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RIGGED ELECTION COVERUP: Dems Caught Helping Non-Citizen Foreigners To Vote In Virginia…Entire Election At Stake As Problem Suspected Nationwide

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RIGGED ELECTION COVERUP: Dems Caught Helping Non-Citizen Foreigners To Vote In Virginia…Entire Election At Stake As Problem Suspected Nationwide


…as the problem could be nationwide, and other foreigners, including illegal aliens, could be voting in every state, tipping the scales in a tight race.

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Excerpted From Breitbart News: Virginia’s election officials are enabling illegal registration and voting by foreign citizens, according to an extensive new study, titled “Alien Invasion in Virginia,” by a former Department of Justice civil rights lawyer.

“Virginia election officials don’t seem to care that thousands of [foreign] aliens have corrupted their voter rolls,” by illegally registering to vote, said J. Christian Adams, the former Department of Justice lawyer, and now the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. “Even worse than doing nothing about it, they are trying to cover it up,” he told Breitbart News.

Even small amounts of illegal voting can make a decisive difference — Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring defeated Republican Mark Obenshain in 2013 by a mere 165 votes out of 2.2 million votes cast.

But “in the eight [out of 130-plus] jurisdictions that provided us with lists of aliens recently removed from their voter rolls, we discovered that 31 non-citizens had cast a total of 186 votes between 2005 and 2015,” said the report, given first to Breitbart News.

“This is just a fraction of the aliens caught in just eight counties in a state with over 130 counties,” Adams said. “Even with such a small sample, the number of aliens who got on the voter rolls is staggering. The aliens are casting ballots in a state where elections have been decided by a few hundred votes.”

The new report is a partnership of the Virginia Voters Alliance and the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and it details how at least 1,046 non-citizens were allowed to vote based on official voting records, he said.

State-wide, “the problem is most certainly exponentially worse [than seen in the eight localities] because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities,” the report said. “When the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony.”

The authors highlighted the role played by Edgardo Cortés, the commissioner of the commonwealth’s department of elections.

Before his appointment by Democratic Gov. Terence McAuliffe, Cortés was a left-wing operative of Virginia Voting Rights Restoration Campaign, within the left-wing Advancement Project. The project was funded and supported by George Soros, through his Tides Foundation and Open Society Foundations.

The report makes the direct charge: “At the instruction of Commissioner Cortés, local election officials refused to provide us with records showing the voting history of non-citizens removed from registration lists.

Previous to McAuliffe taking office in 2014, state officials had used the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements database, it is also known as the SAVE database, to detect and remove aliens from the voting rolls, the report said.

One of the top priorities of the Soros’ Advancement Project is to stop the use of SAVE to purge voter lists.

Adams, who is the author of the book Injustice: Exposing the racial agenda of the Obama Justice Department, told Breitbart News Virginia state officials have willfully ignored the evidence of large-scale voter fraud.

“The state Board ‎of Elections, which has a 2-to-1 Democrat majority told local election officials to ignore our investigation, even though federal law gives PILF the right to inspect documents listing the aliens who were quietly removed from the rolls,” he said.

The report points to the federal 1993 National Voter Registration Act, known by its “Motor Voter” moniker, which compelled states to register as a voter anyone who presents a driver’s license and checks a box attesting that they are an American citizen. The law does not require any other evidence, and in several states, such as Alabama, Georgia and Kansas, the Department of Justice and or left-wing operatives have sought to block efforts to tighten citizenship verification.

But the Motor Voter law also requires officials to maintain records and to strip ineligible voters from the rolls. So the voters’ alliance asked officials for copies of voters’ records to gauge their eligibility.

In January, the Virginia Voters Alliance requested City of Alexandria registrar Anna Leider to produce voter records, but Leider refused.

In April, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, on behalf of VVA and Alexandria citizen David Norcross, filed suit in federal court. When the case came to the courtroom, Leider promised the court she would allow VVA and Norcross to inspect her records–an inspection, which revealed hundreds of non-citizens on the voter rolls. But, Leider’s cooperation ended there, as she stopped the VVA representatives from making a photocopy of the list, according to the report’s authors. Keep reading

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