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Concern Grows As 70-90% Of Babies Born In London And Boroughs Have Third World Foreigner For Parent

Darby Crash
Concern Grows As 70-90% Of Babies Born In London And Boroughs Have Third World Foreigner For Parent

Yes, some of them are foreigners from non-Third World Countries, but we know that the vast majority of them are. This, ladies and gentlemen, is white genocide by immigration

Excerpted From The Sun:
A RECORD one third of all babies born in the country last year had at least one foreign-born parent – as sky-high immigration fuels a population boom.

Staggering figures revealed that in some parts of London nearly 9 in 10 newborns had a Mum or Dad from overseas.

In the borough of Newham, 5,378 or 86 per cent of kids had at least one foreign born parent in 2015.

The total of 33 per cent for England and Wales compares with just 21 per cent in 2000.

Alp Mehmet, vice chair of Migration Watch, told The Sun: “These figures make clear yet again, that rapid population growth continues to be driven by immigration.

“Over the next few years immigration will move increasingly towards being the sole reason for the capital’s burgeoning population, which has serious implications for public services such as maternity and GP practices, as well as primary school places in due course.

“This why bringing net migration down to manageable levels is like vitally important.”

The startling update from the UK Statistics Authority came with Ministers braced for the publication of another set of damning official annual immigration figures tomorrow.

They are likely to show net migration topped 300,000 in the year to June – three times Theresa May’s target.

The statistics showed that 89,444 babies born in London last year – equivalent to 69 per cent – had at least one or two parents born outside the UK.Read the whole thing

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