetologists are a cult that worship the government.

    • Dennis Cox

      Almost all have come true. Where have you been hiding, under a rock?

      • walt kaiser

        so the polar bears are almost gone, the ice caps are melting, and on and on and on. Dennis, for God;s sake, pull your head out.

        • Zed

          Ice caps are melting wtf did you get that info? They have GROWN in size exponentially UPDATE [18 May 2015]: An internal government report has finally been released on recent (2005-2011) WHB mark-recapture work (PDF HERE; discussed here) but it contains a population estimate only. It has no figures on changes (if any) on number of cubs, size of litters, or condition of bears over time for 1984-2011 (previous study period ended in 2004). The authors (Lunn et al. 2013:18) calculated a new estimate for the population at 2004 (previous count), using the same method they used for their new count in 2011; this generated an estimate of 742 (630-872) for 2004, vs. the 806 (653-984) estimated for 2011. This indicates that there has been no decline in population numbers since the last estimate was calculated in 2004.

          • walt kaiser

            ZED, could not agree more with you, I was replying to Dennis, the climate warming prognosticator.

          • robco26

            I agree that that global cooling/warming and climate change is a myth. Although there is man made geo engineering weather going on. Using NASA as a source for proving the lie of the ice caps melting is not going to get you any closer to the truth. NASA is a lie as well.

          • SentientStorm

            ;Zed you probably should have spent half the time reading walt’s post, and the comments walt was responding to, that you spent writing your own message.

            Walt was challenging Dennis Cox who was saying that almost all of Climate Changes predictions have come true.

          • walt kaiser

            SentientStorm, thank you, at least someone knows the term reading comprehension. Thank you for trying to set some of these people straight.

        • lars

          Polar Bear Population is up 30% of what it was in 1974. The ice caps have increased by 10 feet average annual pack since the last measure in 2014 ! I am a Metrologist ! I made the measurements !

          • walt kaiser

            For God’s sake people read the whole F,,king statement I made, I was responding back to Dennis the Climate Change believer. Comprehension is the main part of reading

          • robco26

            What the fuck is a metrologist puss nutz?

        • Scott

          >so the polar bears are almost gone


          >the ice caps are melting


          Try again.

          • walt kaiser

            Jesus H. Christ, is your reading comprehension really that poor? Look at the freaking statement, it was directed at Dennis who avowed that that was what was happening, OF COURSE IT IS NOT HAPPENING, how clearly do I have to spell it out to you… in your own words, TRY AGAIN

      • Alan Larsen

        Obviously you have been educated at one of those Liberal Indoctrination Centers. aka the University, but yet dumb as a box of rocks.

      • Sylvia Blank

        Climate Change is real but it’s all orchestrated by military secret weapons of weather manipulation and control. The use several instruments; phase array radar (installs high and low pressure that acts like a wall changing jet streams, HARRP, microwave RF that is used to neutralize the core of a moisture system and evaporate and chemtrails that prevent precipitation. 1PacificRedwood you tube.

        • In Significant

          Don’t forget about the main climate controler…Our star…

        • Akamai_Nui

          There must have been a sale on Tin Foil at your local Wal Mart!

          • robco26

            You are the sixth goon to jump on this commenter. You pussies are weak.

        • Kurt Feinberg

          911 inside job, chemtrails, earth is flat, we didn’t land on the moon, Snowden is a hero, the Jews are controlling the world, the Illuminati wants Trump, let’s see . … did I leave anything out?

          • lars

            You forgot Polar Bears . Their population has grown 30% since 1974 !

          • Paul Reid

            What, you mean they aren’t on the brink of extinction like they were in 1974?

          • robco26

            Fuck Zionism.

        • lars

          Sylvia, you need help. Get it soon. Everything you stated is incorrect and I KNOW ! Your I worked at HAARP too ! We measured the aurora , not climate and Microwaves have been in our atmosphere since the big bang ! RF just means radio frequency ! They exist in nature ! There are zero chemtrails except for crop dusting at altitudes of 200 feet or less for accuracy. Any higher and you have no control ! You are seeing contrails because there are no Chemtrails, NONE, NADA, ZILTCH !

          • robco26

            You are a liar.

          • SentientStorm

            Lars, how does pushing a broom at HAARP qualify you to refute direct statements of those that made HAARP about the capabilities of the technology?

            Furthermore, there are patents for the sprays being used in the upper atmosphere. While I myself do not get the screaming meemies about chem-trails, and don’t really worry too much about them, it’s because there are far greater problems to worry about. The U.S. Government is known to have been influencing weather since View Nam — it should not even be a question.

        • There are global campaigns of cloud seeding that have shifted normal precipitation patterns. All you need to do is look at the recent weather in the US. There is above average precipitation in the east, below average in the west. Change the location of rain and climate changes. CO2 has nothing at all to do with anything.

          • SentientStorm

            To have droughts in the west, and deluges in the east, it takes a vast global conspiracy? C’mon….

            C02 has a lot to do with things, just not the catastrophic factor they claim.

    • Matt

      Only because they get paid to write their garbage. Come get me Obama!

    • dapatriotwench

      not all climatologists are/were government ‘cult’ members. My father was one of the first climatologists working in the government on behalf of the military. He studied climate and it’s changes in order to give climate assessments to the military about their proposals for building runways, buildings, etc. He called the ‘climate change’ doomsayers hucksters and non scientists………up until his death in 2008 he ranted on the NON SCIENTIFIC ‘settled’ SCIENCE of ‘global warming’….

      • Francie26

        It’ settled until it isn’t, until it changes.

      • patricksperry

        Don’t forget about man made global cooling…

        • lars

          Ya, I seem to be getting cooler every year ! Thanks !

  • Kechunk ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Well since the constitution is dead, I guess we can call off the whole ‘Law and order’ thing

    God help the first person that tries to throw me in jail for climate denial LOL

    • llkenney

      The Constitution is dead only if people like you allow it. Apathy guarantees dictatorships

      • SentientStorm

        No, no, the Constitution is dead because people like yourself have not only allowed it, but also participated in the evisceration of the Constitution,

        The constitution is dead because we have participated in elections, as the upcoming one, wherein politicians advocate agendas that are in no way the legitimate authority of the federal government, and yet we’re willing to vote on those agendas as if they were, even if we don’t want them!

        The Constitution is dead because people refer to things like the “My Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms”, when that right does not come from the second amendment, it does not provide you that right, and only tells the federal government what it cannot do to protect that right.

        The Constitution is dead because we Americans allowed politicians to tell us they have de facto ownership of our bodies, and can tell us what care and maintenance we might have, when we can no longer have any, and force us into a lifetime involuntary contract not of our free will. Without our self-ownership, we cannot possibly have any rights at all, because EVERY RIGHT that exists stems from that very self ownership. Yet Americans stood idly by and let the government vote to take ownership of their bodies wihen there is no such authority in the Constitution.

        The Constitution is dead because Americans do not know it, not even now, not in our darkest hour, when knowing that Constitution might be our salvation. Instead Americans pretend they know it, because they’ve been under it all their lives, (not actually) and ignorance is easier than due diligence.

        • llkenney

          Whatever keep bloviating

          • SentientStorm

            So you agree? You disagree? Or you’re too mentally incompetent to provide any relevant response?

          • llkenney

            As I said, people like you who think they know it all… not wasting my time.

          • SentientStorm

            School was a waste of your time.

          • Cap

            You’re not wasting your time, because you have no argument. It’s easier to just keep your head firmly planted in the sand. That “not wasting my time” is a lame cop out.

          • B.J. Adams

            And you…keep sleepwalking.

          • Jibba Bean
    • ^Kings_kid^

      I believe what God said in his word not the climate change idiots.

      Genesis 8:21-22 King James Version (KJV)

      21 And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

      22 While the earth remaneth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

      • Black Butt

        Where does UFO’s and other worlds with life fit into your bible there?

        • lars

          Have you discovered another world ? Are you in contact with aliens ? Just an example of the way you asked your dumb question !

          • Black Butt

            If you think we are alone in the universe your the idiot hell the world is flat to right dumb shit! hit the fucking road moron

          • Cap

            Ah yes, the typical liberal response. “Oh no, he’s challenging me! I must start ridiculing and calling names!”
            Maybe this way they won’t notice that I have absolutely NO ARGUMENT to offer…

          • Black Butt

            No its closed minded people like you I’m not even in the mood to argue with a post. God made the world in 7 days and its only what 7 thousand years old according to the bible but what about the dinosaurs no I don’t argue with the uneducated that’s you and you call me a liberal ha!!! Get real idiot. Your dam right there’s other life out there sorry to pee on your believes but you’ll get over it I did.

        • robco26

          What makes you think there are “UFO’s” and other worlds with life?

          • Black Butt

            Where do you think we got the microchip stealth in or I should say after Roswell there was a technology explosion. But not only that there’s people coming foreword I’m talking high ranking military military scientists and in the 80s Bob Lazar worked at S4 before him there was Billy Meier’s think I spelled that wrong but I would bet my life on it there’s just no way as mind boggling massive as the galaxy is its not even a spec in the universe. Its time people open there closed mind. We are not the center of the universe. Its even in the bible…

          • robco26

            Maybe the “ufo’s” are really man made playing mind games to control the masses. What is going on in Antarctica? They sure are keeping that a secret. I think there is knowledge about our history that is being kept secret. Evil currently reigns humanity, we have been living lies for hundreds of years.

        • William Connors

          There are no other worlds. God only made this one. Starts are a figment of your imagination. Also the world is 5000 years old and flat. Dinosaurs bones were put there to test your faith and I have a bridge for sale.

          • Black Butt

            Please say your not American

    • Francie26

      Get real. He was saying that we have to protect the Constitution, because only then can it protect us.

      • SentientStorm

        I dont get it. You start off saying, “Get real”, and then envision a sheepskin document protecting us, when most of us are not even acquainted with that sheepskin document at all.

        • llkenney

          What makes you the expert on who is acquainted with the Constitution and who isn’t???? You don’t know jack about any of us to be qualified to make that judgement! You sound like a nut case.

          • SentientStorm

            Because the average American has no clue what the constituiton indicates, and often believes things entirely contrary to the Constitution. I know this because I’ve been writing articles and lecturing on radio programs about the Constitution for years.

            I know all the varied beliefs about the terms of the Constitution cannot all be correct, but then simple logic dictates that. However you’re probably not all that familiar with that logic either. . And I know that with your arrogant defensive attitude, you’re the likely purveyor of a lot of that ignorance. .

          • llkenney

            Riiiiiiiiight you know me so well to know I studied history and the Constitution last semester, as well as have taken several psychology courses….but you’re the only one who knows anything out there…I get it LOL

          • SentientStorm

            Aww, how cute! You’re so young you think that you need to register for a class to study an issue. They have courses that study history and the Constitution? It must be a Community College.

            Alright, bravo. let us see if you’re one step beyond the pablum they teach in high school:

            Why was title of “Father of the Constitution” really only an honorific that Madison did not deserve?

          • llkenney

            For your information numbnut I’m not young…I’m a grandmother who chose to go back to college to obtain my bachelor’s. You are a condescending, arrogant, pompous ass who isn’t worthy of any additional dialogue.

          • SentientStorm

            I may be cocky, but i am astute, alert, correct, and on-target, particularly in this regard. And I gather that I hit a nerve with my identification, given your personal attacks. You don’t like being told you’re wrong — well, as I said previously, that’s why you’re the poster child for what is wrong with Americans. Good! Get pissed off — and then change that condition.

            You may want to put me on follow, and that way you might learn something about the country you live in and that Constitution before you grandchildren themselves do, or they lose it forever. Your ignorance has left them with a tremendous burden. It’s time for you to lighten the future’s load by taking responsibility.

            “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Al Einstein

          • SentientStorm

            It figures – no answer to my simple question. You’re not so good with actual knowledge, just good with jackass commentary.

            Thanks for helping me make my point.

          • Cap

            Wow! A whole entire semester?? You must know everything about it then, right?? Oh, and several psychology courses as well? LOL

        • Tell_it_like_I_See_It

          maybe your parents should not have used a sheepskin condom. Then you would not be around to pollute us with your stupidity.

          • SentientStorm

            I bet you think you’re witty. That’s sad. The very idea that passes for wit among halfwits is why the country is in trouble.

          • Tell_it_like_I_See_It

            This country is in trouble because of idiots like you who should have been aborted to stop the contamination your family is inflicting onto the timeline.

          • SentientStorm

            Please give me some idea why you’re saying these things, before you can no longer do so due to having been split like a canoe from bow to stern. At this point youre only giving signs we need to perform a retroactived abortion. Do you have enough functioning brain cells to say something coherent and rational?

      • Kechunk ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Nope.. I am getting real. Freedom of speech is dead in CA and you are a sheep

      • Francie26

        You are a collective of fools. I simply reiterated what he had said, adding none of my own ideas or opinions, and now, you are calling me names for it and saying you don’t like my ideas. Can’t you read? Don’t you get it? There were none of my own ideas in that comment. Duh!! LOL

  • billjcanada

    The time for a shooting war is coming. I am tired of these communist pieces of shit

  • yatesracing


    • Francie26

      Or God.

  • TopnColorado

    I can’t believe that the people of California are sitting idly by watching their freedom of speech being taken from them. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    • llkenney

      It’s California…liberal Oz.

    • Alan Larsen

      The land of fruits and nuts….

    • Lisa McLaughlin

      Legalized drugs √
      Media control √
      Government controlled education √
      Domestic Terrorism against patriots √
      Dependence on Government √
      … know the rest
      Watching San Jose, their Mayor & Chief of Police stand by letting peaceful Americans be attacked while watching unreal
      This is really happening here in this country It’s frightening how many esp. online excuse it away.

  • Rick Doty

    The following remarks are from S. Fred Singer an Atmospheric Physicist. He is Professor of Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and has served as the founding director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service. This was in a New York City news paper in 2009. Dr. S. Fred Singer, is one of the world’s most respected and widely published experts on climate. He knows far more about climate change than Obama, Gore and for sure Bernie Sanders and Hillary.


    The single most important issue is whether climate change is natural or human-caused. In principle, both options are plausible. But we know climate changes naturally, on times scales of decades and centuries.

    So which is more important: the human release of gases or natural cycles? One cannot go by the majority view-science does not work like politics.

    We cannot use the fact that there is a rough correlation between temperature increase and increase in CO2. During much of the 20th century, from 1940 to 1975, the climate cooled while CO2 levels rose. And during the past decade climate has again been cooling in spite of the rise in CO2.

    The answer is to look at the pattern of warming trends and see if it agrees with what models predict. The models all predict the existence of a “hot spot” — a maximum warming trend in the tropical region. The observations from weather balloons show the opposite result, a slight cooling trend. This disagreement between calculated and observed fingerprints of temperature trends is the strongest argument against any appreciable human contribution to climate.


    It might make a lot more sense to draw a correlation between man-made carbon dioxide levels and the rising temperatures if the temperatures hadn’t decreased in the last decade.

    “The Earth’s climate has always alternated between warming and cooling phases,” said William Happer, who served the Department of Energy under former President George H. W. Bush. “In the medieval warming period, when the Norse settled Greenland, the Earth warmed as fast or faster that it has since the 1800’s. What should world governments have done in the year 900 A.D., when people noticed that the climate was warming and the ice was melting in southern Greenland?”

    Studies show that average global temperatures have decreased as much as 0.2 degrees Celsius over the last ten years—-just as human activity is thought to be taking its biggest toll on the planet’s climate.

    The decrease is small, to be sure, but, say skeptics, it disproves the argument that rising man-made CO2 levels are the driving force behind global warming.

    • Mike Mullican

      everyone in involved in developing and creating this bill should have a mob ass beating.

  • Rick Doty

    Liberal blithering idiots. That is a violation of the first amendment, of course liberals do not care about the Constitution, they walk all over it all the time.

    Come and arrest me California!!!!! Your global warming caused by humans is total liberal democrat bullshit!!!

    A German professor has confirmed what skeptics from Britain to the US have long suspected: that NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has largely invented “global warming” by tampering with the raw temperature data records.

    Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert is a retired geologist and data computation expert. He has painstakingly examined and tabulated all NASA GISS’s temperature data series, taken from 1153 stations and going back to 1881. His conclusion: that if you look at the raw data, as opposed to NASA’s revisions, you’ll find that since 1940 the planet has been cooling, not warming.

    According to Günter Ederer, the German journalist who has reported on Ewert’s findings:

    From the publicly available data, Ewert made an unbelievable discovery: Between the years 2010 and 2012 the data measured since 1881 were altered so that they showed a significant warming, especially after 1950. […] A comparison of the data from 2010 with the data of 2012 shows that NASA-GISS had altered its own datasets so that especially after WWII a clear warming appears – although it never existed.

    Apart from Australia, the planet has in fact been on a cooling trend:

    Using the NASA data from 2010 the surface temperature globally from 1940 until today has fallen by 1.110°C, and since 2000 it has fallen 0.4223°C […]. The cooling has hit every continent except for Australia, which warmed by 0.6339°C since 2000. The figures for Europe: From 1940 to 2010, using the data from 2010, there was a cooling of 0.5465°C and a cooling of 0.3739°C since 2000.

    But the activist scientists at NASA GISS – initially led by James Hansen (pictured above), later by Gavin Schmidt – wanted the records they are in charge of maintaining to show warming not cooling, so they began systematically adjusting the data for various spurious reasons using ten different methods.

    The most commonly used ones were:

    • Reducing the annual mean in the early phase.

    • Reducing the high values in the first warming phase.

    • Increasing individual values during the second warming phase.

    • Suppression of the second cooling phase starting in 1995.

    • Shortening the early decades of the datasets.

    • With the long-term datasets, even the first century was shortened.

    Ewert’s findings echo that of US meteorologists Joseph D’Aleo and Anthony Watts who examined 6,000 NASA weather stations and found a host of irregularities both with the way they were sited and how the raw data had been adjusted to reflect such influences as the Urban Heat Island effect.

    Britain’s Paul Homewood is also on NASA GISS’s case. Here he shows the shocking extent of the adjustments they have made to a temperature record in Brazil which has been altered so that a cooling trend becomes a warming trend.

    Unadjusted temperature record: shows cooling trend.

    • Morris King

      It seems logical to me that if Californians are so against fossil fuels, that all the producers of such fuels should close down all production an sales of their products in the state of California an denie sales in surrounding states to persons from California . Tit for tat.

  • tornadoes28

    You morons.

  • Robert Truss

    This is how the Democratic Party works. First your money, then your freedom, and you become their slaves. That’s why they are broke, and the people there are like brat’s. The best way to deal with this is to just shut down everything having to do with gasoline, and fuel’s that run everything. Watch those wheels of unlawfulness stop in there tracks. Just shut the state down.

    • dapatriotwench

      hell, take away their Iphones, lol……..aren’t the cases made of fossil fuels??? LOLOL

      • Robert Truss

        You know, that’s not a bad ideal! ?

  • Steve Bosang

    Pure Tyranny plain and simple— another disgraceful and illegal form of oppression in this Kinky Paranoid Pathetic state that screams Liberalism in place of freedom.Brown should be recalled as well as the atty general.BEYOND THE “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” TIMES WE ARE FORCED TO LIVE IN WITH LIBERALS IN CHARGE.. WHAT A JOKE

  • GreenHeretic

    What part of “shall make no law” are they having trouble understanding?

  • Clay Diggs

    This will end badly for these communists

  • lou59

    This is going straight out the window the minute it hits the courts.

  • Guy SaintOnge


  • Bailey A Hughes

    That is a violation of federal law! I hope they get sewed by the ACLU

  • Darrell

    This proves that climate change is fake
    You don’t need a law to protect truth

  • Howard Landry

    SB 1161 is about technology and has nothing to do with climate change……idiots

  • Howard Landry

    SB 1161

  • Robert Frontella

    This is why they want illegals to come in
    they can be bought off with American tax money Democrats are really socialists

  • tp517

    Something tells me they jumped the shark on this one.

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    Take away their welfare check and food stamps and they’ll be too weak to riot at rallies.

  • perry

    Global warming is a hoax to tax, tax, tax us more…..

  • clubberlange

    Next they will have a book burning.

  • Plinkleton

    No Data on “climate change” can be valid as long a unknown “scientists” are perpetrating this “geoengineering” aerosol nano-metal chemtrail spraying. Warming, Drought, Flooding, who knows what kind of environmental damage their secret experiments with our atmosphere are causing. since it’s all being hidden from the public, maybe jerry brown is one of the perps

  • Tom Cook

    Wait a moment, I thought that it was supposed to be conservatives that were totalitarians. This taking away of our rights is the sort of thing that Hitler did quite blatantly. I guess “Herr Brown” maybe feels threatened because the case for his side is so weak. No dissent allowed. Governor Moonbeam never has done a very good job as governor. Maybe too much LSD in the 60s?

  • Ted Bouchard

    Wow. that is evil nazi shit. *shudders*

  • Hobbesian Meliorist

    Dangerous precedent that could soon bite then back. If a law like this stands, a conservative government could introduce a law to jail journalists who lie against politicians. The whole liberal media could be wearing orange within months.

  • walt kaiser

    This is the death nell for California. If I were a fossil fuel company I would close all stations in Cal. any industry that uses FF should just relocate and leave this shit hole to die. The Dems want it they can have it.

  • Jim c

    Terraforming the planet for the alien invasion!#area51

  • Virginia Coverdale

    If we don’t fire some of these judges this kind of thing could be upheld. I would not normally worry about this kind of trash knowing it could not pass the sniff test in court. These days however the Judges are radical Lefties too so its really really scary. TRUMP16

  • Remonia Bradley

    The Ice and snow are greatly diminished. Fact.

  • Allen Brown

    hey moonbeam I question it come arrest me if you dare

  • In Significant

    It’s just some lobbyist garbage so they can increase carbon taxes on everything the lying sacks! If they pass this shoot the first MoFo brain dead drooler cop who tries to jail anyone…

  • Susan Fuchs

    the first amendment CANNOT be “overridden” by any liberal turds! take them to court, and keep them there!!! Jail them for trying to take away our God given, natural rights!!!

  • In Significant

    There is now an international movement of scientists who have debunked man-made climate change and are even going to prosecute the dolts who profited off the fraud….

    • In Significant

      GO GET ‘EM!!!

  • BadInPublic

    Torquemada would be proud. Climate change, global warming, climate disruption, what ever they want to call it is the new inquisition. They will use “consensus” as a basis to bring the weight of law (according to their religion) to enforce compliance. That isn’t science, that’s cultism. True science doesn’t just interpret data as they see fit to comply with a chosen outcome. True science can’t be done when there are such holes in the data that they have to “fill in the blanks.” True science welcomes scrutiny and skepticism. True science doesn’t try to silence opposing ideas. True science thrives on debate and recreation of data and models. It doesn’t hide behind closed doors where their data isn’t for all to see and attempt to disprove or corroborate. The science we are told is settled is bunk. It isn’t science at all.

    • lars

      You are right. They tried to make it science but failed so here we have the Convenient Lies !

  • David Henderson

    Climate change is Dem FRAUD of the people… show me a wingnut behind gw, I got two saying its garbage science…imo

  • David Henderson


  • patricksperry

    Simply put, they want a full blown revolution. What they don’t realize, is that they will be the big losers…

  • lars

    There is no Climate Change ! There will no even be a hint of climate change for another 12,000 years or more. Climate change is not man made in any way shape or form. Just one Volcano eruption like Mt. St. Helens here in Washington State put out more gases and material into the atmosphere and on the land than all of mankind has since he started making fire ! JOE, Barry and Al Gore are all lying like the rats that they are ! They are making billions of dollars from this Convenient Lie !

  • El Alconsito

    I know where to start it and how to disable them

  • John Redman

    Until HAARP technologies are brought to full disclosure there is no need to submit to government tyranny nor their false claims of “climate change”. For so long as Empires are using technology to tamper with the weather, yes, those aren’t contrails up there we are at war, We the People vs. All Government.

  • Karen Bracken

    i guess the fact that many, many scientists have exposed the fraudulent data are to be dismissed because they don’t play the global Communist game?? CO2 sustains life. Without it EVERYTHING dies. NASA scientists will tell you the sun controls the climate not human activity. There was more CO2 in the environment when dinosaurs roamed the land there is today. This is all a quest to destroy freedom, liberty and property rights. I hope EVERY business moves out of California. Between Gov. Swartzenegger and Governor Brown they have succeeded in totally destroying a once great state.

  • cme run

    so, we don’t buy into a theory, unproven, that attributes natural, historically proven cycles of change in the environment and weather cycles to Man With a false and unproven method of dealing with this and we are suddenly in violation of a law created by the same dill weeds that concocted this mess

  • David Morris

    There are several articles out there on this topic.

    The scary thing is the absolute rejection of the scientific process and peer review.. What happened to Scientific Hypothesis, Theory, Law Definitions.

    Come on… the most acclaimed scientist in American history… Einstein.. his publications are still theories… not scientific law…

    • SentientStorm

      David Morris, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, because you were doing okay with “scientific process and peer review”, and then totally derailed by trying to equate “theories” with unproven hypothesis. No, theories (for science) are made up of facts, laws, hypotheses,

      The word “Theory”, as used by the scientific community, does not equate with an untested, unproven hypothesis. A theory has been tested and proven, and is considered fact.

      The Theory of Gravity is not an unproven hypothesis, but rather is a proven set of laws, facts and principles.

      Similarly Evolution is not an unproven hypothesis, but likewise is a complex understanding of laws facts and principles.

      • David Morris

        Storm… Theories evolve from a hypothesis. The point of intense peer review serves a purpose and has discounted many a theory. If you want to have some fun, try and find specifics documenting the level of impact man made pollution has had.. and then find comparisons to the impacts of the solar cycle, volcanoes, orbital changes…

        Guess what, this settled science REFUSES to discuss alternative concepts… that makes it a religion, not a science.

        • David Morris

          Difference between theory and fact….

          In the scientific world, facts (or scientific facts) are what one can readily observe. It can pertain to any objective and real phenomenon may it be the falling of the ball after being thrown upwards or other simple observable occurrences. In this regard, the fact is that the ball will fall. More so, if this test is being done repeatedly under a controlled environment that cancels all unnecessary variables the phenomenon would have become a very obvious and undeniable fact. It is considered a fact because it will remain as true even after several centuries unless there is a more rigid and precise way of measuring a certain phenomenon.

          On the contrary, theories in science are likened to the explanations to what has been observed. It is relatively greater in weight to what a hypothesis is. If a hypothesis (an intelligent guess) is the first base of formulating a scientific law then theories are placed at the second base. These are the statements that are assumed to be true (because they seem so) even if there are no hundred percent concrete evidences. Nevertheless, theories are always presented to be true even if the claims in the said theories are mere speculations or a general agreement between a significant numbers of experts. Moreover, theories are the statements that often undergo a series of tests to nullify the claims maid by those who propose them.

        • SentientStorm

          No, Theories cannot be “discounted” by peer review. Theories are not subject to opinion. In fact there has never been even one (scientific) theory discounted by peer review.

          You’re still (again) confusing a scientific theory with the layperson’s use of the word “theory”, when they are not the same. The layperson’s use of “theory” is similar to science’s “hypothesis”.

          I’ve taken part in this discussion, or seen it occur, countless times over decades, and 90+% of the time it is started by people who want to discount Evolution because it’s “only a theory”.

          The theory of gravity would not be disproven by peer review, nor would it be entirely invalidated because if one of its hypotheses were somehow suddenly disproven. The theory of gravity would still remain, as it describes a factual phenomenon. The same is true of Evolution.

          • David Morris

            Storm, just read what you wrote… Your position is one of faith and belief. Science ALWAYS questions and that is the core function of peer review.

            What is a Fact?

            A fact is any phenomenon or action that is verified. In other words, what you can verify or prove is called a fact.

            What is a Theory?

            A theory is offering an explanation of what has been observed or verified. It so happens in Science that certain verified actions or happenings need explanations to make the world understand these universal happenings. These explanations are what are called theories. Many great scientists and thinkers forwarded theories to explain their observations. Some of these scientists and thinkers include Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Noire, Albert Einstein and others.

            Theories can be disproved because of their ambiguity since they are mere explanations based on facts. We wonder what makes a theory a challengeable one and a law an undisputed one. A theory cannot be disproved because of the reason that it is the result arrived at by an explanation of a fact that is universal.

          • David Morris

            Scientists theorized that man could not travel faster than 60 MPH or we would risk having the air sucked out of our lungs. Scientists theorized that the sun revolved around the earth. Scientists theorized that the earth was flat.

            There are thousands and thousands of theories… and objective review by the scientific community… peer review happens… sometimes over decades. That is a fact.

            On this specific topic of climate change… there are very few FACTS. There is no objective analysis documenting the impact of man in comparison to naturally occurring events like volcanoes, changes in the earth’s orbit, or the solar cycles that happen over 30, 50, and 130 years. Without this open discuss, climate change THEORIES will never be considered fact.

          • SentientStorm

            No, my position is not one of faith and belief, but rather of science. My view is only involves faith, because I’m certain I know the valid definition of theory. It helps that I am a professional geologist and geophysicist..

            Of course Science must always question, but science does not wake up each morning and question what it proved true the day before, otherwise it would make no progress.

            Again, a THEORY is not merely an “explanation”, but rather often a series of tested hypotheses,

            You claim that the “verified actions or happenings” that need explanations, that these explanations are theories. No, not unless the explanations have been subjected to falsification testing, and validated, otherwise those explanations would only be Hypotheses, not Theories.

            Neither Newton, Archimedes, Noire, nor Einstein ever promoted a hypothesis as a theory.

            Theoretically theories can be disproven, but realistically not in their entirety, or else they were not legitimately validated by previous testing. While their may be some aspect of a complex theory that is tested and fails, that would more accurately be a hypothesis involved in that theory, and it be very unlikely to invalidate the entirety of that theory itself.

            For instance, some creationists believe they have evidence that man and dinosaur lived at the same time, and believe that this disproves Evolution. Assuming this were true, it would not actually invalidate the fact of Evolution, only cause aspects of the theory to be modified.

          • David Morris

            You just do not get it. A hypothesis is the basis or starting point from which a theory may… or may not evolve.

            So, if you feel you understand and know the term theory. State a source supporting your position. Meriam Webster states it as follows…

            : an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events

            : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true

            : the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject

            In each case they are IDEAS attempting to explain an event…

            So, state your position … explicitly and provide a source validating your position.

          • David Morris

            Oh… by the way Darwin’s THEORY of evolution is still a THEORY…

            Think about that for a moment while you reread the definition of the word.

          • David Morris

            By the by… this thread started out discussing the legal actions of California in relation to climate change theory…

            You seem to “believe” it is fact. So, provide a link to the theory that you support as fact. You will find that there is a lot of fluff out there but very little documentation.

          • David Morris


          • David Morris
          • SentientStorm

            I’ve got some 30 years doing scientific work showing that I do “get it”.

            The definition that you’re providing is the layperson’s use of the word “theory” and not the scientific use of that word.

            Here is a good (but not great) definition of Theory as used in science:

            THEORY: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.


          • David Morris

            Scientific Theory
            A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. Therefore, theories can be disproven. Basically, if evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, then the hypothesis can become accepted as a good explanation of a phenomenon. One definition of a theory is to say it’s an accepted hypothesis.

  • John Williams

    The lunatics are running the asylum out there

  • Lightmann

    Just try to jail me on this. I’ll have a $500 million lawsuit going and they california can pay me out of their defunct Cal Pers pension fund….

  • Juan Gonzalez


  • Climate change being caused by CO2 is a hoax. We need to end all government grants for “scientists” who promote the theory in order to get funding for research.

  • Wendy Berg Dawes

    Hello thought police. USSA, brought to you by Obama.

  • madjak

    Never pass

  • Michael Hilla

    I feel like I do not believe in climate change…..thats how I feel and maybe I feel like using the women restroom because Iam feeling that way today. Can’t keep me from feeling something and than acting on it.

  • qthush

    You people are fucked up in the head,

    • Political Outsider

      Eloquent statement, fucking liberaturd

  • Felix Rodriguez

    If its Brown flush it down!

  • rightislight

    You got to be kidding me. Seriously? We have gone too far. In a world where people, and yes, corporations, are being sued for their beliefs….. are you kidding?

  • Rainer

    Some organizations are listed: Pacific Legal Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, California Republican Party,
    But a group of very important organizations is missing from the list. Third World help organizations. There’s a lot of organizations that claim, living conditions around the world are not like here, rather most of the world is a so-called Third World hellhole and we live in paradise-like conditions compared to them because we are the Industrial Countries. The USA, Canada, many countries of Europe and some countries in the rest of the world are supposed to be the “leading Industrial Nations”, and there’s supposed to be a huge North-South gap.
    Such belief automatically and unavoidably means that the Industry we have here in the Industrial good and indispensable. This assumption is diametrically opposed to every environmental teaching including Global Warming, If you want to claim there’s man-made catastrophic global warming – earth is good, nature is good and mankind is destroying it – and you want to be consistent, then you have to first reject the idea of a Third World entirely and claim living conditions are all the same all around the world, have always been.
    So members of any Third World aid organization (and of any organization that claims we have to let Mexicans or Central Americans in, for here it is better than there, they suffer something there) have to be jailed for indirect climate change denial.

  • Mary Haley

    These people are out of their ever loving minds.up yours idiots

  • gypsyrose1

    It is an abomination when politicians decide what science is acceptable. Skepticism is at the root of science.

  • Bo

    2A is in effect. Let direct action commence.

  • dan690

    I guess this is the only way to make people say they believe this totally fabricated scam.

  • Save CA

    While ”

    There is broad scientific consensus that anthropogenic global warming is occurring and changing the world’s climate patterns” there is also broad scientific consensus that it is not happening. Whether these statements are correct or not the law as proposed is a direct assault on the 1st Amendment and not legal. Once again progressives pay no attention to the Constitution and continue to erode our rights. Personally I believe there is a minor effect on our weather but government experiments of climate control, which have been going on for decades, are more responsible. Can you say HARP or the obvious chem trails?

  • Timk

    Bring It Gov. MOONBEAM. Climate Change is a liberal Made Up POS …
    You know where I am. Same city I wrote you from in 1975. Ya libraturd……
    You remember me , Fresh out of USMC I was asking for a Job.
    For 40 years you have NOT CHANGED. You to are Still a Giant POS.
    Semper Fi’

  • Hapless Student

    And so it begins. . . . .

  • Political Outsider

    Anthropogenic induced climate change is a hoax promoted for goofballs like Al Gore and his fellow political hacks to pad their pockets and TAX TAX TAX. Go to hell, CA political terrorists.

  • Political Outsider

    As I have been looking back in the comments I noticed that we have a troll among us and that being “sentient storm”. Every engagement of his that I’ve seen has been to cause an argument. The best way to stop is to remove his pleasure and not respond.

  • stevor

    Since Exxon-Mobil is named, I went to their web site and suggested that they prove the existence of CHEMtrails, which are used to change the climate. (I have thousands of pictures of contrails and CHEMtrails and when one goes across most or all of the sky and lasts for hours, it’s NOT a contrail that typically dissipates in seconds)

  • evoval


  • Edward Holmes

    The Oppressor Jerry Brown is now eliminating free speech in California. This is what happen in a State that has a dictator Govinor for 13 years. That is right 13 years. (1975 to 1983) (2011 to Present )…

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Please pass this as, probably incorrectly, explained here. I’ll hop on a plane and willfully protest and get arrested so I can win an easy $25,000 civil suit.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    HAHAHA, come get me:) Good lord we are in the dark ages again:)

  • avrohombilgrei

    This only means that thousands will have to do it en masse!

  • Jingo Bells

    This is the blatant avocation of tyranny and loss of free speech! ?

  • kent7

    Too much to allow to completion. Taking away from a basic constitutional right of free speech. Its a shame that the people can’t pass a law against the law makers putting them in jail for exceeding their powers given by those that voted for them.

  • Kenneth Ballardo

    Trump was not my 1st or second choice, but I know he won’t stand for this BS, ..and it’s time to let that dog off the CHAIN!!

  • Spire

    This means Death to all climate protesters, and death to all those devoted to the freedom to protest. Time to find out who is a liberal vs. a closet totalitarian. And for anybody out there who thinks they are a scientist and believes in the canard called “Settled Science,” you have totally faied your calling. There is no such thing as settled science in real science. Only in religion or fascism/communism. Fuque this.

  • Tsh M E Aigo

    It would be nice not to have the Oil companies spending millions on their own propaganda for a change.

  • Deon Van Zyl

    So the Fascists march on. Hope you have fun in California as your economy dies.

  • Dr. Jim Shorten

    F-king commies. You can burn the America flag, it’s an expression of free speech, but talk down on the idiots that have no clue on climate change and you go to jail…

    I’d like to add a law that all male government officials in California, get castrated so you can’t breed your stupidity. LOL

  • Jimmy G

    Shouldn’t Politicians who lie be sent to jail also? Build more Jails…

  • Freeme

    GOOD ALERT on this topic of ‘climate change’ and loss of already diminishing speech brought to us by ‘political correctness’…aka tyranny. The whole problem that first planted the ‘seed’ of CO2 ’caused by man’ was MEDIA jumping on board with GORE…without ever questioning to define a phrase that was never initially explained past ‘greenhouse gases’.
    These people and their minions shoved this down our throats 24/7/365 for decades without anyone questioning ‘science’ until
    ‘climate gate’ erupted and UNITED NATIONS’S own IPCC admitted the false statements arising from propaganda concerning CO2….BUT …HAVE YOU READ THAT? Most
    comments here are hung up on ‘free speech’ rather than confronting the real ‘lies’ of ‘climate change’ and the ramifications thereof. Anyone for truth? anyone?
    ‘geoengineering climate change’. The only reason people cannot fathom the extent of these programs, is their lack of
    knowledge in science, military operations and ‘weather weapons’ used for warfare. [Most Viet Nam Veterans remember ‘Agent Orange’ sprayed over rice paddies to kill off their food supplies, and AO was the only chemical that worked. It also put all humans at risk for generations thereafter producing disabled offspring] This was the first well known incident admitted to by Government, but many more experiments were conducted before this and never stopped being used on US ever since up to present time.
    Don’t believe it? Do yourselves a favor and do your own research ie; ‘’ or ‘weather modification, or ‘scorched earth’,
    or USAF OWNING THE WEATHER BY 2025….weather warfare used as a ‘force multiplier’…in military-speak.
    The truth is obvious for those able to see.

  • Norma Brown

    Hey, Jerry: Sieg heil, baby.

  • oaking

    Sounds like the same people who decided that PI needed to be 3 to make math easier. I can see the Supreme court seeing this one on constitutional grounds, 1st

  • D.l. Hannah

    A law that takes away our first amendment right to decent and discuss anything we wish is no law at all…..and this is no law.

  • Ozziejorge

    “Why do they hate and want to destroys us..?”
    Because of our FREEDOM!!!
    “What makes America the greatest country in the world?”

  • delquattro

    Simply demand they show cause. They can’t, and won’t. Dismissed.

  • JohnB

    This will go to the United States Supreme Court. And it is high time that anyone who passes a law/laws that block reasonable free speech…speech that doe not directly bring immediate physical harm (fighting words) and it is shown to be blatantly unconstitutional in the courts, be fined heavily and pay all legal cost for such insane violations of the 1st amendment. No more passing laws that kill our 1st amendment rights and then just get told that what they did was wrong 2 to 5 years later when the case runs it’s course and they find out they were wrong.

  • Stir_ the_ pot

    Consensus and science are mutually exclusive.

    This is purely political at this point, which is why the fascists on the left want dissent squashed.

  • Thomas Weiss

    Folks, it’s clobbering time…….

  • Wolf Fogarty

    The Constitution of the United States trumps California’s new law.
    Cali can stick that one…. it won’t hold up in court.

  • OldUncleDave

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • Linda Pfister


  • Homefront

    They have to do this because they do not have facts on their side.

  • It would be funny if the lie was not so false and hurtful.

  • Jct: Alarmists can’t win the debate in the lab, call in the cops. The ultimatye admission of defeat. Bringing cops into the classroom.

  • Dan Gregory

    Considering the state that’s trying to pass this law,it’s far from surprising,smh..

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