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Dana Bash Calls On Trump To Stop Holding Media Accountable For Lying

Darby Crash
Dana Bash Calls On Trump To Stop Holding Media Accountable For Lying

The media’s position is that if you hold them accountable for lying, you are against freedom of the press. You’ll also notice that she never complained when Obama bashed Fox, as he frequently did and still does.

“There were lots of divisive comments, especially and unfortunately about the press, which I wish he would stop doing, not only because we are members of the press, but because as leader of the free world, you do set an example for free press in countries around the world, and so––I just––he can’t help himself there and I just wish he would figure out a way to stop doing that.” - Dana Bash

  • Mary Curry

    Compared to what the DEPLORABLES called the media, Trump was nice.

  • Douglas Moose

    If you don’t like what people are saying about you, maybe you should look in the mirror and ask if what was said is true!

  • The globalist interests that pay his bills should be well pleased with Uber-Hack David Gergen and his ‘isolationist, nativist’ slurs.

    Maybe Dave can take his $$$ and retire to Dubai if he loves ‘the world’ so much…

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