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California Proposition Requires Permit To Buy Bullets

Darby Crash
California Proposition Requires Permit To Buy Bullets

( – California residents will be voting tomorrow on a measure that would require individuals to purchase a permit to but bullets and for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to regulate the purchases.

The measure, Proposition 63, would require individuals to pay up to $50 for an ammunition purchase authorization permit in order to buy ammunition.

According to the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, the measure:

    Requires individuals to obtain a four-year permit from DOJ to buy ammunition and for ammunition dealers to check with DOJ that individuals buying ammunition have such permits.
    Requires DOJ to revoke permits from individuals who become prohibited.
    Allows DOJ to charge each person applying for a four-year permit a fee of up to $50 to support its various administrative and enforcement costs related to ammunition sales.

Proposition 63 also adds new felony charges for stealing firearms, broadens a ban on large capacity magazines and requires ammunition dealers to purchase a license each year in order to sell bullets, among other requirements.

“Only bureaucrats would believe that criminals and terrorists would jump through these hoops to buy ammunition. The enormous expense and time to enforce this proposition will fall on the taxpayers. Fact is, this proposal is nothing more than an anti-gun power grab,” the NRA Institute for Legislative Action says. Keep reading

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    Eff Commiefornia…glad I escaped years ago…