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Curt Schilling Slams Cockroaches Who Called Him “Anti-Semite”

Jack Flash
Curt Schilling Slams Cockroaches Who Called Him “Anti-Semite”

First there was this, (not here also Jake Tapper giving us several lies, including “I don’t support the Democrat Party”):

And then Schilling responded to the inevitable backlash, one which generally occurs if you use the word “Jew” in a sentence other than “Jews are great.”

Excerpted From The Hill: “I’m apparently an anti-Semite now because … I have the audacity to ask someone of the Jewish faith why and how they believe people of the Jewish faith vote Democrat,” Schilling said.

“I mean God forbid I listen to someone of the faith rather than the media who clearly are not biased and don’t have an agenda,” he added.

“I’m not trying to be offensive or racist, I am clearly curious because … I understand my history that this country feels so anti-Israel in the last fifteen years — moreso than in any point in my life — and I can’t figure that out.”

Schilling received widespread criticism earlier Friday after asking CNN’s Jake Tapper during an interview to explain why the Jewish community leans Democratic.

Tapper speculated that the reason may have to do with social welfare, but added that he does not speak for all the Jews in an awkward exchange.

  • TrumpCannotBeStumped

    Schilling sure isn’t shilling is he? Love it. The Jews and everyone else should not be protected just because they exist. If you want to be loved, you’ve gotta show love. Sick of this victimhood crap and the entitlement culture.