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Detroit Black Radio Host Pulled From Air For Being A Trump Supporter

Darby Crash

Excerpted from The American Mirror: A Detroit, Michigan radio host has been pulled from local airwaves for supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after the New York business mogul visited the area on the campaign trail.

wayne-bradley2Wayne Bradley, a black Trump supporter, took to Facebook to say that he was put on “hiatus” after Trump visited Detroit, saying he has “not been allowed back on the air since.”

“Essentially, I feel like it’s because of Donald Trump,” Bradley told The American Mirror in an exclusive interview. “I’ve never been allowed back in the studio.”

“I was never told of anything, other than it was a ‘hiatus,’” Wayne said.

When The American Mirror contacted the Detroit radio station, a representative said, “He’s no longer on the air,” after being asked about Bradley.

Asked why that was, the station representative told The American Mirror “I really don’t know. It was a business decision on the back-end.”

Wayne said the radio station has long known that he worked with the Republican Party, but said Trump’s visit to Detroit is what set off the network to pull him from the air.

Check out Bradley’s Facebook post here: Keep reading

  • RubyTwoThree

    It’s war, wake up people.

    • Hand Full Of Blood

      Real war.

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  • flitetym

    Black people are really effed-up in the head.

    And who are they backing? Clinton! A near-certified witch that laundered and STOLE millions of dollars from BLACK HAITIANS during the earthquake relief with her “Clinton Global Initiative.”

    This is a witch that says Blacks — like dogs — “must be brought to heel.”

    I mean, c’mon: even a mangy-mutt will run away if he’s kicked and beaten too often …

    But not Blacks. They loove the party of the KKK … they loove when Harry Reid calls Obama a “clean negro”. They loove Sen. Byrd being a Grand Kleagle.

    I ain’t never seen such a bunch of confused, backward thinking, mud-gump, emm-effers in all my life.

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