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Chris Wallace: “Trump’s More The President Than The President Is”

Infidel Ali
Chris Wallace: “Trump’s More The President Than The President Is”

That’s also in part because Obama never was the President or the Commander-in-Chief, he was

CHRIS WALLACE: Well, I heard you on the other side of the break talking about the fact that I’ve been covering presidential transitions since Ronald Reagan in 1980. I have. And this is just as different — in fact we’ll call the program “The Trump Way”– because he is doing things differently than any president-elect I can remember. In a sense, he is almost more the president than the president is.

We pay more attention when he speaks about China or what he is going to do about jobs or economic policy and saving jobs — it has more traction than when President Obama says things. So he is not waiting until the takes the oath of office on January 20th. He is kind of the commander-in-chief already…

I think he got a lot of points when he intervened in the Carrier dispute. You can argue whether it was 800 jobs or 1100 jobs. Here was a president-elect taking direct action to save hundreds of jobs from going across border to Mexico, and more importantly: When he talks about creating a favorable business climate, rolling back regulations, lower taxes, that’s one of the reasons that you see the stock market taking off. This isn’t just a coincidence. This is because investors believe it’s going to be a much more favorable environment for companies to do business, and that kind of an environment is one in which more people will be hired.

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  • Caprock

    I always thought the election of Barack Obama would reveal to all real Americans exactly how destructive, and anti-American today’s Democratic Party truly is to our beloved nation. Surely only a statist, a moron, or some other similar un-American POS could possibly be the only people still voting for any Democrats. But, clearly I was wrong. Because I was just some no name, hot headed, conservative curmudgeon spewing hate and discontent about these caring, ideological founded Democrats.

    Well, today I no longer have to point out the true Democratic Party. Because they are showing their supporters just how right I always was. 😀

    • Tom Mize

      Socialism always sounds better than the results it produces. Our nation lost its way when the federal government was allowed to control our educational system. They pushed relatively useless subjects, math and science, while downplaying the real purpose of public education which was to teach history and its lessons. History is the most important subject taught in public schools and it has been rewritten to support a socialist/communist agenda. Unless Trump can refocus the schools onto history, our country is lost.

  • Dan Link

    Chris Wallace said it best…”HE’S SOUNDING MORE PRESIDENT THAN THE PRESIDENT”. That’s because he is! It is my responsibilityto get behind him and pray and support our soon to be ZeroPresident. And soon osamara will be out not far enough though.