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CBS Under Fire For Withholding Clip Of Trump Calling For Peace On Streets

Infidel Ali
CBS Under Fire For Withholding Clip Of Trump Calling For Peace On Streets

The whole thing is bizarre because the question he was asked was about HIS supporters committing violence, which we haven’t seen any of, as all the violence has been committed by Democrats against Trump.

Excerpted From The Hill: CBS News is under fire for holding a videotaped clip from a Friday interview with President-elect Donald Trump urging supporters not to attack minorities until a “60 Minutes” broadcast on Sunday night.

“I am very surprised to hear that. I hate to hear it,” Trump told interviewer Lesley Stahl when told of some attacks on minorities that have reportedly occurred since his election victory Tuesday.

“I am so sorry to hear it, and I say stop it,” Trump said before looking directly into the camera. “And I say right to the camera, stop it.”

“60 Minutes” did release quotes from the Friday interview in advance, but only a statement by Trump on the Affordable Care Act.

“We chose to release a quote on the issue that affects the most Americans & that was his statement on Obamacare,” a spokesperson for CBS told CNN Monday.

Kai Ryssdal, host of “Marketplace,” called that reasoning “completely underwhelming.” Keep reading

  • Christopher Morvant

    When is it surprising that the network that was heavily biased (other than CNN and NBC) in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic/Liberal agenda would cut anything out of an interview with Donald Trump? It doesn’t surprise me one iota. They are just attempting to fab the flames that the rioters nationwide have started. Throughout the campaign, they omitted ever single instance of violence perpetrated by Hillary Clinton supporters against Donald Trump and his supporters. Such as Hillary Supporters actually attacking the Trump motorcade in one city at one of his rallies. They never said a word about it.

  • Roxiecolorado

    until honest journalism returns to our airwaves, I will continue NOT watching, all alphabets and rely on other sources for truth.

  • rennaemarshallchristman

    So we heard where she asked him about “his” supporters going after the rioters..where is the clip where he called for peace on the streets and was it a separate comment from where he told his supporters to “stop” ?? If there was another part to it I think they should have aired it as well. It seemed to me that she was asking the questions but was borderline critical and condescending in the process.

  • antoniathatcher

    All of America needs to turn their backs on these ancient news sources, they have been proven absolute liars. They continue to lie, they are a cancer on this nation. If people do not have the facts, how can they make the right decisions?

    • Carol Vincent

      Well said

  • carsrus


  • Nancy

    Y don’t the media leave him alone,and stop saying things about him,He’s the president now,so get over it,Let him do his job,u Hillary Clinton fans i’m so sick of all of u always making smart remarks about him, if i was him i wouldn’t give u the time of day.

  • Hillary For Prison 2016

    Right here. cued-up and ready…but start at 13:38 if ya miss it

    • Elainesc Cooper Baker

      Dear Lord that woman makes me sick, who listens to her negative butt, not me, she needs to go and crawl in a hole and cover herself up, If she can’t respect MY PRESIDENT, she can go with Hillary to Afghanistan and live with ISIS

  • David Gearhart

    I have not heard of conservatives attacking liberals. Is that another media lie? Why isn’t the DOJ involved in stopping the criminal domestic funded terrorism?

    • Hippa Complaint

      I agree David. If it has happened it is rare in comparison…

      • David Gearhart

        They would call a conservative reacting in self defense an attack on liberals.

        • Mary

          If it had been conservatives pulling all this crap, Obama and the libs would have already called out the national guard and Hilary’s superPAC would filled up the headlines about how awful the protesters are!

          • David Gearhart

            Obama, Hillary, etc call the republicans and the tea party terrorist. The say that the tea party rallies are riots and call Obama’s race riots and anti Trump riots protest. As they did in the Gore election. Where they bused in rioters and called the republican protesters the rioters. Inclusion is only for those agreeing with them.

  • They will start kissing his ass now because they want the inside scoop…

  • Gifts

    Just another reason I have stopped watching CBS. I even stopped watching their local news! I can watch my favorite programs on the internet

  • pawanna

    and they asked him if a fence would be ok with him – stupid stupid question when there is already a fence in some places – gotcha question is so stupid if ya ask me – and now this? – I watched the interview and the whole thing made me mad – She was so condescending and offensive to our President Elect IMO ……. if that was done to Obama people would be screaming for her head……..

    • David Gearhart

      Hillary had to have a fence put up 1/2 a mile away from the DNC to keep her fanatics out who were rioting for free. Obama had too make the white house fence higher and even put muslim spirals on top. Yet they say fences don’t work. Is that another double standard of what is good for the liberal agenda is not good for others.

  • Cmn

    She needs to be fired for bias and her lack of professionalism as she was more accusing than asking questions. Surely she was provoking the protesters. Hillary shod be speaking out anyway. Where is she to unify the nation?

  • Wanda Herbert

    Wow! I sure think these “peaceful” protests are being seen by a lot of people around the world and directly effects a lot of people living in these large cities. Warped sense of reasoning on the part of CBS.

  • Mar

    Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Dear God how I hate the media! I really hope President-elect Trump stops giving them interviews. Honestly….he is TOO kind.

  • thatdigiguy

    liars… fire them

  • CBS BITES THE BIG ONE. What total a-holes for doing this. You nasty people. I didn’t even vote for him…but to consciously and intently paint him other than what he is…you suck. Great…now we can’t even trust 60 Minutes. Thanks guys for making our world a worst place than it already is. And Leslie Stalh??? I’m beyond disappointed in you. You have a hand in stirring up the American’ peoples angst. Shame on you all. 60 Minutes is now 0 Minutes in my book. Congratulations.